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  1. Training Log
  2. need advice on improving the endurance of the backs of my legs
  3. Front Brakes
  4. The Downside of Trainer Intervals
  5. Question anyone here knows link to
  6. power improvements
  7. that karma ran over someone's dogma: ride report [pics]
  8. Chest tightness the day after long or intense rides
  9. Flat Bars vs Riser Bars
  10. Light front wheel during steep climb
  11. need a little nutrition advice
  12. Race Week Workouts = Confusion
  13. recovery suggestions from wrecks needed
  14. What bike to use for road training
  15. Power/weight ratios
  16. Wheelie drop
  17. How long before you training takes effect?
  18. Hill or Interval training for racing?
  19. Fast Start Workouts and Techniques
  20. Been sick this week, race next week...
  21. Hill Climbing Techniques
  22. my hairy ass cheeks?
  23. Tricky section - advice?
  24. Is there any danger to using an old drink mix...
  25. What wheels would you buy if...
  26. Soar muscles
  27. Days off and /or tapering before events
  28. Glucosamine (& etc.) Deal
  29. Water consumption the day before and day of ride
  30. xc race - camelbak?
  31. Severe Cramping while racing, What causes and what can be done to prevent this?
  32. Lightedheaded and Good Fitness?
  33. 170mm or 175mm?
  34. xc race: how much to carry on saddle bag
  35. And then I hit the descent: and early week race report (pics)
  36. help with heart rate zone
  37. training partners are awsome ...
  38. Nutrition guru's requested
  39. Treatment for chronic jock itch?
  40. Max Heart Rate. I must have a Diesel Engine
  41. Need to stop panting
  42. Racing ettiquite?
  43. Using hamstring muscles
  44. How long does it take for a power gel to kick in?
  45. Can you get and stay "race fit" on a MT bike??
  46. Gu/Power Gel Question.
  47. Is there anything I can do that will help by May 23rd?
  48. need basic training plan, am mucho confused
  49. Am I unsportsmanlike?
  50. Interval improvement?
  51. Anyone here going to race in the Heartland Race?
  52. Whats more important: power or stamina?
  53. Strategy/Training for run ups
  54. Getting short of breath when exercising
  55. Training with a broken rib
  56. RR: Tour of Canyonlands
  57. Another Knee Pain Question......
  58. Just posted a race report
  59. cure for tight hamstring?
  60. Is there anything you would add to my work out?
  61. A side from learning a course.....
  62. No Sea Otters in SC - Tiger Rag Race Rept
  63. Endurance Training - semi Morris related
  64. Weight training for the really hard core
  65. How are the Friel and Morris books different?
  66. What are good pre-riding meals
  67. Overtrained?
  68. LT and VO2 max results. Am I at the end of my rope?
  69. What tire for Michaux this weekend?
  70. Another Big Gear/Small Gear Question
  71. Having pains
  72. Does pushing a bigger gear make you faster?
  73. Weight loss and gain
  74. Love gone Bad: A true confession
  75. 6 miles in 50 min....
  76. I've noticed.......
  77. What's up with Roland?
  78. Would stress and depession make me slower?
  79. Balance on laders and tetter totters
  80. cramping inner thigh muscle, suggestions?
  81. Trouble riding technical terrain w/69 degree headtube?
  82. Locking muscle spasms...Any doctors around!
  83. Breathing Probs and Long Rides
  84. Mt. Snow Registration and Info Online!
  85. Blue Marsh on Sunday, Conditions?
  86. Bike fit
  87. Training-what time logged on a MTB is equivalent to time on a road bike?
  88. XCFS, Roadie, or Power Meter?
  89. Epic calorie burns (repost)
  90. Belated Tsali KnobScorcher race report (pics!!)
  91. Need a number or idea, how much to
  92. Cross-post-Race next week, which class should I enter?
  93. Is this normal? Morris related...
  94. Favorite Intervals!
  95. How many Interval Sessions Weekly???
  96. Vo2max HR vs LT HR ?
  97. At what point can I start doing intervals?
  98. No Man's Land....
  99. Trials vs MTB
  100. Captain Thurmond's Challange (New River Gorge)
  101. Who's Racing in the MASS on Saturday?
  102. The Unbearable Look of Unshaved Legs!
  103. experiences with rolfing
  104. Sportsmanship...
  105. What it's like to race when your sick
  106. Bikeresults.com
  107. Looking for team members for MASS
  108. What to do to get better at starts...
  109. Need your best MTB skills drills
  110. Help Me!!!!
  111. Need Advice - Longer Ride
  112. alternative water bottle mounting
  113. Race questions
  114. Question for Morris addicts.
  115. The Godfather Workout
  116. Things that rock & things that suck: Chickasaw Trace race rept (pics galore!)
  117. Xc Ht Wt?
  118. Re: suggestions for mtb weight workout
  119. Knobscorcher
  120. Optimal Recovery Time
  121. Morning Ride = Low Self Esteem
  122. Accelerade in camelback?
  123. any one having trouble finding time to
  124. Training for first race?
  125. numb-feet-itis?
