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  1. How Much Funding Needed to Race Great Divide?
  2. what tires are you racing this season?
  3. Northeast Crew 2016 Racing schedule.
  4. Strava Training Load vs Garmin TSS
  5. Best Build Period training
  6. Power + HR Monitor question
  7. Watts happening here?
  8. Benefits of a dedicated XC bike?
  9. Training tips for dads with little ones
  10. Moving forward in February
  11. Lower Back Pain Limitations
  12. Used Cycleops Mag or Magneto
  13. Aging, TSS, Trainerroad and Training Peaks
  14. Planning my periods untill a race
  15. 2016 Tour of Sufferlandria
  16. Old/New racer, Need help between 2 hardtail choices!
  17. Trainer electronics ??
  18. Time machine....Best 26" FS race bikes from say 8 or so yrs ago.
  19. Stages x9 on XX1 GPX crank...QFactor issue
  20. Typical TSS of XC race?
  21. January check in
  22. Best pedaling suspension hrough roots/spider web roots
  23. 2016 Race Pictures!!!
  24. Wahoo trainers, which one?
  25. Book on Strategy
  26. Test of 20 minutes...
  27. Training problem...
  28. How to lose unnecessary muscle? (and other strange questions)
  29. Trek Fuel Ex vs Top Fuel (Position Question)
  30. Training loads/realities based on Cat/class/age
  31. Getting in my best riding shape
  32. Trainer progression workout
  33. Couple Race Newb Questions
  34. Singlespeed specific training/racing techniques,thoughts?
  35. Question about CAT I, age classes, distances....within your location/state series...
  36. Carmichael or Joe Friel...
  37. Weight gain during the off season
  38. Question for LMN, about what I think is the most daunting part of training
  39. What is faster?
  40. Tire changes for races?
  41. Root66/EFTA racers
  42. "Other" X-C race forks
  43. Where to begin for the year?
  44. cardio training conditioning tools for indoors
  45. Building towards a "period peak"?
  46. Training Suggetions
  47. Training location impacting results?
  48. Alternate way to add volume?
  49. Feeble
  50. Trainer, rollers, or both?
  51. 2016 World Cup Thread
  52. FTP Zone related question.
  53. Satori Smart/Garmin HR Monitor question?
  54. Trainer concern
  55. Slow enduro pro to backcountry XC contender? Training suggestions?
  56. warm arms = warm hands?
  57. Anyone try or have the Trixster X-dream virtual exercise bike?
  58. Interesting article on base training
  59. 2016 Race Bike Thread
  60. w/kg at FTP for Pro/Elite
  61. Scott Scale 29
  62. Yeti ASRC vs Epic World Cup/ Top Fuel/ etc
  63. Racing with a Fuel EX?
  64. Anyone race with monovision? Lasik, contacts or glasses
  65. Two-a-days?
  66. Canyon Exceed
  67. Maxis Ikon 3C/TR versus S-Works Fast Trak as a front tire for XC racing
  68. 2015 Full Suspension Racing Bike for under $2200?
  69. Whats your typical warm up?
  70. Junior racer trying to do anything possible to get faster
  71. What are your 2016 plans?
  72. Just sitting here eating capt N crunch amd watching WC races
  73. Power/HR zones not matching up....Custom HR zones?
  74. Training on heavier bike or with weights
  75. Off Season Training Questions
  76. Offset shock hardware!?
  77. Racing in the base building period
  78. Friel Zone 4 question (Z4 Power vs. Z4 HR)
  79. fall-winter-spring races/events
  80. Possible Watt/Kg
  81. Coach or Program?
  82. Warm-up before squats/leg presses
  83. Strava Premium Live Segments Worth It?
  84. Norco FS Revolver
  85. Junior W/Kg power to weight data
  86. Hi heart rate after a cold and a race this weekend
  87. Your 2016 "Training Camp": Location, Dates, Goals, etc.
  88. Training Question - Legs on Fire!
  89. Power Meters On All Bikes?
  90. Occam's Razor and training
  91. Paid Spam: FS SRAM Quarq XX1 Powermeter Crankset
  92. Wide rims, low tire pressures?
  93. What brakes are you racing on?
  94. is steel still real?
  95. Training at high vs. low altitude
  96. leg endurance
  97. Weight lifting and cycling?
  98. Just about had it with my SID xx WC
  99. Endurance Training
  100. Training up to a goal FTP
  101. Trainer Road Plans?
  102. Does anybody do strength training at home.
  103. 6 Hour Fueling Question
  104. Lack of progress
  105. how do you 'not' overshoot a corner on tight singletrack?
  106. Big Guy = Big Bike?
  107. Movies that get you PUMPED
  108. Effect of altitude on TSS/PMC?
  109. Seatpost Bottle Cage Mount - Help!
  110. Wide rims for XC racing
  111. Race radios
  112. Who uses suspension lockout while racing?
  113. 29er 142mm turbo trainer
  114. Recumbent for Base Miles
  115. anybody jump-rope as part of their routine?
