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    Orlando Urban Bike Ride Group

    Ive been going to a tues and thurs might urban bike ride with the Retro City Cycle Group for a few months now and its a great group of people. they meet up at Retro at 6 and ride out at 6:30pm every Tues and thurs.

    Tues night is a faster ride and does more technical stuff, usually 12-30 people show. 17-30 miles is the average.

    Thurs night ride is a great pace ride and is a no drop ride. They do 15-20 miles and some technical stuff. Its best t start on this ride then go to a Tuesday night ride. 10-25 people show for this ride.

    The meet up address is:

    1806 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804

    They require you wear a helmet and have a tail light.

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    Awesome....thanks for letting me know....but whats technical? Stairs and stuff like that?

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