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  1. let's talk about pedals
  2. Newbie needing advice for a new bike.
  3. Fox DHX RC4 Spring
  4. What tubes are ya'll using ??
  5. Easton haven's or sunringle charger pros?
  6. Riding and Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus
  7. What spokes for 290 rider on a 29er?
  8. Clyde Spam: Built 2XL Turner Sultan
  9. seats: wtb pure v vs rocket v vs race v
  10. Bike and rider weight question.
  11. Shouldn't bigger riders ride bigger tires?
  12. recommend dropper post for 240 lbs rider?
  13. 6'6"--is a Large DH bike big enough?
  14. MTB Recommendations: FS for taller/heavier guy
  15. WTB Kom rim. Any Clyde rocking them? Feedback?
  16. Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO 29
  17. Easton EA 70's for Clyde's
  18. '12 Spec Status as first FS ride?
  19. 6'6 290lbs, Specialized Hardrock 29 or GT Timberline 2.0 29?
  20. Upgrading the RIG
  21. Numb Hands
  22. Value of Kona Hoss 22" XL?
  23. Good wheel combo for me? 300lbs with gear on a 29er.
  24. CLYDE FORK SPAM: Manitou Tower PRO 120mm W/ XX-Firm Spring
  25. handle bar and stem
  26. Fit Issues
  27. 6'6" 330lb Advice needed please...
  28. First Bike Help/Suggestions
  29. Paid SquatchSpam - Size XL 29er | FSR Suspension | 130mm - Hammerhead Thumper
  30. Any Clydes riding a Trek with the CTD?
  31. Does 10mm thru bolt matter on a hardtail?
  32. big man guy riding...looking for help
  33. CLYDE SPAM: A Steel 29er Fit For a Clyde
  34. Not losing anymore weight
  35. Strava Club for Super-Clydesdales
  36. Broken Hubs
  37. Overwhelmed by research and options
  38. Anyone dislike the High Roller 2 up front?
  39. Long Travel Trail (~5" 29er or similar 27.5) at ~$2k - buy or build?
  40. New wheelset on the way
  41. Newbie looking for bike reccomendations. LBS has been no help! HELP!
  42. Witch one should I pick on a budget?
  43. Best Clyde option under 1k?
  44. Need forks, beating my head against a wall.
  45. muscle is heavier than fat but by how much?
  46. On/off Stoic stem for tall guys
  47. Need to replace stolen bike, not a lot of money
  48. Saddle Help: Beginner Clyde
  49. seat position
  50. Does Rotor Size Make A Difference?
  52. Dual purpose bike
  53. Ultimate Clyde Custom Mach 6 Build
  54. Giant 29er P-XC2 wheelset Clydesdale Approved? (Broken Spokes)
  55. 1x10 gearing
  56. As a Clyde do you avoid specific races/rides/events/trails?
  57. 6'1" 375lbs
  58. Specialized Enduro vs Giant Reign x2
  59. Coming back!
  60. Re-sizing knee/elbow pads
  61. Still feel like a Noob
  62. Kona Bromance
  63. Clipless shoe suggestions...
  64. Best Super Clyde 120mm fork....?
  65. What do you think about 36" wheels?
  66. 12mm hub options ...
  67. Full Susser for Clyde???
  68. Breaking Karate Monkeys
  69. Aerotech Designs Outlaw Bullet Shorts too tight...
  70. Specific Bib Question
  71. Cannondale Rush 29 1...clyde friendly?
  72. General suggestions/specs for my Clydesdale friend?
  73. Heavy Newbie needs advice
  74. Weight Loss / Fitness gains for different body types
  75. road bike/ single speed
  76. Should clydes look for longer travel bikes?
  77. Who makes the largest DH frame/bike for a Clyde?
  78. My new ride
  79. New Guy looking for some advice
  80. Clyde ready DH bike in classified section
  81. Newbie Purchase - Gary Fisher Wahoo / New / Craigs List
  82. Giant Trance vs. Giant Reign rear shock - Will it hold up till I can...........
  83. 1st hand clydesdale opinions on Giant Anthem 27.5 3 vs Giant Trance 27.5 3
  84. hydration pack for clydes
  85. Any Clydes gone from a 29er to a 27.5? What did you think?
  86. This bike sound like it'll hold up to a fatazz?
  87. Need sizing help and bike help.
  88. Opinions on recovery after big rides
  89. Sweatband for big boys
  90. The New Steed: My Dream Build
  91. Selling my 2012 Specialized Camber FSR 29er XXL
  92. intro and a ?
