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  1. delete me please
  2. Clydesdale MTB race in SoCal on the calendar
  3. Longer gravity dropper post?
  4. Tallboy LTc vs. Niner Rip 9
  5. Studded Tires
  6. AM/FR/Enduro Hardtail for 6'7''
  7. 6' 2" 230lb looking for Enduro/All Mountain Rig
  8. Super Clyde Knee Pads
  9. It's been a long time
  10. older schwinn mtb rims, adequate for a larger clyde?
  11. mid-clyde, tubeless for the first time, PSI?
  12. Sharing clydesdale made video from El Moro, Laguna Beach Ca
  13. Carbon wheels for 240lb clyde?
  14. KHS BNT 29 - designed by Lennard Zinn
  15. Clyde needs new rear wheel
  16. Super clyde !! Fuel EX , NINER RIP 9, Stumpjumper FSR
  17. What weight makes one a Clyde ?
  18. Clydes need cassettes, too!
  19. Kona Process 153 DL 27.5 and Porcess111 29er
  20. Just picked up a X-Cal 7
  21. looking for entry level mountain bike 6'1 350lb fatguy
  22. Is my new bike Clyde resistant?
  23. Baggy shorts for big guys?
  24. Clyde proofing free hub with new cassette
  25. Pivot 429c sizing Queston
  26. Helmet for a Clyde
  27. North East vs... Not - Makes for a non-typical bike choice, right?
  28. Decisions...
  29. Maximum weight limits on frames?
  30. Newbie Bike Advice
  31. 6-mile climb today...bloody hell that was tiring
  32. Hand built clyde 29er wheelset for sale
  33. Hadley Freehub Failure
  34. Full-face helmet for big noggin?
  35. New Rider: 6'10" 250 lbs, what bike do you recommend? ~$1k
  36. aluminum + big guys = trouble?
  37. Clyde Proof Wheels
  38. FAT BOY 2015 CHALLENGE: Project: 100,000 miles (Take 2)
  39. saddle options........
  40. 375lb+ rider looking for new bike!
  41. New Clyde from Central Ohio
  42. Crank Brothers wheels
  43. Goal for 2015
  44. new bike, newbish rider, odd grinding sound from rotor area
  45. What frame for my frame? 6'7" and frame only
  46. Steel framed bikes
  47. Clyde Wheel Porn
  48. Any 300lb+ people using a thudbuster?
  49. Does this count as Getting it dirty
  50. 6'4, 240 looking for suggestions on a dirt jumper
  51. 2012 Fargo w/BB5's - should I just go ahead and upgrade the brakes?
  52. Canyon MTB anyClyde ?
  53. STUMPJUMPER FSR ELITE 29 vs Santa Cruz Tallboy LT ?
  54. Is there a solid "wheels for clydes" FAQ somewhere?
  55. Coil Spring Rear Shock -- need stiffer spring!
  56. New to biking...
  57. CX Ray spokes for 240lb rider?
  58. Kona Hei Hei '13 (new) vs Cannondale Scalpel '13 (used)
  59. Khs bnt 29 xxxl
  60. Help selecting a bike, tall/heavy rider
  61. Hardtail 29ers with tall head tubes?
  62. Anyone here riding a 23 inch Trek Fuel EX 29er?
  63. 6'4 6'5ish carbon 29er options?
  64. Destroying Rotors/pads on rigid commuter bike
  65. Anyone close to 300lbs riding mavic crossride?
  66. any clydes on stan flows?
  67. can I get some votes from my clydesdale brothers?
