Is the new '08 Stumpy head angle is listed at 68.5 degrees (low??) for real?

What does 'Low' mean in head angle listing? For that matter, what does Low/Short. Low/Mid, Low/Long mean in the older Spec geometries? Which, if any, of these compares to other manufacturer's measurements? I'm confused. The current Head Tube Angle lists at 68.5 would be pretty relaxed.

Other listings for Head Angles: SC Blur 69.5; Heckler 69; Giant TranceX 69.5; Reign 69; Turner 5.Spot 69; RFX 68; Intense 5.5 70; 6.6 68.5; Chumba XCL 69; Evo 68.5.

So the 5" travel bikes are generally in the 69-70 degree range, whereas 6+ inch travel 68.5-69 degrees.

Is the Stumpy really such a relaxed geo for a 4.75" bike? This would be nice for downhill, but could make it a tad slow on techy switchbacks. I had an '01 Stumpy which was quite nimble (~70 degree HA), but way too twitchy on steep downhills. If he new head angle is for real, I would be very happy.