Hi all,
Thought I would give my impression of first ride.
The LBS let my borrow this for the weekend. A little about my back ground.
More of a road rider now. Did a lot of XC mtn bike racing in the mid eighties. Took most of the ninties off and started really riding again in 2009 and out of shape. Monocog 29er is my current ride. The ride today is a major workout with the mono cog. About 11 miles. Up and down roller coaster, single track, nothing technical, but steep in many places.
Man, this thing flies down the hills! My first and only ride of any suspension. The sharp little dips in the gullies are swallowed by the fork, that was nice. Hammering out of the little gullies uphill got the whole bike bobbing up and down. The frame fit was good, but the stem way to short for me. Hard to keep weight on the front tire during climbs. Also had a hard time keeping the front tire in the single track. It really wanted to weave at low speeds. It was super nice to have more than one gear.
Under qualified rider here. Not bashing. Think I could get used to a suspension fork. Probably never go full squish. Nice of the shop to let me try out.
This thing does fly down hill I just love grinding out uphills. The down hill is the reward.