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  1. Marathon Nationals training plan
  2. How to improve fitness for beginner rider in limited riding area.
  3. USAC drug testing
  4. Specialized Brain on Pavement
  5. Trek TOP fuel rsl 2017 or Scott spark 900 rc sl 2017
  6. what would make racing more attractive to your non-racer mtb friends?
  7. Progression In Workouts For A Given Power Level
  8. What is your cycling discipline hierarchy?
  9. Looking for suggestions on an interactive trainer
  10. Catharine's take on dropper post
  11. New XC race in Squamish, BC - The Spakwus 50
  12. Race strategies: power management
  13. Interesting read about Roland Green.
  14. What should I be doing now?
  15. Help a n00b buy first trainer and start winter training
  16. Outdoor Performance in Cold Weather
  17. Losing a little weight
  18. Turkish getup, unable to do the first half at bodyweight only
  19. High reps squats. What's the benefit?
  20. Has anyone tried the XT 8000 Stages or XT 8000 4iii MTB power meter?
  21. Interval Training Thread, Winter 2017
  22. A2 Milk or No Milk?
  23. 2017 Winter Base Training thread
  24. Maybe Base Training Need Not be Annual?
  25. Max Heart Rate, Altitude and Iron Deficiency
  26. Anyone have max force/torque info?
  27. Group mtb rides with high intensity negating hours of base training?
  28. XPost Drivetrain: Chain and Cassete replacement
  29. Roadracer to XC Racing - Fork Upgrade
  30. For Power Meter user's or those thinking of getting one
  31. Trainer
  32. Gym Routines?
  33. Race season is over, do you run the heavier "training" or trail tire?
  34. XC Plus Race Bike thoughts...
  35. Lightweight Tires and low psi: Cat2 perspective
  36. Iceman 2016 | Who all is going?
  37. How Much Training for 100 Mile?
  38. Need help...
  39. What's the Pedal of Choice Nowadays (for racing)?
  40. Offseason training
  41. Wife says i'm too skinny.
  42. Rim Width for XC Racing?
  43. Trek Top Fuel 9.8 SL vs Cannondale Scalpel Si Carbon 2
  44. Base miles- Trainer vs. Road
  45. Training with purpose
  46. Power maths question
  47. Fastest 29er tire?
  48. High intensity trainining (VO2 Max) - Demotivation
  49. Mountain bike training vs. road riding training.
  50. Training plan tips
  51. XC Race Bike Manufactures
  52. New Bike 4 Weeks Before Big Race. Okay?
  53. CycleOps PowerSync/PowerBeam, Virtual Training, and Zwift
  54. Left leg weak so how'd the PM report 50/50 balance?
  55. Niner RKT, Trek Top Fuel, Cannondale Scalpel Si
  56. AHR vs MHR during a race
  57. New bike?
  58. How can I overcome disadvantage as a smaller racer?
  59. Stages Power Meter Calibration Questions
  60. New bike or new fork?
  61. CycleOps Fluid Trainer has ZERO resistance..
  62. Warming up before a Race/ Strategy for a steep hill
  63. How to train for big hills during winter?
  64. Power meter 20 minute TT effort: flats + uphill okay? Or pick one?
  65. Which is a better cross country bike?
  66. Stages PM compatibility
  67. Training during the season
  68. What to do the 2 days before a race ? what about stretching/yoga ?
  69. Weights and weight training
  70. Time off/ Off season...what to do?
  71. Issues with training starting later in day. How are your energy levels?
  72. Ohio xc series
  73. Focused training on cardio endurance
  74. When to move up classes?
  75. Braking Power Meter
  76. Help me move to the expert class
  77. FTP up 50 watts, yet not any faster.
  78. 2017 MTB Nationals date/trail info.
