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  1. Can a flatter saddle help you lower your handlebar for better XC pedaling power?
  2. Diet bombs
  3. TSS and fatigue level
  4. 2018 World Cup XCO XCM Equipment (2019 regular racer) Thread
  5. Low cadence high force training
  6. Long ride target for base training.
  7. Over endulging: Post ride eating
  8. Winter elliptical training.
  9. No more Sworks tires?
  10. Some ideas for roller training:
  11. Maintaining speed for 2nd lap - how to do it?
  12. Converting old training plans HR zones to Power zones
  13. Elite skill set part two
  14. Basketball and Bike Racing
  15. Selling my 2018 epic hardtail size small
  16. Bike Trainer Advice
  17. Post-2010 Workout Music!
  18. Cyclops Trainer warranty is a joke. Lifetime does not really mean lifetime.
  19. 6 ways to make your base training better
  20. Annual hours
  21. upgrade my old f29 RL 32 to this less old Sid xx wc?
  22. Sorry to do this: Revolver vs Top Fuel vs 429sl
  23. 32t or 34T chainring for 1x10 XC setup?
  24. Combining cx and xc racing.
  25. How important/helpful is a high-end fork on an XC hardtail vs a fully?
  26. Single speed xc racing frames
  27. Help with 2018 Trg Plan (More Power)
  28. Stages power meter on SC Tallboy 3
  29. KTM XC Bike
  30. Upgrade dilemma...is it worth it?
  31. XC season approaching, needing advice
  32. New XC FS race bikes with Threaded bottom brackets?
  33. Junior world champ: new school bike, old school setup
  34. Best 120mm XC-trail suspension fork
  35. Lifting and Riding - Finding balance?
  36. Looking for guidance into the racing part of mtb
  37. When to Ride or Rest when sick?
  38. Elite level XC skill set
  39. Ritchey pedals
  40. Is FTP dead?
  41. Look/KEO road cleats with two hole mountain soles?
  42. Total Training (Rouvy) Rides
  43. XC race gearing
  44. Offseason For The Masters Cyclist
  45. How many days to take off?
  46. Cheaper alternatives to 2018 Epic with similar relaxed XC geometry?
  47. TrainerRoad for a 100k MTB/Gravel race?
  48. Anyone Have Ideas on Enduro Training
  49. Looking for 27.2 dropper
  50. Optimum seatpost angle?
  51. Training Peaks 25% off
  52. Thinking about a trainer but have some questions
  53. 2-position vs 3-position remote lockout
  54. Theragun
  55. Pulling your dropper off
  56. Wahoo KICKR SNAP Trainer & tire wear
  57. XC bar widths?
  58. Off Season & Recovery
  59. Water bottle cages -
  60. Telescoping Stem So GF Can Use My Smart Trainer?
  61. 2018 sid
  62. Front tire performance vs size
  63. Help Picking Out Heart Rate Monitor
  64. How to train for professional XC race - base period
  65. Training with a smart trainer. Tell me what you do.
  66. New Trainer Part Not Included Help!
  67. Fork offset
  68. Anybody care to share thier off season training plan?
  69. PUSH Industries tune on XC race bike?? Yeti ASR
  70. Aggressive XC wet root/rock tires for i29 rims
  71. Pivot 429sl
  72. Flat bars or low rise
  73. 27.5" HardTail advice
  74. FS vs. HT - thoughts after a season on FS
  75. Feeling KROSS
  76. Bontrager Kovee XXX TLD carbon wheels - thoughts?
  77. TSS and Tapering Question
  78. which 2.3-2.4 tire for a 35mm rim
  79. Zwift hardware options for flat screen tv
  80. Matching tire set
  81. Carbon Bars and Bar Ends
  82. XC Fork
  83. Go Nuts Biking 2018 USA Cycling Regional Championship Series
  84. 2018 XC World Cup Thread
  85. larger xc pedal = more power transfer?
  86. "New geometry" very diff. trail numbers
  87. Time To High-Level Fitness
  88. Todd Wells Retiring..
  89. Thoughts on the new XXC short course prelude to the XCO race at World Cups
  90. Training plan for a ex TTer doing XCMs
  91. Beer/Alcohol and training
  92. Racing/riding and blood pressure medicine
  93. Master's, what kind of training do you have planned for the off season?
  94. benefits of mtb training on a cx bike
  95. should I have protested?, winner got lost but finished first
  96. Titanium FS race bike?
  97. Single Pivot Race bikes
  98. Thinking of an indoor trainer...help!
  99. First time race questions
  100. Weight fluctuation
  101. Podcast and Blog suggestions
  102. Stages took a hit, now won't calibrate "properly".
  103. When should I get a FS bike?
  104. Commuting sabotaging training??
  105. Power meter w universal fit?
  106. epic vs spark rc?
  107. Getting cheap bike for trainer
  108. Maxxis Tire for loose over hardpack
  109. Tire width and wheel diameter.
  110. Race Attire
  111. Anyone race on 29+?
  112. First race advice needed - Breckenridge Fall Classic
  113. Taking the plunge
  114. How to train the rest of the year
  115. New race bike with more agility
  116. Your race bike: 2.5 pounds diff a deal breaker?
  117. Training advice
  118. Dropper Posts
  119. Bike opinions needed
  120. Is anyone making podium in flat pedals?
  121. Get rid of road bike power meter since smart trainer has one?
  122. Best Inexpensive XC Tires for MS/HS riders
  123. Quickie about rest days.
  124. keeping power/vertical jump when training for XC racing
  125. Learning Proper Cornering Technique
  126. Managing asthma, medications, and adverse reactions when racing
  127. Glacier 360 Review?
  128. XC training on XC hardtail better on lower back than FS trailbike?!
  129. Is there "type" of terrain you are weakest on, and how do you train or minimize loss?
  130. Neuromuscular "cracking" during interval training
  131. Pros Cons of pivotless seatstay suspensions (Kona Fuse, Felt FAST, Orbea Occam/Oiz...
  132. Book Discussion: Maximum Overload- I am kinda lost- anyone following this plan?
  133. Pre race warm up
  134. Oxygen content of humid air vs altitude.
  135. Does anyone know of any telemetry from XCO races?
  136. Ibis Ripley OG speed vs other xc
  137. Few questions about LTHR, anaerobic threashold etc.
  138. 30 Day Test Of Trainer Road.