  126. Riding After Critical Injuries
  127. Racing through a cold virus
  128. Block Training Question
  129. "Walking" technique while climbing
  130. MASS Race #1
  131. weightlifting for strength
  132. Eating during endurancerides
  133. ? Surgeon for non union clavical (NorCal) ?
  134. Moving from sport to expert?
  135. Polar 7201 anyone?
  136. HR zones for all out efforts.
  137. training to hard......??
  138. LT training question?
  139. Help my knee
  140. What to do after the Morris phases
  141. Stretching is worth 1 gear and other lessons learned this year
  142. Greg Minnaar & Kyle Strait Training Camp
  143. Anyone use HR to track daily/weekly workload??
  144. pain in the neck....literally
  145. spinning?
  146. my computer is telling me that my top speed from todays ride is
  147. Chickasaw Trace Classic / SERC #2...
  148. Tire Selection for Moab race
  149. How can you train your body to help it recover quicker?
  150. Feel great on the roadie and then go to the MTB and it all feels slow
  151. Stressed legs; It happens every March..........
  152. "Favourite" indoor trainer workouts?
  153. SOBE Power
  154. Back to Old Ways
  155. Good provider of protein during and after excercise...
  156. Carbohydrate questions.....Xpost
  157. How long SMSP intervals should last for a Mountain biker?
  158. Morris Or Friel...or Both
  159. Early Season Racing Report, TX
  160. shoulder problems can any one help a brother out
  161. paging Radar MCM...
  162. free ride manual help
  163. Race and Training PSI
  164. Lessons & small victories Gainesville, FL race report
  165. Measured my LT - now what ?
  166. weight question, for a vegetarian
  167. What is the Morris Plan??
  168. Experimenting numbness in my left foot after long climbs...any ideas WHY?
  169. Working out the correct training mileage?
  170. Base Miles? :s
  171. Morris plan: how do you do MSP intervals
  172. Morris plan: feeling weird after rest week
  173. Complete MTBDoc Document
  174. In shape?
  175. ?Spinning vs MTB'ing?
  176. ??How to increase your leg strength??
  177. How necesary is weight training if starting late?
  178. Red Bull for Recovery?
  179. Taking a Tight Turn...
  180. ?'s on HR, trainers, weight-loss, and intervals
  181. does Mg make you slow?
  182. Powertap question...
  183. Racing...HT vs FS...perception?
  184. So where are you in your training/ Race ready
  185. saddle sore ... I guess
  186. hemacrit levels
  187. Does ENDUROX really work???
  188. What did you eat yesterday???
  189. Getting tired
  190. Shin Splints
  191. Weight Training for Newbie
  192. Relation of heart rate & heart size with regards to endurance of elite racers
  193. Burning!!!!!!!!!!!
  194. So. California riders-Where you at?
  195. Question on Morris' strength period
  196. First Race? What type?
  197. Putting on muscle
  198. Need Some Help Finding a Weight Set
  199. Mind Games while racing
  200. Saddle sores ...
  201. What should I do for XC races?
  202. whats best??
  203. Diet Question
  204. Tailbone problems
  205. Accomodating Morris plan to my season...help me please!
  206. Stretching
  207. Should i taper towards the first race of the season or wait for the first national?
  208. Have I been gone THIS LONG?!?!?
  209. What the hell's wrong w/ me??
  210. Question here!
  211. Any hypoglycemics out there ??
  212. If i, with an afro, race on a pink, y-frame urt bike will it get me noticed?
  213. Best time/method to burn fat
  214. Training and a hiatal Hernia...
  215. CycleOps Electric Power Trainer Reviewed
  216. I have the Special "K" pinch (any ideas?)
  217. I"VE CRACKED!! Bring on spring!!!!
  218. Interpreting a Wingate
  219. How to use Cadence
  220. Oy, my aching back & ******
  221. Training For Downhill Racing - Road or Cyclo-Cross Bike?
  222. Breathing
  223. Seat position for and aft?
  224. questions for any runners here
  225. When to Stop Lifting Before Endurance Race
  226. Resting Heart Rate
  227. Choosing a Trainer
  228. Longest amount of time on rollers/trainer?
  229. Im joining the gym. Whats the best work out for endurance racing?
  230. Log piles....Any advice??
  231. Indoor training tips, pleasew
  232. How many hours do you spend on your bike(s) in one week?
  233. Mary Jane
  234. should i see a doctor???
  235. Creatine for Biking?
  236. Training for hills
  237. Archilles tendonitis?
  238. Benefits of Cadence feature
  239. Winter (Cold) Weather HR
  240. MTBR Contest: Free 1upUSA Trainer!
  241. training for racing 1yr out
  242. Just Boots, That's All I Want
  243. Marathon & SS
  244. "Base Miles" before training - how many?
  245. Endurance Needs for Long Distance Race Question???
  246. Will wheelies, endos, small drop-offs, etc help with off-road technical skill?
  247. Is 30min on a bike enough to gain any benifits?
  248. Does adding weight to your bike make you train harder?
  249. Whats the minimal amount of sleep to help reovery?
  250. Sugar Junkies