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    Wet ride....water in the tire

    Rode about 5 minutes in 6-10" of standing water on part of JD trail a couple nights ago and ended up with water in my front tire. Turning my bike upside down to clean it, I initially thought water was trapped inside the frame.
    My friend later messaged me and said both of his tires had taken on water.
    Using the Stan's, I would never have guessed that this could happen.

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    It's probably in the rim and not the tire itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acme54321 View Post
    It's probably in the rim and not the tire itself.

    Liquids will move from high pressure to low pressure areas through the path of least resistance. Your tires are a higher pressure than the surrounding air, so they leak over time -> pressurized air tries to escape, and will, until the pressures are equal.

    Tubeless tires are almost airtight but still leak through the valves, sidewalls, beads, etc. As long as your tires were a higher pressure than the surrounding air (and water) there's no way that the liquid (or air) is going to get into the tire.

    You would have to have your tires pretty far underwater for the water pressure to overcome the tire pressure and allow water into the tires themselves.

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