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    2014 Camber expert carbon vs. Camber expert carbon evo

    Has anyone ridden / compared the 2014 camber expert carbon with the Evo version? Is the regular expert noticeably faster uphill and on the flats? Any other thoughts from riding both bikes?

    I'm being influenced by the stellar reviews I've read for the Evo, but the regular expert might suit my style better. I'm relatively new to mountain biking, but have a strong road background. So I like to ride fast on flowy trails. And I ride in the Northwest with lots of hills.

    Technical steeps are beyond my skill set right now, so generally avoid them. But my one test ride on a 29er had me riding with more confidence, and now I am motivated to upsize! So may end up riding more techy stuff in the future, or at least not bail when I see it.

    The epic is also a possibility. Although, I don't race and think the camber might be a little better for the roots and rocks we have here and more stable downhill if I get into tricky terrain. But feel free to share your thoughts on the epic, too, as compared to the camber.


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    Camber EVO ;-)

    I have just got back for OZ and had a great afternoon riding one nice S-Works Camber!
    Did I like it? Yes But!
    I like my Camber Expert Carbon EVO more! just as a whole for me its a far better riding bike.
    There is no better fork then the custom Pike fork that comes on the EVO (I have just had a few parts changed in the Damper making it into a RC3 damper fork ) and when I was in OZ I asked how can an EVO be made better for 2015?
    The reply was the rear shock working like the Pike fork!
    So I read into that a new shock is coming for 2015 plus new brakes
    For me I love the "T1's" brakes just would love the pads to move out from the discs a little more like an "XT" brake.
    I have to go ride my Bike now the the new parts in my fork!

    Kiwi Pete...

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    You can look a little forward for a bike to grow into as your skills develop.
    That means get the Evo and start riding the fun/difficult trails now.

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    thanks, guys. good advice. looks like the 2014 is sold out, so will have to wait for a 2015. but maybe that means new rear shock and brakes...

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