I've already posted this to Riding and Training, but I've had the suggestion to put it here as well. I'm putting together BetterRide clinic in Nashville, TN.

This recent thread (Training with Gene Hamilton in Fruita) and an off-board conversation with Gene Hamilton has me intrigued enough to put together a 3-day Better Ride mountain bike skill clinic taught by Gene (http://www.betterride.net).

$300 for the 3-day clinic, 5 people minimum, 7 max, and I'm in for the first slot. I believe it will be a half days in the parking lot observing our current skills and working on drills and then hit the trails. Nashville has several good trails and I'm planning on using Lock 4 for its flow and then Hamilton Creek for rocky, rooty technical work. Tentatively scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd weekend of November, but may be December depending on everyone's schedule.

It's co-ed and highly skill based - physical AND mental.

For those of us in the SouthEast who can't easily make it to Fruita, CO, this is our chance. The clinic is usually $250 and the extra will cover his travel expenses. If you're close to Nashville, that's a heck of a good "fare" versus trying to make it to CO.

I have no financial tie to Gene and Better Ride other than I'm going to pay him for lessons.

But I can't float it alone, and I'd love to meet some more mountainbikers.

Please PM me if you're interested.

I hope this doesn't constitute SPAM; it's intended to be a public announcement.

Thanks all, lets ride!

-capt p, riding the rocks in NashVegas