  116. Sleep...
  117. Hot and humid races stomach problems
  118. Scheduling Recovery Weeks
  119. Trouble going hard (Low Heart Rate) during interval workouts compared to races
  120. Wet Weather Racing
  121. Rio 2016 Olympic BMX, I mean XC course...
  122. Do You Train For a Sprint Finish?
  123. Mtb q factor
  124. Max Heart Rate?
  125. Effects of smoking on race performance? (MMJ/CO specific?)
  126. Difficult commutes and training load
  127. U23 devo teams? I'm stranded
  128. Noob mistake: bonk!
  129. Quitting Coffee
  130. Power meter for MTB - Left leg only vs both sides
  131. Training intervals
  132. Is it worth it?
  133. 1x10 Options for XC HT
  134. Shimano Warranty Experience; What's a standard turn around?
  135. Dropper Posts
  136. first race back after collar bone break
  137. Variation on base training
  138. Did you go di2 for the pavement and did it show in your mtb results?
  139. Anyone done the Winter Park King of the Rockies Race?
  140. when do you shift, not talking cadence etc
  141. Stages Sram Power Meter Closeout
  142. Training Quads
  143. Rding like a big dog!
  144. Training advice / template?
  145. getting to the next level
  146. Garmin question: What info do you monitor on your race display?
  147. Off season training, gym, running?
  148. Early morning riding - training - can't get the legs - or the heart
  149. Race computer?
  150. Race course layout question
  151. Windham Race course
  152. MY Riding Buddy Lost His GPS Unit During the Downieville Cross Country Race
  153. Laramie Enduro entry for sale, only $50!!
  154. First Mountain Bike Race - Tips?
  155. looking for a good intermediate tire .
  156. Stages Power Meter Accelerometer Issues
  157. Training days
  158. amateur races
  159. help with amateur race
  160. Interval training question
  161. Hardtail technique
  162. X-C Cockpit/stem length set up on 29er for small woman
  163. Help me pick a fs race bike
  164. Anyone make a 26" tublar rim brake rim?
  165. Vitamin M is my one true god
  166. Formula for being lapped?
  167. Bike fit. Matching mtb ride to road.
  168. Help Interpret a Power Profiling Test
  169. PanAm thread
  170. Training\Riding with a HR Monitor+PM
  171. 27.5 XC wheels
  172. Performance Test Options
  173. Altium i10 - Altitude Training In A Can
  174. Advice on upgrading bike for XC racing
  175. Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge this Saturday
  176. XC Training as Alternative for Triathlons
  177. Stages Dura Ace Power Meter $450 Closeout
  178. 2015 ORAMM Course Pre-ride and Rookie Preview Videos
  179. Which bike for racing...
  180. Shoe my giant feet!
  181. How Often Do You Bust Your Rear Derailleur?
  182. Starting to Train... New Rider
  183. Racing and family/work/life balance..any tips
  184. New to racing, in need of tire help
  185. 2015 Black Bear Rampage is filling up!
  186. Pre-Base Training
  187. training to need only a short warm up?
  188. Looking for Youth Training drills and games.
  189. Help my first lap woes!!!?
  190. Fantastic Junior Performance - Any Comparisons
  191. How to Transition from Fast Straights to Turns
  192. Different Method to Increase "The Limit"?
  193. Xc vs am/trail fit
  194. seat post bottle cage that won't eject
  195. SportTracks Not Importing Speed Data from Garmin Connect
  196. 10-42 or 11-40?
  197. Holding a line during starts and doubletrack, and passing courtesy
  198. Best Online Training Tools
  199. What bar width you running?
  200. Strava Prem Questions on HR Zones\Freshness and Fitness
  201. How important is it to find the limit?
  202. New in the scene, weak racer
  203. same bike, diff specs. is the price difference worth it?
  204. Interval training?
  205. Passing etiquette during a race
  206. Finding a coach
  207. First XCO Race - Do you remember?
  208. Giant xtc Advanced 29er vs trek superfly for xc racing?
  209. Getting Serious
  210. Competitive cyclist xc bike fit - any good?
  211. noob questions about fatigue during a ride and what it means for training
  212. Interesting interview with Absalon
  213. anyone ditch their power meter and train on perceived effort the following season?
  214. 7 Watts Of Extra Power - Easy To Achieve?
  215. 27.5 or 29r for racing.....
  216. Current 29er XC Tire Options
  217. New to Biking in general
  218. 4 day a week training schedule
  219. Head for the Hills XC Race on Long Island
  220. How much fork travel for XC (am I losing power)?
  221. You don't need to drink to perform...
  222. how has your race season been going? any good finishes?
  223. new custom 650b..design around 100mm or 120mm
  224. Trainerroad Users: Anybody doing 8DC Challenge?
  225. XC racing tires with decsent sidewalls and
  226. Strava Suffer Score vs Training Load
  227. Need training advice to prepare to a 75km marathon XC race in October
  228. Super day at Marathon Nationals..
  229. MTB Power Meters
  230. Increasing Volume vs. Intensity
  231. what do i need to upgrade first - wheelset or drivetrain?
  232. Fast starts vs. full suspension?
  233. 2015 Marathon Nationals this Saturday..
  234. Help me get better with starting
  235. Returning to xc after 18 years
  236. Nose Breathing... is it possible thru full race?
  237. Sea Otter Cat 1 Race Report
  238. Beginner to Racing training program?
  239. Rothrock TrailMix June 13th
  240. What would you do in the run-up to a XC marathon event?
  241. First Race Report
  242. Anybody Race With S-Works Evade Helmet?
  243. Final Details for Nine2Five 2015 Released
  244. Nino Schurter Promo Video - The Hunt for Glory
  245. When to enter a race for first time
  246. Testing for LTHR
  247. Coughing and respitory distress after super hard workout or races.
  248. Why do my legs feel better late in a ride??
  249. Tapering
  250. Short XC Race Energy food