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  1. Arizona road trip - Part 3: Sedona (The Hogs)
  2. Flourescent Orange and Pink painted rocks at Horse Butte
  3. Photographer looking for willing mtb subjects, Portland area
  4. West Coast Fantasy Trip
  5. Visiting Portland - looking for old rider(s)
  6. Paved bike path proposed from Bend to the welcome center
  7. Oregon Outback
  8. In Bend area this weekend; anything snow-free and easy to find?
  9. NWTA November meeting at the Lumberyard!
  10. Online comment form for Riverview (PDX).....
  11. Arizona road trip - Part 2: AZT (418 to Snowbowl Rd.)
  12. Oregon Race Teams?
  13. Ride Report: Flagstaff (day 1) - Rocky Ridge / Sunset Trail
  14. New to PDX area - looking to explore some trails Sat or Sunday
  15. First time riding Wagner Creek in Talent, OR WOW!!!!
  16. What's the story with the Shellburg freerde area?
  17. Old Man Pass - Lost Gloves
  18. Anyone in PDX area own an SB-66?
  19. Dallas area / Black Rock conditions
  20. Today's example of how far removed Portland's bike culture is from mountain biking...
  21. Phil's Trail Work Event this Sunday!! Join us!!!
  22. Important: Riverview (PDX) update
  23. "Loop of Fun" in Oregon?
  24. Any trails in the Newport area
  25. MacDunn equestrian use?
  26. OT: Cross country ski question
  27. 11/10 Fat Bike Ride on Santiam Wagon Road at Top of MRT
  28. Hood River area snow levels?
  29. Columbia Hills in the Gorge is opening soon!
  30. Leslie Gulch/Succor Creek in E. OR
  31. North Umpqua Trail?
  32. 1st time to Oakridge, Tomorrow...
  33. OT: Looking for titanium tent stakes in Bend
  34. Mtbing in Eugene
  35. Is Met-Win/ Trail 99 clear and ridable from Three Creeks to Peterson Ridge?
  36. Bend: Sunday come help with Tyler's Traverse
  37. Single around Bend
  38. Corvallis Halloween Ride
  39. Help
  40. Recent Ape Canyon/Plains of Abraham conditions
  41. Need some S. Oregon advice
  42. Photochromatic Lens
  43. Looking for riding partner or group I can join for after work weekday rides...
  44. Waldo Lake Still Snow-Free?
  45. BEND: CX Film this Thursday during COTA Movie Night @ McMenamins
  46. U.B.I Ashland
  47. How fast does Cascade 100 fill up?
  48. Superconnector trail map? (Road 44)
  49. Ashland's most wanted
  50. COTA: Biketoberfest - Saturday Oct 19th
  51. Sandy Ridge Still Open during gub'mint shutdown???
  52. Found keys near top of Ashland Super-D run
  53. Possible move to Bend
  54. Sandy when wet?
  55. Bend trails. I'm thinking of a reconnaissance mission.
  56. Any schools in Oregon with good cycling programs?
  57. Bend trail suggestions for weekday morning rides with dogs
  58. CX Riding in Bend/Redmond/Sisters area
  59. govt shut lets poach some pct
  60. Kudos Bend Mt Bikers
  61. Hoodriver Tours?
  62. Mckenzie river trail.
  63. Bend: COTA fall work event schedule. Come out and help your trails.
  64. Anyone up for meeting at Thrillium and doing some shuttling this Friday?
  65. Shout out to OBRA for a great season!
  66. Ride Report - Fuji Mountain
  67. Crown Zellarbach Vernonia to Scappoose & Back 9.20.13
  68. Moving to Oregon, which would you choose and why....
  69. Best trail to ride in Ashland
  70. Where to live in Bend????
  71. Ride Report - The Sawtooth Struggle
  72. New COTA signage at Phils... hmmmm
  73. Found Wallet on marvins
  74. RD 44 superconnector?
  75. Sandy Ridge trail fest start?
  76. BEND: COTA Movie @ McMenamins 9/19 - NotBad & Tom Ritchey Double Feature!
  77. Post Canyon?
  78. Mckenzie river trail out & back
  79. Oregon Coast Gravel Epic
  80. Bend Visit 9/21
  81. Upper Met-Win conditions?
  82. Flagline Options
  83. Oregon Enduro finals @ ski bowl. What happened?
  84. 2013 Fat 55. Who's in?
