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  1. Novice needs advice on bike selection (250lbs, 6'5). Road Bike??
  2. Clyde Dilemma (HT or FS) - Need Help
  3. Paid Spam: Fox TALAS 150 and RP23 w/ clyde tune
  4. Can't Keep My Bike On The Trails
  5. Bike help please...
  6. Shorts for Big Guys, how big do you need?
  7. Ride with GPS -- Riding Challenge
  8. Bike Decisions for a Big guy
  9. Wheel Info
  10. I have a 6'6 415lb friend that wants to ride...
  11. Carbon parts for a clyde?
  12. 6" travel 26er for 6'5"+ dying out?
  13. Shock advice.
  14. Crank Bros Joplin-4
  15. Troy lee designs T-bone
  16. Best bang for the buck? ~$300 wheelsets
  17. Getting back on the bike
  18. What do the tall ride?
  19. Strong setback 27.2 seatpost?
  20. Fox Launch Pro kneepad.
  21. Clydesdale near Romeo Michigan looking for riders
  22. Shoe labels? Shimano M087G.
  23. Bike O.K. for a fatazz such as myself?
  24. New wheelset spoke seating question
  25. Two Bolt Seatpost Better for a Clyde?
  26. Great Deal on Wheels - Hope Pro2's + Flow's
  27. Few upgrades for my Trek Marlin
  28. Anyone else using
  29. The funds have arrived. Shopping trip Wednesday.
  30. So i bought a 2011 gt avalanche 1.0
  31. Alex Rims DP20
  32. Easton Haven Carbon or Answer Pro Taper 720AM Carbon bars
  33. spokes breaking on hand built wheels
  34. Any other "Athenas" (big/tall women) out there?
  35. Pugsley for Big Guys?
  36. Road bike, anyone on a BD road bike?
  37. Big brakes for a big boy
  38. Rumblefish pro for a 250lb guy?
  39. Ergonomic grips for big guys?
  40. Almost a cyde...rim selection help
  41. 29" Steel, Rohloff, Gates, Rigid...suggestions?
  42. Reba RLT 29 Tuning help for heavier aggresive rider
  43. Brakes for big hands ?
  44. Getting back into the game
  45. help with flat bar road/cross bike
  46. paid spam cane creek double barrel with 600lb titanium coil and 650lb steel spring
  47. I clyde noob, who didnít know any better! !
  48. Trek Marlin vs Cannondale 29 SL5
  49. Confused about suspension designs and being a clyde.
  50. Any Clyde's live in Rochester, NY
  51. custom carbon frame idea
  52. X-Firm Spring for Tora SL 29er TK
  53. Help my fiance win a slot PLEASE!
  54. Giant revel 1 decent for a clyde?
  55. 32 spokes VS 36 spokes - Big Difference?
  56. This clyde getting his first SS....with pics....
  57. First time racing and a little nervous
  58. Clydesdale Looking for a new ride
  59. Advice on Chris King or Industry Nine Hubs for a Clyde Wheel Build
  60. DT swiss double butted or regular double butted for clyde ?
  61. Broke my frame, time for a new bike!
  62. Coil or air rear shock?
  63. Knee/Shin guards for big guys?
  64. Where to buy a 24" Surly Ogre for delivery in Europe ?
  65. Broken Niner RIP9
  66. Best heavy duty rim for tubeless or should I run tubes
  67. Best spokes for a 29 wheel for 300 + pound HOG
  68. Gettin air with a 29er @ almost 300lbs
  69. Front Derailluer screw problems
  70. Need help Front wheel over 300lbs 26 or 29er
  71. Saddle selections for clydes
  72. Rear shock spring rate for FR/DH bikes
  73. 27.2 seat post
  74. Salsa Gordo vs SunRingle MTX33
  75. I'm down guys!!!!
  76. Clydes - recommend an upgrade 100mm fork!
  77. rambling questions
  78. Tire for a clyde
  79. tire for a superclydesdale 350lbs ?
  80. Newbie needing suggestions
  81. Starting today
  82. Elbow pads for big rider. Fox launch or Fox Titan pro
  83. Wheelset upgrade
  84. Doesnt Take Long to Spend a $1,000
  85. Hydraulic Disc Brakes on new Gravity Bike
  86. Weight to start to worry?
  87. My Mavic C29SSMAX Hub Sh!t The Bed, What Now?
  88. fat boy challenge as motivation
  89. Brakes dragging
  90. Paid spam: clyde 29er wheel set or front wheel
  91. Road bike pedals
  92. First Mountian trail
  93. Brooks B17 Special first ride
  94. I need some advice please!!!!!
  95. DH bike idea's for a 20 stone rider.
  96. Gary Fisher Opie
  97. Spam for Fox Talas 130mm With Stratos ID cartridge
  98. 300LBS + Clydes on 29ers
  99. Any Clydes Riding Rigid?
  100. Found: Baggies for my 44" waist.
  101. Seat post clamp slipping
  102. Help me choose bike between the these, please Gravity
  103. Big and Tall Action Pics & Vids
  104. what saddle do you use?
  105. Chain life for heavier riders? Dry conditions, excellent maintenance
  106. Clyde needs parts
  107. Interesting question...
  108. Time for a change!
  109. Thought I might share this here
  110. mtb shorts for clydes
  111. XLT shirts
  112. Need new road bike
  113. First post new guy
  114. am I expecting too much from myself?
  115. Are there different types of shoes for clipless?
  116. Hub for big guy
  117. found this forum a few weeks ago.
