Hey all,

I'm new here and have been mountain biking for about 7 years now (DH and cross country). I have recently bought a BigHit "04" Comp which is in mint condition and only appears to have been ridden on road : http://www.specialized.nl/us/en/bc/S...Id=0&gold_ses=

Before this I was kicking around on a Giant Warp DS2 which has been really good for someone like me who is not totally hardcore but still likes to push the limits a little...which resulted me in busting my left shoulder pretty badly over the Easter break earlier this year te he he he!

I noticed that the BigHit is a lot heavier than my Warp and I was wondering if this may cause me any issues other than it being a little harder to hop over logs and obstacles when required etc.

Also, are there any upgrades you would recommend? It's stock except for the seat which is a Joplin: http://www.crankbrothers.com/seatposts_joplinr.php

I'd also like to lock the rear suspension for road riding as I enjoy riding along the beach in summer, purely for exercise of course I was thinking of making a bracket but I'm sure something more efficient already exists that will save me the trouble. How much spring can I lose by tightening the stock spring attached?

What's the go with the front shocks? I noticed I can pump them up or something like that, is it recommended that I do this for certain terrain or big drops?

Like I said, I'm a total noob but it won't take me long to get the hang of things with your help.

Thanks all!

PS: I'm from Australia so if there are any Aussies here I'd love to hear from you as well.