Hadn't been to these trails, but I figured I could squeeze in a ride after all my cave dives were over(the original intent of this trip).

I know that some people park at the trailhead to Munson Hills, but there's not alot of parking and I figured I'd leave them open. Instead I just parked at the large parking area for the St Marks Trail and pedalled down slightly-better-than-a-mile of paved trail to where the Munson Hills trails land into the St Marks path. The kiosk there wasn't very helpfull as far as lengths, direction, and such, so I just headed clockwise on the Munson Hills trail first. It was interesting, not much elevation change but sandy areas really sap your speed in different areas. Pretty area of pine forest and pine scrub. I damned near ran over a gopher tortuis. I did the entire loop and then started from the trailhead again and headed to the Twilight Loop via the east connector, then did the entire loop there. By the end of the ride, I was pretty well spent. I shouldn't have ridden so much, honestly, as I knew I was dehydrated even before starting, and I didn't have enough water with me. The trails weren't particularly hard, I just wasn't riding up to par. I had fun though. I only managed to bust my ass once, and that was turning off the St Marks trail onto the Munson Hills trailhead. A bunch of sand on the concrete helped my front tire washout - LOL.

I think I'm gonna do Redbug and Lake Overstreet stuff next time. Maybe the Lines Tract on Lake Talquin Natn'l Forest sometime soon as well. Lots of stuff in the area to keep ya busy.