• 11-17-2012
    NC, SC, FL road trip - trail recommendations
    I'm planning a road trip from Pinehurst, NC to Sebastian, FL (mostly driving I-95). What are the best trails within route? Also, any recommendations on places to camp?
  • 11-17-2012
    San Felasco in Alachua is cool and Santos in Ocala is one of the best trails in FL
  • 11-17-2012
    Its not exactly easy or direct to get to Santos from I-95. but it is worth it though. I do it often from the south and use SR40 west. Check google maps for a better route from the north.

    Graham Swamp in Palm Coast is 10 minutes off the interstate but is usually soft without rain and Spruce Creek in New Smyrna is also 10 minutes off the interstate and is a little less soft than GS but neither holds a candle to what you will find at Santos. Also great camping there through reserve america. That's all I got
  • 11-19-2012
    FATS in SC is another great spot worth the drive off the highway. Graham swamp is a great stop off the highway, it's a really fun trail.