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    Quote Originally Posted by evenslower View Post
    Sweet, glad you enjoyed. My singular comment about the wall is simply "why?".

    If you ever find yourself headed this way looking for some local intel let me know. Plenty of great stuff around here.
    I appreciate the offer... I will not hesitate should the opportunity arise.

    Quote Originally Posted by thedood View Post
    Glad to hear you had a good time! I thought Jan. was the best conditions I have seen....until Sat. It was near perfect. I can't remember the last time i rode in shorts and a ss bike jersey.

    What time did you post? Bet you knock off a solid 15% next time. Do you plan on coming for March?
    I had a great time, but didnt post a great time... I posted 6:09, which I know is very slow. I had some deluded dream I could win the Big Boa class (240lbs+). I was on track for <4:30 at the half, and still at about 4:45 at 3/4... The problem was I didnt pace expecting the very difficult climbs at the end - I slipped into survival mode (I will not DNF!). I fell off drastically, and began to appreciate the earlier comments like "don't kid yourself, this race is for real"... :0 Definitely different that what we get in MI (mountains (not hills) and crazy mis-shaped rocks).

    Anyway, it was much more than I expected in many ways. Not likely to return in March as is it too far (11 hrs drive) to do again so quickly. I have another local race 2 weeks later as well. Perhaps next year. It was a great mid-winter get away!

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    I bet you'd knock off at least an hour next time. Getting the right pacing for the first 8 miles takes some patience. It's almost all uphill even though a lot of it seems flat. Riding those 8 miles in the opposite direction is incredibly fast.

    It amazes me how many fast guys come out of the woodwork on good weather days. There was some serious speed there Saturday.

    Hope you can make it down next year. Bring a couple of friends with you. They won't believe you until they experience it themselves!

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    Got mine.

    Addicted to the Classifieds

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    We finished the 3x34 challenge on our mtb tandem. Never been so proud of a damn belt buckle! Great trail conditions - we were 15 minutes faster than February - 5:16.

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    I've bumped into you two tandem nuts more than a few times, I know that you hear it a lot but I'll say it anyway, I have no idea how you do it. Major props and congrats.

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    Re: GA race, The Snake on Pinhoti Trail

    Thanks! We get a lot of comments for sure. Completing the 3x34 was a great challenge fur us.

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