I've ridden at San Felasco more than I care to admit, but I've never been on one of the guided night rides that they have every second Wednesday of the month. I didn't really have any high expectations for this ride, because generally San Felasco is pretty mundane riding. None the less, I figured I'd go check it out anyway. I saw some parts of San Felasco I'd never ridden before, and some sections that nomally only hikers can access, which was cool. We kept a really good pace which picked up on the second half of the ride when the group split up. We got into plenty of singletrack riding which was nice considering some of the doubletrack we'd ridden earlier in the ride was either muddy, sandy, or both. All in all we rode 18 miles. I think we hit the trail at about 8 PM, and got off just after 10 PM. Quite a fun ride, with some cool people. I think I'll do it again next month