Took of RP2 to replace seals and service, play has now developed in the upper shock eye. Thought it was a bushing, but it turns out the interface with the DU bushing and custom spec reducer is just fine. There is some play between the bolt and the reducer that was probably hidden by all the grease and shit i removed when cleaning. So, i have a few questions.

1) Is the shock stationary or does it actually move. I know the pivot points move in order to engage the shock, but how much does the shock move in its place.
2) Wrapping the bolt in teflon tape would definitly help to reduce play but will that be a problem? This is why i am wondering if the bolt is actually rotating within that reducer.
3) Pump a bunch of extra grease in there?

I dont want to go out and buy an entire specialied bolt kit just to get that one reducer. I am sure at some point i will....but not now. Basically, this issue results in a slight knocking when i lift up on my seat post. I am sure that it will wear faster due to the play so i want to minimize it if i can. Bolt has been torqued right to the middle of the spec range. Thanks