  85. Not another tire thread!
  86. How come no one ever talks about our 400+ miles of singletrack in La Grande?
  87. Bend Trails - Rigtht of Way Rant
  88. Video of Mt Bachelor Bike Park
  89. Northfork to Flagline (Mrazek???)
  90. *Warning* - MRT trail running race this Saturday
  91. Waldo Lake and Twins Something or Other
  92. Gateway Green fundraiser
  93. South Fork Rant
  94. Seeking Trail Designer/Builder.
  95. Mt. St. Helens/Smith Crk. Maps & Directions Needed
  96. Powell Butte(PB) and Forest PArk(FP) Tire Recommendations.
  97. Bend Trails - Wasps?
  98. Mt. Hood Suveyors Ridge Parking - Fire closure - Got fined
  99. Bike rentals in Ashland?
  100. Hells Canyon
  101. Toddler Friendly Bike trails on Mt Hood
  102. Corvallis, looking for a trail boss..
  103. Paging Snake Muesla
  104. First time in Bend
  105. ashland area
  106. Road 44 trails open yet?
  107. Sandy Solution
  108. 5th Annual NWTA Trail Fest
  109. Eastside Bend trails?
  110. Any trails up near Pine Mountain Observatory?
  111. Anyone interested in riding Mckenzie River Trail and/or Oakridge this Weds/Thurs 8/28
  112. IMBA Regional Summit. Oct 11-12 in Oakridge
  113. Oregon coast
  114. Anyone interested in shuttling Thrillium this Friday 8/23?
  115. LOST: Crank Bros Multi-Tool left at the top by the sign at Sandy Ridge
  116. 24 hours of whiskeytown / whiskeytown nine to five, oct 5 & 6
  117. LOST & FOUND: Garmin on Rd 41 at Tylers Traverse
  118. Bend Area - Tires
  119. 12 day road trip suggestions
  120. Bend Enduro Riders
  121. Trails close to Skamania lodge
  122. A list of all mtb races in oregon
  123. New Cloverpatch/Alpine trail connector trail?
  124. Longest/tallest continuos climb in Oregon?
  125. Bend Area Riding Labor Day Weekend
  126. looking for trails to ride, Grants Pass Oregon
  127. Need help in renting a room in Eugene Oregon
  128. Bend or Bust!!
  129. Waldo/Charlton/Lemish Conditions
  130. In the news
  131. NO fire smoke in Oakridge
  132. Burma Peak Dallas, OR
  133. Camping in Bend?
  134. Northwest Fat Bikers Annual Ocean Shores Group Ride/Meet
  135. Powell Butte
  136. Mt. Bachelor DH Bike Park Opening in September 2013
  137. Has anybody rode here? Black Canyon Rd
  138. I know, I know.....Bend assistance, please. But they're good questions, I promise!
  139. Gales Creek - Storey Burn loop recommendations?
  140. North Umpqua Trail
  141. Mckenzie River Shuttle Fri
  142. Where to ride & remote camp this weekend?
  143. Any good riding in the Hood River area?
  144. Scappoose Fire closure
  145. Where to ride near I-5
  146. Any pics from hospital trail in White Salmon Wa.
  147. Tour suggestions
  148. Vehicle hire in Portland for carrying bikes
  149. Coming to PDX for the weekend..
  150. BEND: COTA Movie @ McMenamins 8/15 - Reveal The Path
  151. Best Place to list Bike Stuff for Sale in OR?
  152. Dutchman to Sisters on MTW
  153. Looking for riding group/partner familiar with Ashland/G.P. trails
  154. High Prarie trail conditions?
  155. Hood River riding 8/10 - 8/11
  156. Moving to Portland...
  157. Looking for Riding Partner: (1) Aug 5th @ McKenzie River (2) Aug 7th @ N. Umpqua
  158. Portland needs a bike park
  159. Oregon State University incoming transfer.
  160. Ride Report - Mt Saint Helens (Ape Canyon / Plains of Abraham)
  161. please recommend a few S240 trip ideas around Albany/Corvallis area?
