• 11-25-2012
    Nice MTB riding suggestion for Canadian racer
    Hi guys

    im thinking about heading south during early march, either South Carolina or North Georgia. I want to go there with the Mrs and a friend of mine, we'd do ourselves a small training camp before the racing season starts. It would be a 20-22hrs drive for us.

    Our plan is to rent a small house or something similar, not too far away from some nice singletracks, if possible, located close enough to ride to the trail and back from it.

    I did search the website in the sticky but I'd like some suggestions for locations where we could have some nice trails, technical stuff with nice short/medium climbs. We'd probably do 3-4 hours each day. I am racing XCO here in Canada so looking for some kind of singletracks, XCO type of stuff.

    thank you guys!
  • 11-25-2012
    This is in WNC, more trails than you know what to do with.

    Vacation in the Heart of Cycling Paradise - At Asheville's Favorite Bike Shop
  • 11-26-2012
    Brevard, North Carolina
  • 11-26-2012
  • 11-26-2012
    Sun Burn
    I don't know north GA very well but there is nothing in SC worth driving from Canada for. Go to Western North Carolina. Pisgah and Dupont are where it's at.
  • 11-26-2012
    Drop me an email and I will gladly help you out with lodging, ride routes, etc. I have lodging options you can use or I can help direct you to something we've used for other clients.

    What's the planned duration of your stay? What part of Canada are you coming from?

    My suggestion: spend a couple days in Pisgah (great singletrack but long climbs, 2-9 miles). Swing by Tsali, near Bryson City, NC for a one day ride then spend a couple days in the Ocoee River area (Ducktown, TN). There are two trail systems about 20 miles each that meet your short - medium climbs but nice singletrack requirement. Once your done there, hit up Raccoon Mtn, Enterprise South, and a couple others in Chattanooga before heading home. This way, you finish your trip sleeping in a hotel (when you're more tired from all the riding) and you have some good eating and entertainment options for the evenings.

    If you want to stay in one place and the ride snot out of it, go to Pisgah National Forest. It's near Brevard, NC and you can ride for days between there and Dupont State Forest. Brevard has hotels (I sometimes stay at the Holiday Inn Express and just ride from there), grocery stores, eats, indoor climbing gym for those super rainy / cold days, and a couple decent local pubs. There are also cabins nearby.

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance in your planning.
    adventureguru at 33north dot org