  93. Found some tall cycling clothes, know of any others?
  94. Long torso hydration pack help
  95. Thoughts on this bike for a newb Clydes...
  96. Where can I get big and tall mountain biking clothing?
  97. Building a New Bike, have some ?s for fellow Clydes
  98. Mountain Bikes for the Very Tall
  99. Forks with long steerers?
  100. Would I benefit from upgrading to a Pike fork?
  101. 2nd day back in the saddle...
  102. What FS 29er to buy?
  103. Wtb rims?
  104. So Cal Clydes: Want to ride this afternoon?
  105. Looking for a crank that can handle a heavy rider 350+
  106. Clyde-worthy saddles
  107. beginner hardtail
  108. How does a clyde set up a rear AIR shock to prevent pedal strikes?
  109. Giant XtC 27.5 2 for 290lbs rider.
  110. Quick help needed on SC Heckler
  111. New Clyde Needs a Ride!
  112. The renaissance of Bmorefatbrotha
  113. 250lbs on a Carbon Hardtail?
  114. RS Sektor RL vs Marz 55 R
  115. building my dream bike, but then what?
  116. Looking for My First 29er Mountain Bike for 330 lb rider
  117. Frame size on 29er
  118. Any clydes on Light Bicycle carbon wheels?
  119. Options for heavy rider ,low end front forks
  120. Questions about longer cranks:
  121. Help! Clyde wheelset on a budget!
  122. $100 deal
  123. Any clydes over 250lbs ride a yeti 575 or spec pro carbon?
  124. VPP or DW link for a big guy?
  125. Hub destruction Poll
  126. Roval SL the only option for sub 240lb riders?
  127. Long carbon seatpost for tall rider?
  128. SuperClyde - New and I need help!
  129. Broke it!
  130. bontrager RXL wheelset
  131. 6'5 225lbs and looking for something under 1000. need help
  132. Best Full-Fingered Gloves
  133. $1500 29er for a tall Clydesdale
  134. Mavic Crossmax st rear axle broken
  135. Long limbed, do I count
  136. First bike build. Need some pointers.
  137. 29 FS advice
  138. My new bike is finished.
  139. Mountain Cycling Shoes Size 15
  140. Big guys fall faster
  141. 2.2 or 2.4 For Clydes?
  142. 14 Pike RCT3 140 solo air Clyde review
  143. Any super clydes (250+) have their rear shock tuned by Push?
  144. What kind of tires on your trail/AM bikes?
  145. Lady Clydesdales
  146. Bikes stolen - need new bike
  147. Joint Protection??
  148. 29er Big Man Wheels?
  149. Suntour epicon fork
  150. 270lb Newby lookin for a hella stout long travel fork.....
  151. Cold weather jackets for clydes
  152. Sizing Help
  153. Heavy Rider needs fork decision help.
  154. Tall newbie in Africa in need of sizing help for a 29er
  155. Hello! Noob here needing advice.
  156. XTR 36 Hole rear hub trades?
  157. Overweight Newbie who is Overwhelmed
  158. Bib tights for big and tall guys
  159. How wide should I go with my handlebars?
  160. Giant Revel series for big guy?
  161. Dorado for heavy rider?
  162. Clyde All Mountain Dream Build - Go!
  163. Seat for a big guy
  164. 38" riding shorts that actually fit?
  165. Hi all. This Clydesdale needs a bike.
  166. Pure V literally made me sick today
  167. Need some advice on options for seat post height for a Clyde
  168. 13 Carve Comp vs 14 Crave or Rockhopper Comp for Clyde?
