• 01-11-2013
    First Race of the year. Atlanta
    1-27-13 2-10-13 3-10-13

    CycleYouth - NEWS

    CycleYouth's 3-race series will offer racers early events to tune up their fitness. The trail system uses all the best singletrack at the park to offer a fun and rewarding loop for all. Old-timers will remember some of the original trails that are back in use. The loops has been created to maximize singletrack and offer a true mountain bike experience. The course will climb the 140 foot hill from all 4 sides and offer spectators multiple viewing options by foot per lap. Spectator maps provided.

    The loop is approx 6 miles in length and about 95% singletrack. For the 3 events the course will be run forward, backwards and then a reconfiguration of forward for the last event. Parking and start/finish are at the Horse Parking area.

    We will run races in heats for Beginner, Sport and Expert (Cat III, II and I), as well as First Timers. First Timer class is just that; first time racing, so no series offered for first timers. Your only a first timer for one day. First Timer's may upgrade to Beginner and take last pts.

    The Yellow river Park is located at
    3232 Juhan Road
    Stone Mountain GA 30087
  • 01-13-2013
    just started riding at yellow river and ive had fun every time.

    when will the course be marked and ready for pre-ride?

    Stoked about this series an already started telling others about it.
  • 01-13-2013
    It's marked with one-inch blue course marking tape hanging in the trees after each turn, or intersection. Look 5-20 feet down the trail, it should be in eyesight as you approach the intersection. There are two 4-way intersections that the course route makes, make left turns at these - you will see blue tape on all the trails at these two intersections, so just know your to make a left turn.
    From the Horse parking area go down to the trailhead, take the right trail, take another right, then another right onto a gravel-ish road/trail, this takes you towards the main road, there will be a well-used trail on the left (horse trail), and you will see blue tape. Follow the tape. Turns have been raked to make it a little more obvious where the route goes, and turns are not always obvious.
    The course will be marked with arrows the day before only.
    We may do a team ride there on Saturday Jan 19 at 10am from the bike parking lot (not horse, not playground parking lot). Check our FB page for details to come.
    See you at the races!
  • 01-16-2013
    Oh oh oh! ill be racing in this. It will be my first mountain bike race, not only of the year, but ever. My buddy Elliot is on the Cycleyouth team, and informed me about this!
  • 01-20-2013
    thanks ajriding!
    I tried following all the markers today but i must have made a wrong turn somewhere because the laps were not 6 miles each. either way it was a good work out, especially that first open field climb and that root technical climb, both should be interesting come race time!
    it seems like a great planned out and classic course not just manicured fast single track. cant wait!
  • 01-20-2013
    Cool, Glad you like it. The full loop mileage includes a lap around the horse parking lot. I've seen above and below 6 miles on my garmin, but the garmin cuts corners unless I have it to record every second. Every second recording showed just over 6 miles for a full loop with the short expert sections. Hope you got the gist of it. That grass climb will be an attack zone I am betting as is the first place for unlimited passing. I can't really mark the course until race weekend per park rules; that's why the ribbons were minimalist. We will have arrows up Saturday by 11am or noon.
    I also have a map showing the 8-11 year olds' course on CycleYouth - Elite Junior Off-Road Bicycle Racing Team now
    Kids races are free and start after 10am.
    see you there,
  • 01-24-2013
    All the feed back is very ver positive about the loop. Hope everyone has a blast. With the rain and freezing temps for Friday please allow the course to dry out before riding it Saturday. I doubt it will dry completely on Saturday since it will be frozen all morning, but it will be fine Sunday. We raked the course, but left the bottom layer of decayed mulch to protect the dirt.
    Control your rear brake, skidding is not how to stop, your most braking is right at the verge of the skid, but once the wheel locks up you lose 80% of your traction. The front wheel really has most of the braking potential anyway, use the front for powerful stops, just feather the rear. This is a multi-user trail and not only does skidding erode the trail and leave the dirt exposed, it also makes cyclist look bad. thanks