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    08 Rush 4 or 08 Epic Comp


    I am not new to site, been checking out reviews for many years, however I am new to the forum. So I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I did search and didn't really find any questions like this.

    I am FINALLY in the market for a new mtb. I think I have it narrowed down to the 08 Cannondale Rush 4 and the 08 Specialized Epic Comp.

    At first I was all about the Epic, didn't even want to look at anything else (especially a Cannondale...I thought the Lefty was dumb). But the Cannondale retailer told me to take it for a spin, and low and behold I really liked it. I also liked the little bit plusher ride of the Cannondale over the stiffness in the Brain shock.

    I rode the Epic and I am sure the shock needs adjustment, but it really felt delayed when the shock would go compared to when I hit a bumb. The Epic did feel faster then the Rush, but then again the Rush would need some fine tuning as well.

    Another attractor to the Rush is the price. The Rush retails for 2300 where the epic retails for 2700. So now the Rush has thrown a loop in my quest to buy a new Epic. I know this is the Specialized forum so I am sure I wil get alot of grief about the Rush(I am posting this in the Cannondale forum as well), but Im really just looking for what ya'll think of each bike.

    Thanks for the responses.

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    It sounds like the rush meets your personal and financial needs - so buy what works for your and not a brand. Cannondale is well respected in the market for years. Yes the lefty is odd and I know they had issues last year but they seem to work well. It sounds like your test ride paid off-


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    My thoughts:

    1. Aside from the marketing hype the Epic rear does two things that the Cannondale does not: Braking and supension are independent of each other on the epic. The rush suffers from brake jack. When you brake hard on the Rush you will lock out the rear suspension. In most crosscountry situations you won't notice this on the Rush but brake hard going into a corner and you will notice the brake jack. You can solve the brake jack issue by purchasing a kit from Brake Therapy. Secondly the single pivot rush also suffers from pedal feedback- That is when you put tension on the chain you affect the action of the suspension and viceversa when the suspension is activated you change the tension on the chain. you will feel this as feed back while you pedal. It is really apparent when pedaling while standing in one of the lower gears. on the Rush the high placement of the main pivot obove the small cog on the crank ensures that when in the small ring you will get pedal feedback. Under tension the chain decompreses the rear. If you compress the rear increases you increase tension on the chain.

    2. The intertial valve in the epic brain shock is much better at controling pedal induced bob than is a propedal equiped bike. The intertial valve is not better in every application-- you don't see it in any of big travel bikes or any of the freeride/am bikes. The brain shock on the epic is way more tuneable than is the propedal shock that comes on the Rush. A parking lot test ride simply cannot give you the right feeling it will always feel to firm. I suggest that you find a dealer who has the epic test bikes and take one out for the day.

    3. The brain shock on the 08 epic now has a five year warranty- no one in the industry is close to that. Five years on a shock is unheard of.

    4. The epic and the rush are hard to compare in that the Epic is crosscountry race while the Rush is more of a marathon all day bike. In Cannondale's line the Epic compares with the scalpel. Given the geometry and suspension travel the Rush compares better with a Stumpjumper.
    STJ: head tube= 68.5 travel front=4.7 inches travel rear =4.7 inches
    Rush: headtube= 69 travel front=4.7 inches travel rear =4.7 inches
    epic: tube= 70.5 travel front=3.9 inches travel rear =3.9 inches
    scalpel: tube= 69.5 travel front=3.9 inches travel rear =3.9 inches

    So of course the Rush is going to feel plusher than the Epic.
    The Epic is not designed to be a plush bike--the geometry and rear shock are set up for the xc race oriented rider. Test ride a STJ if you want to nearest equivelant to the Rush--the STJ wins hands down in that comparison. Likewise the epic also wins the test ride comparison with a Scalpel


    The price difference between the two bikes is going to be a subjective call. This is going to be a sliding scale of cost vs performance vs affordability that is in the end up to you. For instance I think that performance you get from a XT group is well worth the price jump from LX, but I don't think that XTR is that much better than XT. There are plenty of others who disagree with this.
    Another way to look at this is what will you think about the decision in year. If you are willing to pay the 2700.00 and if you think that the epic is the better bike, but you chose the Rush on the basis of saving 400.00 then you will not be happy with the decision. On the otherhand if the two bikes are otherwise equal in ride quality then the 400.00 dollar difference is obviously important.

    Choose the best bike you can in the price range you set. If your price range is 2300.00 to 2700.00 then get the bike in that range that best fits what you want the bike to do regardless of the price.

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