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    New question here. Chattanooga visit?

    Visiting Chattanooga next week -- my first time to the southeast and I'm excited to see what's up. I'll be solo and car-less -- but it looks feasible to ride out to Stringer's Ridge and Raccoon Mountain from downtown-ish. True/false/stupid? How are conditions this time of year? Any slow-girl-friendly group rides I should know about?

    Also, for the extreme long-shot: For strange work-related reasons (no, really), I'm supposed to do a road ride from Chattanooga down to the Battle of Resaca re-enactment the weekend of the 17th. I'd banked on renting from the Trek shop, but they don't have anything in my size. So: if for some freak reason you know anyone who'd be willing to loan or rent out a 48-50 cm. road or cross bike for a weekend, I ... will be your new best friend.

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    Riding to Stringer's Ridge from downtown should be pretty easy. You can cross the Walnut Street bridge (no cars allowed) and then just ride up Cherokee Blvd. Riding to Raccoon Mtn from downtown is also doable but it isn't the most bike friendly route in my experience and you'll have a nice climb up Elder Mtn road to get to the trails. Can't help you with the bike rental.

    Check here to see if you can make contact about any group rides: Velo Vixens | Women's Multi-Sport Club & Team based in Chattanooga, TN

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    The Vixens have a weekly group ride on Thursdays. This week's is at Enterprise, so you'd have to find a ride there. You can also hit the Guild/Hardy trail from downtown, but that's not really mountain biking in the traditional sense. As far as bike rentals go, check with Suck Creek Cycles to see if they have anything in stock in your size as well as Hub Endurance and Cyclesport Concepts Tenn. Those are the only shops in the downtown area besides the Trek Store.

    Velo Vixens Group Ride. Really nice ladies and someone may be able to give you a ride.

    Suck Creek Cycle - bikes and friendly advice | Chattanooga
    cyclesportconcepts - Home
    HUB Endurance - Hub Endurance

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    Stringers is rideable from downtown. Coon would be a no go. I'd suggest hitting up the Velo Vixen or sorba Chattanooga facebook page. I'm 100% sure someone would hitch you a ride to a cool trail to ride and possibly a loaner bike.

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