  68. Does anyone run Easton EA70XC 29er wheels?
  69. Is this dropper ok for a clyde?
  70. CF Hardtail for Tall Racer
  71. Tires for Clydesdale?
  72. Rear suspension types for a clyde - advantages to any specific type?
  73. Help with pace setting
  74. So straight up, full suspension or hardtail?
  75. What does a clyde need to look at as far as 29er MTB wheelsets are concerned?
  76. hope wheelset
  77. Uber-Clyde
  78. Extremely Tall/Big Rider needing purchasing advice
  79. Sizing for sb95 vs Tallboy LT for 6'4" rider with long torso
  80. What cyclocross bikes are you big guys riding?
  81. MTB Helmet for Big Mel
  82. Help with converting a fixed gear
  83. Clydes who race
  84. Long saddles for long legs
  85. Winter Beater Options
  86. Best hardtail trail bike
  87. Clydesdale MTB - Rigid w/fat tires, or is front suspension a "must"?
  88. Back in the saddle
  89. Need Bike Suggestions for Big Rider
  90. Am i a crazy clyde?
  91. Suspension fork for Clydesdale.
  92. Shin protection. Tree trunk legs.
  93. Tell me about XT hubs and Clydes
  94. 2015 Novara Barrow Bike, Clydesdale approved? Anyone ride one?
  95. I demo'd the Yeti SB 95
  96. Hub Horrors
  97. wheel combo
  98. Longest carbon 30.9 seat post???
  99. that age-old question... WHICH one of these awesome bikes...?
  100. Before i bend a frame... Afew ?s
  101. Did I just buy a bike that won't work for me?
  102. Any Clydes riding a Yeti sb95c?
  103. Gore tex shoe covers / booties for flipper
  104. clydes using knee pads
  105. any Clydesdale with experience with a Trek Madone?
  106. Hesitating between bikes
  107. Been a while: Brake question (yeah... another one)
  108. FS 29er bike ideas
  109. Chain Life with the 1x11 drivetrains.
  110. Fellow Clydes riding Roval Control 29s?
  111. New Wheelset
  112. Coil vs Air Shock on Low End RockShox XC32
  113. Best hardtail for a clyde, up to $2k budget
  114. first post for a clyde
  115. Road bike?!
  116. New Clyde/tall guy checking in
  117. Does my Tire Pressure seem high??
  118. New Clyde!! Need new wheels, Advise?
  119. Yet another will this bike work Threads.
  120. Need help with bike selection for my weight
  121. Louis Garneau Genesis Jersey
  122. Seat/post creaking
  123. Looking at flatbar carbon roadbike, What frame would be good fit?
  124. Reaching out for good vibes, and advice
  125. Frame stiffness - Clydes VS tubing
  126. Clydes (Clydetts) on Low Carb?
  127. DC area Clydes-MOCO Epic?
  128. New clyde suitable full sus 29r for a returning rider?
  129. Trek Crossrip vs Surly Crosscheck
  130. Good tires for a Clyde? Openions?
  131. exercise app?
  132. Help me with this CL ad.
  133. New wheel set...anyone see any problems with this?
  134. Clydesdale feet
  135. Weight loss journey - not to be confused with before/after results...
  136. Paid Spam: Clyde worthy upgrades...MTx/Hope Pro 2 and Manitou Drake Super Air 29er
  137. tall but shrinking
  138. let's talk about pedals
  139. Newbie needing advice for a new bike.
  140. Fox DHX RC4 Spring
  141. What tubes are ya'll using ??
  142. Easton haven's or sunringle charger pros?
  143. Riding and Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus
  144. What spokes for 290 rider on a 29er?
  145. Clyde Spam: Built 2XL Turner Sultan
  146. seats: wtb pure v vs rocket v vs race v
  147. Bike and rider weight question.
  148. Shouldn't bigger riders ride bigger tires?
  149. recommend dropper post for 240 lbs rider?
  150. 6'6"--is a Large DH bike big enough?
  151. MTB Recommendations: FS for taller/heavier guy
  152. WTB Kom rim. Any Clyde rocking them? Feedback?
  153. Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO 29
  154. Easton EA 70's for Clyde's
  155. '12 Spec Status as first FS ride?
  156. 6'6 290lbs, Specialized Hardrock 29 or GT Timberline 2.0 29?
  157. Upgrading the RIG
  158. Numb Hands
  159. Value of Kona Hoss 22" XL?
  160. Good wheel combo for me? 300lbs with gear on a 29er.
  161. CLYDE FORK SPAM: Manitou Tower PRO 120mm W/ XX-Firm Spring
  162. handle bar and stem
  163. Fit Issues
  164. 6'6" 330lb Advice needed please...
