I'm torn between these two and wondering if anyone has experience or opinions that may help in the decision. I'm looking for a capable trail bike that can handle rough trail riding but I have an 08 SX Trail for the really nasty stuff and freeriding. I'm 6'2" by the way.

For me its really a question of 29er or not. My assumption on 29er is the big wheels will generally compensate for the lower travel but have an advantage in the everything but the roughes terrain. The trade off is the Enduro is more "light freeride" capable when such options exist. They're pretty similar in weight but the price is a bit steeper on the Enduro.

Right now I'm leaning toward the 29er but not by much. Also of note is that the Enduro is available right now but I'll have to wait until late April for the Stumpy. Anyhow, whatever feedback anyone has would be appreciated.