  139. Difference between course open for training and officially open for training?
  140. Xc shoes
  141. Variability of HR Zones depending on conditions?
  142. Category's equivalencies between my country and the norm
  143. Bike Odyssey 2018 - XC Race Greece
  144. Best Bike Upgrade path
  145. Recommendations for smart trainer please
  146. minimum necessary to do a race?
  147. Does anyone wax (their chain)?
  148. Pierre's Hole 50K transfer up for grabs
  149. Easton Heist wheels
  150. Foot care
  151. USAC MTB XC Nationals
  152. Upcoming Race - Seeking Tire Advice
  153. 2017 XC Nats Snowshoe..whos going and whats your set up
  154. Downieville XC spot available
  155. Tuning suspension for climbing efficiency in races
  156. HR While Descending
  157. Airport Fitness
  158. Is it worth getting some some 29" race wheels for my 27.5+ bike?
  159. Brakes
  160. Workout.Plan B
  161. Another which XC race bike thread
  162. Under Desk Excercise Bike?
  163. Beginner Question re: XC training and racing
  164. Powermeter on MTB & Cross Bike
  165. Marathon Worlds
  166. Poop Doping
  167. cat 3 -> 2 upgrade thoughts?
  168. Ardent Race 2.2@772g v. 2.35@786g (in packaging)?
  169. Stages + ELEMNT tip
  170. who here rides a Bulls?
  171. Effect of commute on training
  172. I'm thinking Zwift even though snow/ice 6 months away. Your input from last winter??
  173. advice for my daughters bike build; kids race bike
  174. Fox 32sc Rebound Knob (removable?)
  175. Wider Rims
  176. First time getting serious - What can I expect?
  177. remote lockout and Horst Link for xc racing and marathons still a half-assed answer?
  178. Finding lactic threshold on the trail
  179. 4iiii precision road speed comparison
  180. Do you ever.
  181. The 2 Tire Quiver
  182. 2017 XC World Cup Thread V2.0
  183. How to hold back first lap
  184. Optimal hip angle for max power delivery in xc?
  185. Forward seating
  186. Ridin High at the Susanville Ranch?
  187. does your hardtail ever make your feet hurt?
  188. Training guidance please
  189. Post Race Analysis - Advice Needed
  190. BMX training for XC
  191. The Death of XC?
  192. Question r/t Training and Timing for AWC (W') Power
  193. Performance Manager Observations
  194. Pre race jitters
  195. Tuning fork with tokens
  196. Help with race strategy
  197. Catherine Pendrel's Oiz
  198. Pollen and tiredness / weakness
  199. Short Race Training Question
  200. How do *you* do *your* interval training?
  201. Endurance maintenance
  202. XC racing on a hardtail with 120 mm fork?
  203. Smart trainer recommednation
  204. Cracked carbon rim, what should I get?
  205. Specialized Epic and Stages Power Meters
  206. Kokopelli 100 - $50k to average 19.7mph over 103 miles, possible?
  207. Raced... now have 2 weeks
  208. Slowest race ever
  209. Power, cadence and HR data analysis--which sites or software?
  210. Training on bike vs trainer
  211. who's racing on a specialized epic?
  212. XC fork for a hardtail
  213. Focus Raven
  214. Guidance for novice racer.
  215. Finally at 4W/Kg...first half of the season done...and more!!! How bout you?
  216. Anyone racing xc on a Santa Cruz 5010?
  217. One-up converter
  218. Help getting back to training & racing XC. Current FTP #'s from a Time Trial
  219. New XC Droppers (9point8, KS, Specialized)
  220. Where to set FTP and w/kg goals coming off a low base?
  221. Trainer bike...
  222. Congrats to You Early Season Racers!
  223. How to deal with doping
  224. First FTP Test
  225. 2019 Masters Marathon Nationals Location
  226. overtraining syndrome
  227. Looking for a good racing rim
  228. Racing in your 30's vs 20's
  229. RaceFace Cinch Power Meter Spindle
  230. Confused. I dont know if im in shape or not lol
  231. Chinese carbon bars?
  232. Sore saddle and numb hands on trainer
  233. Worth upgrading shoes?
  234. Thoughts on bar height
  235. any experience with Quarq dzero powermeter? GXP vs. BB30?
  236. Any MJ racers out there?
  237. Bottle cage that won't lose bottles in a race?
  238. My 1 Minute Power Sucks
  239. Knob Lopping
  240. Anyone running 27 mm ID wheels
  241. GCN tests Road, CX, & MTB on cobbles
  242. Discussion: Saddle position / Angle - whats your take?
  243. Are baggies slower????
  244. where is the coverage on XCT Pro Cup?
  245. Increase in cramp frquency
  246. Help/Halp: Targeted Training for Hand Fatigue
  247. What does it mean? FTP/Lower HR
  248. Training advice: How to handle scheduled workout on C race week
  249. Anyone see this before? I need help please :)
  250. XC bike options for my wife