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    USA Cycling Marathon Mt Bikeing coming to Georgia!

    Copy and pasted from sorba-csra
    pretty sure it will be similar to this route: ROUTES


    USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships Awarded to Columbia County

    Cycling Championships to be held here in 2015 and 2016

    Evans, GA (December 19, 2013) – Columbia County has been selected to host the 2015 and 2016 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships. The announcement was made today by USA Cycling, the national governing body for bicycle racing in the United States, and the Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the organization responsible for submitting the bid.

    “USA Cycling is excited about bringing our premier endurance mountain bike championship to the Southeastern United States,” said Micah Rice, vice president of National Events for USA Cycling. “As a stand-alone event, the USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships have never been east of the Mississippi River and the fantastic trails of Columbia County, Georgia will create a great venue for all of our participants.”

    The event will be staged out of Wildwood Park in Appling. The approximately 65-mile circuit will utilize the Bartram and Keg Creek Trails on a course that stretches from the West Dam Recreation Area to Mistletoe State Park. The race is expected to draw 400 competitors. Dates for the championships have not been set.

    “We’re honored to have been chosen by USA Cycling to host this prestigious event,” said Randy DuTeau, executive director of the Columbia County CVB. “In addition to attracting a significant number of visitors to the area, the high-profile nature of the championship will generate tremendous exposure for our county’s great recreational resources.”

    The USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships will complete a two-year run in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 2014. That event is being held in conjunction with the Sun Valley Bike Festival. The Columbia County CVB plans to emulate that model by developing an outdoor festival that will include a trail-running race, mountain bike demos, and other activities to run in conjunction with the national championships. Local organizers plan to host a mountain bike race and trail run on the proposed championship course in 2014, which will serve as a “test run” for the nationals. That event date will be announced shortly.

    “Columbia County is primed to become a major Southeastern destination for outdoor enthusiasts,” said Mr. DuTeau. “Clarks Hill Lake, the Savannah River, excellent parks, and a multitude of mountain bike trails in the area give us a tremendous advantage in attracting active lifestyle visitors. The exposure generated by hosting such a prestigious event will provide an even greater platform for spreading the word. If you’re looking for adventure in Columbia County, it’s here!”

    About the Columbia County CVB: The mission of the Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau is to promote Columbia County as a distinctive recreational, professional, and cultural destination in order to support and stimulate our local economy. To learn more, visit Columbia County, Georgia

    About USA Cycling: Recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale, USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States, including road, track, mountain bike, BMX and cyclo-cross. As a membership-based organization, USA Cycling comprises 70,000+ licensees; 3,000 clubs and teams; and 34 local associations. The national governing body sanctions 2,650 competitive and non-competitive events throughout the U.S. each year and is responsible for the identification, development, and support of American cyclists. To learn more about USA Cycling, visit The Official Website - USA Cycling.

    Read more: Marathon Mountain Bike National Championship coming to CSRA | SORBA-CSRA Community Bulletin Board

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    So how are these trails? I'm thinking about making the trip down to complete, but at 8.5 hrs each way I want to be sure it will be worth the effort!
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    I believe so. News had some shots of non-locals complimenting the trail/views. Route connects Bartram, Keg Creek, and Mistletoe for about 60 miles of riding with only about 5 of those on road, the rest single track. It was announced last week (?) that the USA Cycling race will be the first weekend of May. Besides these trails, FATS is just a 10 minute drive, an IMBA Epic that has 35 miles of trail.

    I would check SORBA-CSRA: Home for more info.

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    Has anyone ridden these trails? Techy? Anybody have any intel?

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    Speaking to non-locals that raced had a lot of high positive remarks. Looking forward to next years race. Here is what four time national champion said: Marathon National Championships | Todd Wells

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    Yes, these are good trails.. Will you write home to mom about them.. Probably not, but good trails with a diverse terrain.. No big climbs, but tight single track, double track, creek crossings and non technical single track.. It'll whip your ass for sure because as Todd mentions, unlike on a long climb where you can get in a rhythem, this isn't one of those trails..

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