  118. Is this a good fork?
  119. Rocky start on my Soul 29
  120. Need a tough saddle
  121. Egg beaters clipless for clydes?
  122. Tall Narrow Bikes
  123. Clydesdale an official category?
  124. Flat pedals?
  125. Another bites the dust (bent seatpost)
  126. Any SRAM XO 10 speed success stories?
  127. affordable bikes for 400lb+ newbies
  128. Just finished building my Karate Monkey!
  129. Big dudes climbing - advice?
  130. Clydes with PowerTap on a 29er, check in please!
  131. Bike selection tall dudes
  132. knee pads for big ass knees
  133. Good wheelset?
  134. New bike yes/no and recommendations
  135. WB Magic 29 For A Super-Clyde?
  136. got my nice black 400mm seat post
  137. Any clydes riding on a Fizik Arione?
  138. Crank/Drivetrain Update, 9-/10-Speed Compatability
  139. When trying to lose weight while riding..
  140. Help me choose: Trek Superfly 100 or Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon
  141. Long Crank Frame Question
  142. 29er ht vs. 26 fs for a big guy
  143. How far do you ride
  144. First impressions of the new build full susp vs the old hardtail
  145. Size 16 clipless shoes/ pedals
  146. Entry level bike recommendations
  147. Mavic 719 29er rim strong enough for 220 # aggressive rider?
  148. Any Clydes on a Marz 44 RLO?
  149. looking for a entry level bike.
  150. Im 7'1" and need a bike that fits!!!
  151. First Bike Buying Advice
  152. XC helmet for big melons
  153. Handle bar and Stem advice
  154. fastest speed on flat road?
  155. Need wheel/hub advice!
  156. Bontrager Rhythm Comp Wheelset Opinions
  157. Recipe Exchange
  158. Clydes riding 29er carbon frames?
  159. Thoughts on a wheel build...
  160. Carbon HT for 235 lbs?
  161. 20mm Maxle Loosens During Ride
  162. Crank Brothers Joplin 4 Seatpost
  163. XC wheels for us big guys
  164. Selecting a bike for a big guy
  165. Proportional perspective on 29er vs 26er for us who are not vertically challenged
  166. and the wait begins NBD (new bike day)
  167. Would it be a waste to upgrade the rotor size on my stock brakes?
  168. 195mm cranks
  169. About to drop out of CLYDE @ 201
  170. New bike build
  171. Need some advice re: bike fit
  172. Going Full Suspension Down To Three Options
  173. Clyde (250+lbs) + Mavic Crossmax SX?
  174. HT SJ Comp 29er
  175. What $#@%$ size shoe am I?
  176. DB Response or Trek 3500
  177. UK - Clyde bike gear
  178. mtb gloves with thick gel padding
  179. hardtail to full suspension..Is it worth it
  180. Help me find my bike, is there an XXL at your local shop?
  181. Clipless pedal advice for n00b
  182. size 15 shoe for flat pedals?
  183. Looking for Wheelset Advice
  184. Jacket
  185. fit clydes and race categories
  186. Bought a RockHopper need wheel suggestions
  187. Pressure Kenda Smallblock 8
  188. Bike for a tall guy
  189. And it begins: The road to a healthy and active life.
  190. Super Clyde Saddles?
  191. Lyrik Coil Spring for Clyde
  192. Bike Jerseys?
  193. 20mm axel conversion
  194. Paid Spam - Seven Cycles Axiom Race Titanium 61X60 (XXL low miles)
  195. Anyone looking for a 22" frame?
  196. Giant XTC 29er 1 vs. Kona Big Kahuna?
  197. Standover height?
  198. new clyde needs help!
  199. moving your riding indoors....
  200. Should I get a 29er?
  201. Extra wide bars?
  202. 265lb clyde purchased Azonic outlaws for xc frame. Whats the minimum Width I can run?
  203. Another n00b looking for help buying
  204. Roval Control Trail SL 29 142+ OK for Clyde's?
  205. ignore. thread moved.
  206. Opinions on Specialized Pitch Pro?
  207. Clydsdale Baggy Shorts
  208. Looking for input on Wheels
  209. Treks weight limit
  210. Ignore this.
  211. Reba XX - clydeworthy?
  212. Super Clyde 29er Tires
  213. Chain for a Clyde?
  214. Noob Needs Help with Brakes
  215. Finally pulled the a new (to me) ride...
  216. Flying Clydes!
  217. Specialized Epic Carbon
  218. Clydes on a '10 Ti Fly Team MB?
  219. what gloves for big hands?
  220. custom dh frame for tall clyde
  221. Winter riding who else is doing it?
  222. Help with new bike choice
  223. It's been a while, hope to share some inspiration!
  224. Any clydes done Leadville 100 or an other endurance races
  225. Clyde like Reba?
  226. Clyde on a Road bike, Help me find one...
  227. 6'2" 300 lbs need help picking a bike
  228. Paid Spam
  229. Clyde-worthy Rigid 29er Fork
  230. Decisions decisions.... A little help for a noob Clyde
  231. Clyde Opinions on Fork, or Surly frameset purchase
  232. Thudbuster worth a try?
  233. Shimano shoes in large sizes
  234. What to replace Power V with?
  235. Seatpost debate
  236. Clipless shoes for big feet?
  237. Noob needs help buying bike
  238. Need help picking out a bike
  239. motivation
  240. 29er tyre choice what do i get
  241. Shoe Covers for Huge Feet
  242. 29er rim options help please
  243. Armor for Clydes
  244. Reba set up suggestions
  245. Thoughts about adjustable seatposts
  246. Difficulty selling clyde ridden bikes
  247. Commuter Clothes
  248. Any Clydes on a Motobecane or Sette?
  249. Paid Spam- Clydeworthy SS 29 wheelset
  250. Fat guy needs new forks