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  1. clipless pedals
  2. chronic spoke problem
  3. New Clyde needing help!
  4. wheelset question
  5. Found two on Craigslist...Opinions???
  6. New Clyde checking in.
  7. Adjusting shock pressure for heavier riders
  8. Charge Cooker Hi vs Novara Intrepid
  9. I'm all over the place...
  10. Width of crank set (pedal lateral separation)?
  11. Anyone ride True True Temper Ox platnum frame?
  12. 6'4", 250 lb, need road bike tire recommendation (700x28?)
  13. Looking for something better
  14. Big Girl needs suggestions!
  15. Big guys, Big bikes, Big handle bars and narrow trails with lots of trees?
  16. Any of you Clyde's Have A Long Haul Trucker
  17. Crankset for heavy guys, yes I did a search...
  18. Steel vs. Carbon
  19. Big guy first bike question...
  20. Carbon fork flex..
  21. Bottom bracket help
  22. what type of big man approved tires should i get for my beach cruiser
  23. Paid Spam; Clydesdale Dream Hardtail Yelli Screamy Large Or XL Frame
  24. Trek Cobia for bigger guy
  25. Slightly different story:
  26. Looking to get back into the game, need a bike
  27. Better climbing: Who gets credit, weight loss or skills? And other questions.
  28. What size brake rotors are all you Clydes running?
  29. santa cruz highball carbon xxl on chainlove right now. great deal $799
  30. New scooters!!
  31. How to beefen up rims, hubs, spikes and possibly more for fat boy touring.
  32. Weekly weigh-in
  33. What else am I missing out on.
  34. Trek Stache 8 wheels
  35. Largest grips ?
  36. Any Clydes running 1x10 Drivetrains?
  37. Big guys...a little help plz :)
  38. City Bicycle Company?
  39. I need a Clyde-proof rear hub/freewheel!
  40. Revel 1. 1st upgrade.
  41. Any of you Clydes fatbike?
  42. Need help on a low budget
  43. What tire pressure do you run.
  44. Bike Seat
  45. bike fitting, TTT and reach measurements
  46. Is it really necessary for a heavier rider to get a "bigger" bike?
  47. Heavy rider in need of help finding 1st MTB
  48. Trek Shift 4 or 7.3FX for a Clyde
  49. Good day good ride...
  50. Help selecting new bike
  51. Cross lever cables hitting each other.
  52. Picked up a road bike
  53. New bike question.
  54. Help for a Fat Noob
  55. 26er Vs. 29er??
  56. 5'11 360 lbs looking for first bike at shop
  57. New guy from South Dakota
  58. Salsa el mariachi for Clyde rider?
  59. Clyde Conditioning
  60. Future Clyde looking to buy a bike for under $1,000. Suggestions?
  61. 2012 trek fuel ex5 or 2012 scott spark 70. Which one to buy. Opinions needed please
  62. Broken Saddle
  63. New Cylde to the forum
  64. MTB 29er HT recommendation for big guys ? having issues when test riding bikes
  65. Quick Clyde / Roadbike Question
  66. My newest Clyde Worthy Steed
  67. Anyone have exp. with Cannondale super V's or other similar single pivot designs?
  68. Is the Lefty Clyde friendly?
  69. Sage Advice or Just Wrong
  70. Bike upgrades
  71. 2012 Trek Marlin Upgrades
  72. How many hours a week do you ride?
  73. New to it all
  74. Seeking advice on 2010 Fuji Reveal 3.0
  75. What $200 Used Bikes Would Be Good For 330 Lb Rider_Load?
  76. Fatty McButterpants got a bike!
  77. One year Post op update
  78. Hello MTBR! I need some help from some non hipster urban douches. Buying a bike.
  79. Big Guy Fork Upgrade
  80. 2013 trek wahoo suitable for 385lb?
  81. Clyde + American Classic Hubs = ?
  82. Weight loss equals power loss?
  83. Trek Fuel Bikes
  84. could use an answer and support
  85. helmets for the Melon-headed in 2013?
  86. 235lbs and Carbon Seat Post?
