• 12-13-2012
    Moving to Monticello, AR area......
    Hi all,
    We are getting ready to relocate for my wife's job. This town appears to be out in the middle of no where. Any good riding near by? I saw Iron Mountain but that's about all.

  • 12-16-2012
    Near by - maybe not, but within a good half-day trip - you've got a lot of options.

    You're <2hrs to Little Rock - several trails there.

    <2 hrs to White Oak State park - a new trail there, I haven't ridden yet.

    ~2hrs down to Ruston, Louisiana for Lincoln Parish Park trail.

    ~3hrs up to the Mt. Ida area for the Womble/Vista Trail - some of the best trails in the state/south

    Probably 2.5 hrs up to Hot Springs for Cedar Glades and maybe another one or two.
  • 12-16-2012
    Cedar Glades is in Hot Springs and it's pretty fun! I was just out there yesterday.
  • 12-17-2012
    Flat Ark
    There is also the trail at Cane Creek just outside of Star City. Star City is about 1/2hr from Monticello.

    As for mtb'ing in Monticello itself your best bet is probably gonna be finding some logging roads and 4 wheeler trails. I would love to see that area get some trails as I think the rolling hills and vastly wooded areas have a lot of potential for some excellent riding.
  • 12-17-2012
    monticello doesnt have much to offer cyclists. fairly certain there isnt any bike presence there - incl no bike shop. that said, arkansas has great trails. little rock has killer riding pretty much right in town at Burns, Camp Robinson, Jackfork, Alsop and Boyle Park.

    the womble, close to Mt Ida is a magnificent trail. syllamo (N. Central) is also awesome.

    iron lake it okay but i wouldnt recommend a trip to ride there - if you are going to drive 2-3 h then go to the womble or little rock.
  • 12-18-2012
    Awesome, thanks for the info. I might have to break out the road bike during the week and make a weekend mt bike trip when I can. It's pretty close to what I have here in Wichita, KS. 1 trail in town that is decent and the rest are 2-3 hrs away.
  • 01-03-2013
    I would recommend the road bike. We have a nice group of people that ride year round on the road. Not much in the way of mtb though.