i've got a '06 demo 9 pro i want to sell.

i live in madison, wisconsin where the terrain is too flat and lame to enjoy owning it. i've barely ridden the thing... maybe 30 times, 20 times on actual trails, the rest just messing around on a launch ramp i built.

so the bike is in perfect working order. it has a few scratches on the frame from storing it with my other bikes. aside from that, i put stress cracks in the bash gaurd from over tightening the chainring bolts. there is absolutely nothing else wrong with the bike!

i have everything that originally came with the bike (manuals, spv tool, extra 15mm mag rear axle, and extra linkage bolts). in addition to all that, i installed an azonic sofa seat, firm springs in the fork, and a chris king headset... i'm including the original medium springs that came in the fork, and the original cane creek dh headset.

what's a fair price for this bike? please help me figure this out.