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    Ga/Tn/N.C./Va. route?

    I live in Johnson City, Tn. and have been riding some of the forest service roads and trails along (and on) Holston Mountain which is not too far from where I live. Most of what I've found has been using USGS maps and just getting out and riding them. The routes that I ride are a mix of pavement, gravel (well maintained and some rutted and washed out) and some single track that isn't overly technical. It provides a mix similar to what I'd expect to find on the GDMBR minus the higher altitude. One thing that I want to do is find more of it.

    In looking at Google maps, I'm interested in seeing what else is available along the North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia border as national forests cover the entire border region. I can and will go out and try out some roads but figured I'd check and see if anyone else has been putting anything together.

    I think that it'd be neat to be able to put together some kind of route that runs the GA/N.C./Tn./Va. border. It'd be a mix of pavement, gravel and single track.

    I've been using this resource. I print out the PDFs as 3x3 sheets and then tape them together. The PDFs are GPS enabled so you can put locate a spot and enter waypoints in a GPS to get your bearing.

    USDA Forest Service FSGeodata Clearinghouse - FSTopo Map Images / States & Territories

    I do a lot of regular road riding but have found that I really enjoy cross country riding. While forest service roads are not gnarly technical single track, they do offer something between single track and pavement.

    Anyone have any ideas or want to get out and scout some areas?

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    Look at the TNGA route (Trans North Georgia Adventure), it is 350 miles across North Ga. from South Carolina to Alabama. It is mostly dirty and uses several sections of the pinhoti and aska single track.

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    Paint Creek Park/Rec area outside of Greeneville. You can ride the old logging roads over the hills to Hot Springs, NC and back. TN side is gravel, NC side is/was overgrown. Go in the park, and follow the sign that says "pavement ends". There is also a paved road version of the ride if you turn right and follow the creek. Fun rides. You can get about 30 miles there and back.

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