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    MS Bikers: Letter to the Clarion Ledger

    Letter written to the Clarion Ledger in Jackson. Not much love for cyclists in MS as evidenced by the letter and most of the responses.|Letters|s
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    It's ok, the fat rednecks that hate bikes will die earlier anyway.
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    Not if they run us over first

    My daily commute includes a some state highway mileage that is fun and challenging to ride, with steep hills and curves (Rouge Roubaix). My co-workers know to look out for me and give me my three feet. But it only takes one careless person to put my life and my family's wellbeing in jeopardy. And judging by that 1% that is less than deferent when they pass me every day, I definitely get a sick feeling to my stomach every time I read about poor Jan Morgan.

    I have a little sign I use when people buzz me, I've been told it's effective. I hold my left arm out straight until I feel like it's been seen in the rear view mirror, then point to the car that's passed. Gotta watch it though, there is often another impatient driver coming right up behind them.

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