What should the sag auto sag setting on this bike be, 20mm -32% or 17mm-26%. I can't find any setup specs. I know i can put whatever pressure i want but i'm wondering what is recommended the designers.

Got mine a few months and have been pretty happy with it but i have something strange going on with the rear shock. When i first got the bike (and on the demo bike i tried before) the auto sag was giving me a consistent 20mm of sag which equalled 160psi. A few weeks ago i unscrewed the air can to put about 1/3 pouch of float fluid in because the shaft was heating up on long descents, i figured it needed lube. After that i am consistently getting only 17mm of auto sag but the pressure seems to be higher.

Did i do something to the shock. Too much fluid. Why has the auto sag setting changed.