  87. Paid Spam- Big and Tall Fellas LOOK!! F/S Surly Moonlander and Salsa Horsethief
  88. New wheel set dilemma - 721/521/Flow EX help please!
  89. super clyde needs 850lbs spring
  90. Factory Production FS Carbon or Custom Ti Frame
  91. Stan's Arch vs Flow - Who is Riding Which?
  92. Need wheel help....
  93. Anyone riding an XL Dixon?
  94. Need Hub advise
  95. Saddle Selection
  96. New bike or new components
  97. Kahuna VS. Mahuna
  98. Coil rear shock for 04 Specialized FSR, too fat for a RL + BETD link.
  99. Disc Grinding
  100. 650b wheels
  101. Hydration Pack for big guy?
  102. Wide rear ends get rubbed?
  103. Birth of DirtySixer36er
  104. Clydesdale Racing?
  105. Baggys for clyds?
  106. Trance X2 Opinions?
  107. First 6hr solo. Any advice?
  108. I'm 6'4" 225 lbs n want a specialized enduro. New only come in large? Do I fi
  109. 10spd Chain for a big guy
  110. Which pedals?
  111. 6'6 and really confused with the whole sizing thing.Help plz!
  112. Your clyde-proof 29er build
  113. getting back into riding but confused
  114. Titus El Guapo for a 240lber?
  115. Cyclocross, Clydesdales, Bikesdirect, oh my.
  116. Paid Spam: R U a Clyde Looking For Awesome 29er Fork?
  117. Big Clyde Sette Razzo Question
  118. First FS bike questions
  119. Super Clyde looking to upgrade to disc
  120. Size 13 4E shoe flat pedal shoes. ?????????
  121. Any tall Clydes (6'5" or more) riding a 21" frame?
  122. Saddle options for the wide hyneied Clyde
  123. School me on brakes
  124. Air fork for 260# clyde?
  125. Novara Torero vs. Novara Matador vs. Novara Ponderosa
  126. Would this bike be ok for me?
  127. 215 lbs. can i safely ride w/ carbon stem,bars,and seat post
  128. Trek Stache 7 or Carve Comp.... ????????
  129. Help choosing Fox 34 or 36 or Rockshox Revelation RCT 3 for my new RIP 9
  130. Brake pad recommendations for Clydes?
  131. New rider, new bike.
  132. '13 HardRock 29 Disc vs '13 Rockhopper 29
  133. Best high volume tire for 6'6" 280 pound rider...
  134. 6'4-300 lbs Noob.... Help with bike choice. PLEASE !!!!
  135. Hello from a HUGE Noob....literally....
  136. How Much Weight have you lost Since Jan 1 2013??
  137. Saddle Suggestions
  138. A question about hubs?????
  139. I reached my original weight loss goal weight.
  140. Other big Ventana riders?
  141. 'nother FNG with the same question..
  142. Drivetrain for big pedaller
  143. PAID SPAM - Perfect 29er Wheel for Big Boy
  144. spd pedals xtr or xt
  145. Need help deciding on new bike (29er)
  146. Clyde on a Cyclocross for Commuting and Fun - recommendations and thoughts?
  147. Seat Post Height
  148. Looking for a bike for Dad
  149. 2012 Carve Expert Alex built rims are not gonna make it.
  150. How often do you stand and pedal?
  151. PSI Question
  152. Giant XTC Composite
  153. How's your weight loss paying off on your rides?
  154. Handle bar width and slope
  155. Sid or Reba Fork
  156. Bigger Disadvantage When Racing - Clydes or Singlespeeders
  157. 143mm Sit bone measurement, please help with saddle / seat selections and fitment!
  158. Hit a wall !!!
  159. Help choosing wheelset for my XC hardtail - Clyde
  160. 6'2" 305 lb Clyde looking for a bike
  161. Jerseys and shorts for (tall) Clydes?
  162. Anyone using aerotech baggy mtb shorts? Do they run true to size?
  163. Beginner Program
  164. 6'5'' 195lbs intermediate MTB rider; 21' or 23' bike?