  79. Much benefit to practicing on flats?
  80. 2017 World Cup Thread
  81. Starting/Finishing at the top?
  82. End of Season - what to do
  83. Training for repetitive, punchy climbs?
  84. Post Event Training Thoughts - Shenandoah 100
  85. New Member fellow racer with Canyon Lux
  86. Zone 2 training. Need to do long rides or..
  87. Starting Structured Training Mid-Season?
  88. Anyone have the KickR or KickR Snap?
  89. TVR Rally this weekend
  90. 1st race question about on bike nutrition.
  91. Bike specs of the top Rio XCO racers?
  92. First race this weekend
  93. how do you count the high intensity time % in polarized training?
  94. Will you see the the 2016 Rio Olympics XC Mountain Bike Racing result?
  95. recomendations for a well-vented helmet?
  96. Top Pros not racing the RS-1 in Rio. Why?
  97. Rio MTB TV schedule for Women's and Men's ? ( US Coverage)
  98. 2017 Laramie Enduro (More like an Epic) Set for July 29th
  99. First power meter purchase, am I missing anything?
  100. Mental Rehersal
  101. Do you change tires before a XC Race?
  102. Why is Todd Wells racing a Scott instead of a Specialized?
  103. Health Concerns from Training/Racing
  104. MTB Training Bible vs Cyclists Training Bible?
  105. So Peter Sagan Showed Up At My Race Last Night!
  106. Race my Age or Clydes? 1st race questions
  107. Thoughts on Fox 34 for XC/Marathon race bike?
  108. How Can Froome Go from Yellow to Getting Dropped in a Couple Weeks?
  109. Winning. What % is the rider and what % is the equipment? Please post your opinion!
  110. Dual Suspension on trainer
  111. Finding A Coach
  112. Need help with running mount and clipping in
  113. How do you train 4 weeks before a important race?
  114. 3 day/week training for a big ride
  115. What do you do different when racing in the rain?
  116. Best Cornering Tire Combo
  117. Will my bike handle it?
  118. Anybody give up road riding and still race well?
  119. advice for 24 hour races
  120. Interesting Read on Doping in World Cup XC
  121. All mountain bike during off season?
  122. Triple Peak Season
  123. DT Swiss OPM O.D.L xpost from shock and suspension
  124. Gold, Silver and Bronze
  125. Is it bad for a healthy person to exceed their theoretical max HR on a regular.....
  126. Do I Need to Increase My Top-End Power?
  127. Should I be reaching max HR more?
  128. Any GPS tracking problems with Garmin (520) when paired to Stages PM?
  129. Are Nationals (in Mammoth) online registration only?
  130. Bike Odyssey 2017 - XC Race Greece
  131. Please recommend an Android app for Race Timing
  132. Grippy front tires
  133. Hyperventilation
  134. XC Racing - HT or FS - Best Value
  135. Framed Bikes Seeks Applicants for Bike Team
  136. Category Conundrum
  137. Sharing functional threshold power (FTP)
  138. Thoughts on Focus 01e
  139. 2016 Trek Superfly 9.7 as a XC race bike?
  140. Need help with steeps
  141. Considering a XC race...
  142. Has anyone tried E*thirteen 9/44 11spd cassette?
  143. Injury Recovery Advice!
  144. First Race Today
  145. Carmichael LT and Climbing Repeats
  146. Rim options?
  147. Stages PM Closeout sale
  148. FS XC bike as the main MB?
  149. Rank the most critical elements to race preparation
  150. Wheel changes from hell
  151. First race
  152. hot weather tips?
  153. Maxxis Minion SS tires
  154. Tapering by TSS
  155. Anybody Try Garmin Varia Vision for Racing?
  156. Glucosamine suppliments
  157. Teeth Friendly Carb Drinks?
  158. xc racing is lame
  159. Performance Enhancing Drugs
  160. Training Victories?
  161. What upgrades to do
  162. Reasonable goals for older racers
  163. Conga line etiquette
  164. smaller rotor = better modulation?
  165. beginners not using their front brakes!