  162. Lost Garmin 500 at Sandy...
  163. accommodations near bend
  164. Whoopdee/Hospital Hill Closing
  165. Gateway Green - Portland
  166. Taking kids to Smith Rock this week - What trails?
  167. Texas rider looking for trail info in the lebanon,or. area
  168. You're in Government Camp, where do you ride?
  169. Bend needs a bike park
  170. Sandy Ridge new video and press release from IMBA
  171. Where Exactly is "Middle GP" at Post Canyon?
  172. Where to camp near Roseburg
  173. Cold Creek Mountain Bikers Experience 2013
  174. Annual NWTA Field Trip
  175. North Umpqua Trail
  176. Lost on Falls Creek
  177. Whypass (Lorane, OR) trail closures 7/23/2013
  178. Any bike swaps in the PNW in August?
  179. Looking for good creek or lake for overnighter w/kids
  180. Post Canyon Tomorrow
  181. HelensFest IV this weekend
  182. Looking for the person that was interested in trading a CX bike for my OnOne HT
  183. Steens Mountain
  184. Looking for someplace to practice drops and skinnies in the Portland area.
  185. Two weeks in Oregon. Where to ride?
  186. I know, not possible, but I swear I saw a Wolverine on Skyliners just north of Phil's
  187. Mt. Hood area trails info
  188. Help with directions to Burma Peak System?
  189. FOUND: Multi-Tool on Trail 158 at Post Canyon Yesterday Sat 7/20
  190. Freeride near Bend?
  191. Coos and Curry county riders, Check in!
  192. Tire pressure - Bend
  193. Lewis River / Quartz Creek conditions?
  194. Bend rides, partners, guides, shuttle?
  195. Oregon Outback
  196. Found: Sunglasses on Flagline Tie
  197. Oregon Riders - your input requested
  198. Any beginner/intermediate trails in Portland area?
  199. Ride Report - Crater Lake Rim Ride
  200. Road 19 (Aufderheide) closures/work
  201. Ashland Weather in September/October?
  202. Stolen bike alert: Santa Cruz Bronson, tennis ball yellow, small
  203. Tail recomendation for young rider?
  204. Coming soon to Bend
  205. Anybody want to shuttle North Umpqua this Friday?
  206. Any riding in Seaside, OR
  207. Bachelor Loop (MW/Lava Edison)
  208. McDonald-Dunn trails, Corvallis
  209. Rat Pac - Cle Elum, Washington
  210. Next COTA meeting- Slide show program
  211. Mt. Bachelor to Bend: guide or map?
  212. Monmouth--and not a freerider. Where to ride.
  213. Just acquired a Kestrel CSX
  214. Met/Win towards Hosmer lake trail conditions?
  215. Does Bend have year-round riding?
  216. Should I pack some fishing gear? going to MRT, NUT, Bend, Oakridge
  217. Radlands
  218. Favorite Neighborhoods in Bend
  219. New trails open at Sandy Ridge - "Follow the Leader" and "Flow Motion" - July 2013
  220. O'Leary and King-Castle/Castle Rock
  221. PDX - Fatbikes
  222. MBO - Mountain Bike Oregon July and August
  223. Know any shops that stock MRP chain guides in So Oregon?
  224. Waldo status
  225. Umatilla Rim cross post from WA forum: Ride it....
  226. Mountain Bike Rentals Near Decent Trails?
  227. Where to go in Oregon? Cliché dense forest trails?
  228. Bandon area rides?
  229. Bike Position for Power and Speed: free talk in Bend this friday night
  230. A couple quick ride reports - King Castle / Castle Rock and Flat Creek / Salmon Creek
  231. Bend Subaru Outside Games
  232. Manzanita area riding?
  233. you guys should check out The Hub bike shop in Bend...
  234. Must ride trails in a week's time
  235. 2 COTA Chainsaws stolen
  236. Goods in the Hood TR (mid-May)
  237. Seeking info about Taylor Creek Trail network (Near Grants Pass)
  238. waldport Or Trails
  239. Coming to ride the MRT, where to go afterwards?
  240. A small change at the bottom of Falls Creek
  241. First ride in Bend!
  242. A few details for Riverview, Lake Oswego/Portland, OR
  243. high cascades
  244. Camping options besides Tumalo?
  245. Ashland trail info?
  246. Where to ride in Bend?
  247. Southern Oregon MTB groups?
  248. Freemont Trail Conditions?
  249. Gunsight Ridge trail beta 6/13
  250. BEND: COTA Movie @ McMenamins 6/20 - Ride The Divide