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    San Felasco ride report

    Went out for a nice ride this morning, turned out to be dark at my intended departure time. Luckily for me, when I showed up late there were two guys there for the first time from Jax and they were meeting a couple from Jax who were going to show them around. Turns out the couple had never been out to the backside of SF, so I decided to take all of them out to Pine for You and hit most of the trails on the way back to give them a good representation of SF. We hit all the trails on the way back and the weather was great. We then decided to hit Conquistador. This was a huge accomplishment for me: this was my first ride with clipless pedals and my first time on Conquistador with the singlespeed. I wouldn't have made the climb without the pedals/shoes. There was a time when I was almost doing a track-stand while pushing/pulling as hard as could and about to rip the bar ends off...but I cleared all the climbs (had to definitely stop for breathers at the tops of the hills). Only one clipless fail standing during a break, left foot down, started falling to the right, couldn't unclip...kablooey. Laughed my ace off.
    Outstanding ride, great company, and a personal milestone. Now I can work up to doing a lap of Conquistador with no breaks.
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    Yeah, Conquistador has some steep hills. Very nice trail.
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