Tried this for the first time over the weekend on a whim. Took my rigid hybrid with 'fat' 1.6" tires.

The 8 mi side trail weaves back and forth onto the paved comet every 1/4 to 1/2mi. Interesting, but not so fun.

Unfortunately, just about every 'section' had downed trees and/or was overgrown. There was 4 foot tall grass and 3 inches of kinda-see-it-a-little-trail at one point!! Way too many unavoidable dismounts required.

The obstacles got old after just 4 miles and I bailed and rode the comet for another 12 miles before heading out.

Surprisingly, I was about average speed amongst the roadies out there too. Definitely some fliers zipping by, but also quite a few around 18 mph. I'm sure they were likely pushing 50-100 miles, but it was still fun to pass a couple of them. Nasty dirt riders with camelbaks dare to pass?! Oh the humanity!