  165. Same ol' question from another noob.
  166. Purposely not dish a wheel for someone who beaks a ton of spokes??
  167. Protective Gear???
  168. What type of bike should a big guy get?
  169. Norco Sight and vs the SuperClyde
  170. Any Clydes on a GT Carbon?
  171. Sea Otter Classic: not sure where my old thread went... so here is a new one
  172. road bike for clyde?
  173. What about the SHORT riders? (ATTN: Mods)
  174. Help me choose fellow Clydes
  175. Very new.
  176. Saddle Suggestions
  177. Need Some Help With The Impossible.
  178. Opinions on some wheels
  179. (paid ad) For sale: XL Giant Reign 1, with tons of extras ($1100 obo)
  180. fix'er up or buy new
  181. FNG, looking at a couple Spesh bikes
  182. FNG, looking at a couple Spesh bikes
  183. Dropper Seat Post For Real Men!
  184. Hardtail or FS for Clydes
  185. Need clyde advice!
  186. Bicycle shorts
  187. Breaking Cranks...Help Please!
  188. Replacing my Stolen bike, looking for suggestions
  189. Clyde Makes Cassette Eat Hope Hub
  190. How do you choose saddle if cant try out?
  191. Bike Build Wheelset
  192. Asking price for an XL Giant Reign 1? (cross-post from AM forum)
  193. Huge feet, clipless pedals n shoes???
  194. 2013 Trek Mamba
  195. 26" Fork options?
  196. Offseason HT Clyde build
  197. Any Clyde on a KS LEV?
  198. Bottom Bracket for a Clyde
  199. Do you have a Kona Hoss For sale?
  200. My Clyde Video on Rigid Single Speed 29er
  201. The bike for me
  202. 2013 weekly weigh-in
  203. 2013 weight and fitness goals
  204. Best way to build up endurance...300+lbs.
  205. Talk me down...
  206. Kona coiler
  207. FAT BOY 2013 CHALLENGE: project 80,000 miles
  208. Clydes on Singlespeeds
  209. New stumpjumper fsr expert 29er at 325ib. Upgrades??
  210. 6' 1" at 250+ lbs. - recommend a strong bike for me
  211. Changing rear shock please advise.
  212. Which companies cater to the ridiculously tall?
  213. Winter Boots
  214. Clydes looking for some advice
  215. Problem with front tire sinking into the dirt.
  216. New Ride
  217. clydes that ride a 29er.... what are you riding?
  218. 31.6Ømm seatpost clamp; for the actual post not the frame
  219. RIP Setup Assist?
  220. Weight loss progress.
  221. Maestro or VPP for smaller clyde?
  222. Looking for Durable & Afforadble Bike
  223. ever flex your wheels?
  224. I hate adjusting front Der with shimano dual control...
  225. Winter Jacket? 20-40degrees
  226. Shoes
  227. Any Clyde's running flex or susp seatpost
  228. Clyde question
  229. Bike Options
  230. What cheap car / truck for a tall immigrant?
  231. Decision Time: S-Works Stumpjumper FSR or FSR Expert Carbon EVO?
  232. Buy Size 50+ shoes on-line (to Canada)
  233. Waterproof shorts
  234. 11mph goal achieved. It only took two years.
  235. Clyde getting ready for winter
  236. Clyde needs tires
  237. Tubeless Clydes
  238. I need help getting a bike under $600 and I weigh 285ibs, hopeing to get black friday
  239. how many clydesdales are riding in the Sea Otter?
  240. 1/2 the Clyde I used to be.......thanks to Congestive Heart Failure
  241. New rear shock question
  242. Rims
  243. Sun Ringle Black Flag/Charger 29 or Easton Haven 29?
  244. anybody run the Dt swiss E2000?
  245. Is my bike too big?
  246. Choices - Sultan, RIP9, or new RM Altitude 650B?
  247. My First Official 100 Miles!
  248. Ever used a 48-spoke rim for your rear Wheel ?
  249. how many fingers do you use for braking?
  250. 26" V-Brake Rims