  166. Stem / Bars / Dropper Recommendations for XC?
  167. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) improves muscle performance?
  168. Anybody here using 4iii?
  169. How much time is lost to braking?
  170. Trail worthy XC bike... or race worthy trail bike
  171. first race of the year: how was it?
  172. back to training after the crud...
  173. has Strava made you faster?
  174. is racing a rigid bike with plus tires a bad idea for 1st timer?
  175. Direct-Mount spider powermeters?
  176. Training and racing with power meter
  177. Redbull tv feedback
  178. Building Muscle Endurance
  179. Woman racer needed for 18 Hours of Fruita
  180. Mont-Tremblant?
  181. Heartrate / Power
  182. Ned Overend Training Theories...
  183. I got a 1st today, good day!
  184. Mountain Biking Vs. Running
  185. How is racing for a old newbie?
  186. TSS guesstimate for Golden Cheetah from HR only data
  187. FTP Training at Low Cadence for Singlespeed Racing?
  188. SRM vs Power2Max (110/60)
  189. Questioning the Effectiveness of Structured Training
  190. Next Crest replacment!
  191. Timing systems
  192. Motor Doping...It's here!
  193. The Carmichael TCC training...
  194. Pedal based powermeter
  195. I managed a 3rd racing today
  196. Professional XC racing, where are the Asians and the Americans?
  197. Oval chainrigs
  198. Ideas to fix torn carbon from bottom of shoes
  199. spin class alternative
  200. Bike Days Solothurn
  201. Dropper Post
  202. 5 months to build the form of a lifetime. Where to start?
  203. First XC race in 20 years.
  204. Is there to long warmup?
  205. Dropped Chains and 1x...
  206. Team relay race: How many laps per stint?
  207. Respritory trainers with asthma?
  208. Enduromtbtraining?
  209. Race start tips for beginner.
  210. xc race carbon frame rec?
  211. XCM/XCO World Cup Equipment...
  212. Need hints and plans for completing a difficult race (suntop 50)
  213. Best Water Bottle?
  214. Requirements for Zwift
  215. Scoring / Timing Software
  216. Highschool Racer Looking for New Rig
  217. When to start worrying about 'lean mass' loss?
  218. Best XC race and/or marathon tyres?
  219. Factoring Weights/Climbing into TrainingPeaks training regimen
  220. Good Places to Ride XC
  221. Any of you race guys use clutch derailleurs?
  222. Anybody racing 29+ or 27.5+?
  223. Determining single-speed gearing for race
  224. General Training Advice
  225. XC racing - NEW Feed Zone solution for un-supported riders
  226. Ok for the techies, how long it takes to lower a high CTL
  227. seat post mounted bottle cage that wont loose bottle
  228. Friel's Workout Menu vs. VO2Max/Anaerobic/Neuromuscular Power Levels
  229. where/would this weekends Bonelli Park Kenda Cup video be online?
  230. what do you like for a seat bag? (tube, tools)
  231. Bonelli Park MTB Coverage?
  232. Coast or Pedal Downhill Followed by Uphill
  233. any of you racing a rigid bike?
  234. FTP testing...preferred way to test?
  235. Making mountains outta nohills
  236. Time for New Race Shoes
  237. Reduce leg pump?
  238. What helmet for racing 2016
  239. Mental Side of Racing
  240. Pre / Post Race Items?
  241. Do some people race xc on a 120 mm or longer travel 29er mtb?
  242. VO2 Max Intervals -- Lower HR During Subsequent Intervals?
  243. Overtraining
  244. XC experimental training/theories
  245. XC Bikes and Boost....
  246. Front ring 1X, training, racing and cadence...
  247. Goal Setting for new/developing/non-elite racers?
  248. Half my training will be inside. Trainer Road or Zwift??
  249. Chains; what do you like for racing?, any kmc users?
  250. CO2 for XCO - "pre-pierce", partial thread, or ???