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    South East Atlanta trails?

    Anyone want to join in on some mtn bike exploring in the South East Atlanta area?

    Does anyone know of any trails down in the south east area?

    I was hiking out at Constitution Lake Park today, took the trail all the way to South River and walked across the river on the train bridge. I saw some awesome open gas line climbs and downhills that I would love to ride.

    After getting home I did some google satellite exploring and saw what looked like some more trails down that way.

    I want to explore this more but not go at it alone as I am sure you understand.

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    Not much on the SE side of Atlanta:

    The Beach - no signage, no maintenance, no length, no interest. Pretty much the worst trails I've ever ridden....anywhere.

    South Rockdale - 2mi. Unless you live next door, why bother?

    Arabia Mtn Trail - Not really a MTB trail. Essentially a greenway. Great for families to tool along on.

    Dauset - Personally I think this is a great trail system. However, its also about 1 - 1.5 hours drive from Atlanta.

    There's really just a big black hole for MTB on the SE side.

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    The land around Constitution Lakes has HUGE potential as there is a ton of land out there and I have also looked on google earth to try to come up with a route to explore. I live in grant park so i could even take somewhat back roads to get there by bike. The only problem is the area. I found somewhere on a dirt bike forum that some thug was trying to rob some dirt bikers of their bikes and ended up shooting at them when they wouldnt give them up. The post said they were fine but while speeding off, gunshots were whizzing by. Its the internet so dont know if this was true or not but knowing the area i wouldnt doubt it. Being the tracks are very close there I would also think there is a good number of urban outdoorsmen "camping out" back there. Personally, I wouldnt go back there without a firearm. Some people around there have no respect for human life, much less their own. At that point, its not worth it to me and I will just jump on the road bike and save the mountain bike ride for somewhere better (maybe safer?) on the weekend. I think moto's are still going back there but not 100% sure.

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    Well there ya go. I guess I won't be riding over there anytime soon. Bummer.

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