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    '08 Hardrock to '08 Rockhopper?

    Is it worth going through the trouble of selling my 2008 Hardrock and upgrading to a 2008 Rockhopper. I've had the bike for about 10 months and primarily use it for commuting and the occasional trail ride in the warmer months. I took it out for its first trail ride the other week, and now I'm getting an annoying squeak from the crank (I think), while under load. I'm just wondering if it is worth the trouble of trying to sell it and taking the loss to get a bike with better components. I'm thinking the minimum difference I will have to pay will be close to $200. Is there a huge difference in the frames, or are the differences only in the components?
    Thanks all.

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    I'd say probably not worth it-minimum difference is $200, but max is ??? Unfortunately, used mountain bikes aren't worth anything unless you have a buyer who is interested.

    I'd say it is time to grease, lube, re-torque, use anti-seize, threadlocker, etc, etc...

    No matter how nice your components are, you'll get squeaks and noises. It can be minimized by proper care. The hardrock is a relatively inexpensive bike, but don't underestimate it. I have about 1000 miles on mine in just under 2 years and most of those miles were pretty hard trail miles. The bike is still going strong and I still love it, even though it splits time with my enduro now.
    You better just go ahead and drop that seatpost down to the reflector... the trail gets pretty rough down there.

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    i have not heard a squeek or creek or crack or anyother annoying noise in years....

    disclaimer: this is not legal in most cities, but i still do it
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    Right now that is what I'm thinking. I think the M4 frame is only a little lighter, and the A1 frame does seem to be able to handle rough trails; so not like it is a considerably weaker frame. I figure I can give it time and put the $200 or so to upgrade components to be on par/better than the Rockhopper. That means that I probably wouldnt be able to upgrade the fork, b/c that is a greater expense, but I'd probably be able to upgrade the hardest working components. Anyone have a reasoning to the contrary.

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    Rockhopper is much lighter frame (and bike) with better components (except for the crappy wheels)....ridden both bikes and love my 2008 Rockhopper Disc. Just put WTB Dual Duty wheelset on and they are much better. The Dart forks are just OK...if you really ride the trails you'll be looking to upgrade the forks soon, I am.
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    Upgrading the forks (Tora, Reba etc) will make a huge difference.
    I had a hardrock comp ages ago now, if I had upgraded the forks on it certainly would have been much happier with the bike overall. In the end I decided to sell it and get a dually though, but the '01 model hardrock didn't have disc brake mounts so yeah decision was made.

    In the end upgrading the components alone will cost you more compared to selling up and buying the stumpy or a bike with the components you want already on it. But in the end you will have a bike that you are totally happy with. Besides when it's upgraded to your satisfaction if you then keep an eye out on ebay etc you may well come across a nice stumpy frame, all you would then have to do is transfer your components over.

    But yes there supposedly is a difference in the frames, with the stumpy being a bit lighter (kind of like say comparing Sunline V1 handlebars with their V2 model, both made out of different types of Al and the V2's as a result being heavier).

    Sounds like you're having a bit of buyers remorse, so even upgrading bits on the hardrock you may end up never being 100% happy with it. In that case I would say, sell it, wear the loss and get the Stumpy which is what you really want. It's kind of like tasting more expensive beer and really liking it, you probably never 100% happy drinking the cheap stuff and only do it cos you have to due to affordability etc.

    Alright rambing now.

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    I think I am having a little bit of buyers remorse. At first the Hardrock was a little outside the budget, but I got it b/c I thought it would be a better bike. I was really happy with it to start. But after taking it to the trail, I lost a little bit of confidence in its abilities. The main purpose for this bike was to have a commuter that I could use to double and take to the trails.
    I thought the Rockhopper was only a couple pounds lighter, not a lot lighter. I havent been able to find stats comparing '08s.
    ducktape~ I was comparing to the Rockhopper, not Stumpy. I'd love to get a Stumpy, but my wife would kill me.

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    Hey, everybody has buyers remorse. I bought an 08 Rockhopper and dropped some good money on upgrades (which I will carry over to my next bike). I should have gone for a few $100 bucks more with the FSR XC. Well, for a couple $100 bucks more I should have gone with the Stumpjumper. Well, for a couple $100 bucks more I should have gone with the Enduro SL. Well..... you get my point.

    I bought my bike for a certain riding style. I do more AM now than XC riding which the RH can still handle very well. I'm planning on a new fork soon, something like a Reba or Recon, but eventually I will get a FS bike, yet the riding style of FS bikes is so much different that I think I will hang on to my RH for a lot longer.

    In regards to weight, I got a large frame and some heavy components like the TIME ATAC Z pedals (500+grams), but I weigh in at 29.39 lbs. I think a medium stock RH is in the 26-27 lbs range.

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