  169. Should I be loyal to my LBS ((5'10'' 320lbs))
  170. Clyde Needs Help Selecting A Bike.
  171. Help a giant pick a bike!
  172. BIG dude, repeatedly breaking spokes on two different wheels. Would like some advice.
  173. Niner's CVA vs Santa Cruz VPP for Clydes?
  174. Clydes using or have rode a 1x10
  175. Clyde worthiness of 32 spoked 29er wheel
  176. Moonlander XXL vs Pugsley XL
  177. (Paid ad) Stans Flow/Hope Pro 2 Wheelset
  178. New guy here, building a hardtail 29er
  179. Norco Range vs. Seatpost
  180. fork mod.
  181. Clydesdale approved carbon bars?
  182. Trek/ Gary Fisher 29ers with 180mm Crankarms
  183. Problems with MTX 33 29 coming out of alignment.
  184. Any Clydes doing the Tour of Sufferlandria by Sufferfest?
  185. XC Bikes
  186. Wheelset
  187. Clydes using Strava
  188. Industry Nine Torch enduro wheelset
  189. Hardrock sport disc 29 to a Giant talon 29er 0
  190. Any of you clydes being more careful because of OBAMCARE?
  191. Can a Clyde ride a full suspension??
  192. What'cha wear'n, shorts ?? bibs ??
  193. Dare I even ask -- Ti seatpost for a clydesdale?
  194. What size wheels do you guys prefer?
  195. Pretty Large Guy looking to max out his budget ride.
  196. Weight loss with heart rate monitor
  197. 2014 Weight and Fitness goals.
  198. FAT BOY 2014 CHALLENGE: project 100,000 miles
  199. Carbon or Steel Rigid Fork for a Clyde's Fitness Bike ?
  200. fat boy mile challenge... how many miles for 2014?
  201. Broke my stumpjumper twice. What next.
  202. Fat Bikes for Fat Guys
  203. New to the forum, just saying hello!
  204. Need opinions on a Marin Rift Zone
  205. Clydesdale approved rims. Please chime in
  206. Manitou Tower Pro for a big fella
  207. New Clydesdale rider with a question!
  208. 35mm carbon bars
  209. Big rider bike selection
  210. confused about bike fitting 6'6" rider
  211. Dropper Posts for Taller Riders?
  212. Coil shock or air?
  213. Cydesdale E-bike Build on a 62cm Surly Cross-Check
  214. Cracked Top Tube of Warranty Replacement Frame....YIKES!!
  215. Winter pants for long inseam
  216. Octilink 1, how tough is it ? what is considered best ?
  217. 215 lbs geared up and Kenda Excavator 26 x 2.1 pressure
  218. Single speed torque on hubs
  219. Big guy on skinny tires?
  220. Weirdly comfortable on a small bike
  221. Stan's Flows with Hope Evo Hubs
  222. I broke my Crank arm, need new crankset ?'s Road cranks maybe
  223. Rhyno Lite wheel for heavy rider?
  224. Hope hub for an uber clyde?
  225. Big & Tall Clothes.
  226. Knee pads for big boys.
  227. Dropper post--Fox DOSS or RockShox Reverb?
  228. Hi from a newbie
  229. Looking for some big boy tires
  230. DH clyde destroying tires
  231. Need help finding mountain bike! I am 6 feet 6 inches. help!
  232. Bought a 2012 Cannondale Flash Carbon 1 ... and i forgot im a 6.2" 300lbs rider.
  233. Trail/AM Fork Question
  234. New Strava Club for Clydes
  235. Stronger rear wheel
  236. Big guy on WFO with RS Vivid Air R2C
  237. Too big for my tires
  238. Big Boys in Leatt?
  239. 2014 Trek Remedy 29er Review
  240. Frame size crisis - Need advice quickly
  241. Trek Fuel Ex7 or Specialized Camber Comp - Opinions
  242. Wider bottom bracket bearing does it help, any draw backs?
  243. Is the lefty, Clyde worthy?
  244. Post Up Your Calf and Thigh Measurments
  245. 2007 Giant Anthem X Advanced for Clyde?
  246. Tall guys on Specialized
  247. Won a new bike!
  248. Any clydes with a CTD fork? Question for you...
  249. Any Clydes running 1 X 11? Do you miss your granny gear?
  250. Noob Clyde Looking for help with bike