  165. First Bike Help/Suggestions
  166. Paid SquatchSpam - Size XL 29er | FSR Suspension | 130mm - Hammerhead Thumper
  167. Any Clydes riding a Trek with the CTD?
  168. Does 10mm thru bolt matter on a hardtail?
  169. big man guy riding...looking for help
  170. CLYDE SPAM: A Steel 29er Fit For a Clyde
  171. Not losing anymore weight
  172. Strava Club for Super-Clydesdales
  173. Broken Hubs
  174. Overwhelmed by research and options
  175. Anyone dislike the High Roller 2 up front?
  176. Long Travel Trail (~5" 29er or similar 27.5) at ~$2k - buy or build?
  177. New wheelset on the way
  178. Newbie looking for bike reccomendations. LBS has been no help! HELP!
  179. Witch one should I pick on a budget?
  180. Best Clyde option under 1k?
  181. Need forks, beating my head against a wall.
  182. muscle is heavier than fat but by how much?
  183. On/off Stoic stem for tall guys
  184. Need to replace stolen bike, not a lot of money
  185. Saddle Help: Beginner Clyde
  186. seat position
  187. Does Rotor Size Make A Difference?
  189. Dual purpose bike
  190. Ultimate Clyde Custom Mach 6 Build
  191. Giant 29er P-XC2 wheelset Clydesdale Approved? (Broken Spokes)
  192. 1x10 gearing
  193. As a Clyde do you avoid specific races/rides/events/trails?
  194. 6'1" 375lbs
  195. Specialized Enduro vs Giant Reign x2
  196. Coming back!
  197. Re-sizing knee/elbow pads
  198. Still feel like a Noob
  199. Kona Bromance
  200. Clipless shoe suggestions...
  201. Best Super Clyde 120mm fork....?
  202. What do you think about 36" wheels?
  203. 12mm hub options ...
  204. Full Susser for Clyde???
  205. Breaking Karate Monkeys
  206. Aerotech Designs Outlaw Bullet Shorts too tight...
  207. Specific Bib Question
  208. Cannondale Rush 29 1...clyde friendly?
  209. General suggestions/specs for my Clydesdale friend?
  210. Heavy Newbie needs advice
  211. Weight Loss / Fitness gains for different body types
  212. road bike/ single speed
  213. Should clydes look for longer travel bikes?
  214. Who makes the largest DH frame/bike for a Clyde?
  215. My new ride
  216. New Guy looking for some advice
  217. Clyde ready DH bike in classified section
  218. Newbie Purchase - Gary Fisher Wahoo / New / Craigs List
  219. Giant Trance vs. Giant Reign rear shock - Will it hold up till I can...........
  220. 1st hand clydesdale opinions on Giant Anthem 27.5 3 vs Giant Trance 27.5 3
  221. hydration pack for clydes
  222. Any Clydes gone from a 29er to a 27.5? What did you think?
  223. This bike sound like it'll hold up to a fatazz?
  224. Need sizing help and bike help.
  225. Opinions on recovery after big rides
  226. Sweatband for big boys
  227. The New Steed: My Dream Build
  228. Selling my 2012 Specialized Camber FSR 29er XXL
  229. intro and a ?
  230. Found some tall cycling clothes, know of any others?
  231. Long torso hydration pack help
  232. Thoughts on this bike for a newb Clydes...
  233. Where can I get big and tall mountain biking clothing?
  234. Building a New Bike, have some ?s for fellow Clydes
  235. Mountain Bikes for the Very Tall
  236. Forks with long steerers?
  237. Would I benefit from upgrading to a Pike fork?
  238. 2nd day back in the saddle...
  239. What FS 29er to buy?
  240. Wtb rims?
  241. So Cal Clydes: Want to ride this afternoon?
  242. Looking for a crank that can handle a heavy rider 350+
  243. Clyde-worthy saddles
  244. beginner hardtail
  245. How does a clyde set up a rear AIR shock to prevent pedal strikes?
  246. Giant XtC 27.5 2 for 290lbs rider.
  247. Quick help needed on SC Heckler
  248. New Clyde Needs a Ride!
  249. The renaissance of Bmorefatbrotha
  250. 250lbs on a Carbon Hardtail?