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  1. New cables & housing?
  2. What does the IS stand for in Mount Adator Rear IS?
  3. Moving from Avid 203mm to 200mm, do I need new mounts?
  4. Hayes mechanical disc brakes rubbing
  5. Newbie. Looking to upgrade brakes on 2012 Enduro Evo
  6. How to replace sram apex?
  7. Will Hope "floating" two-piece rotors work with Formula T1?
  8. brakes for big mountain
  9. Question about XT M785 lever reach adjustment
  10. Shimano XT Rear Brake Lever Soft
  11. MTBr Users: Caliper, Rotor & Pad Combonation List
  12. Magura MT-8 vs Formula R1
  13. Replacement Disk Brake Reservoir covers XT/SLX?
  14. Magura MT8 levers - newer version?
  15. Shimano M395 hydro howl/vibration
  16. Anyone used any of the new TRP road disc brakes on their drop bar MTB's?
  17. SRAM Matchmaker ??
  18. What type of Shimano Brake Adapters needed?
  19. Problem with disc brakes
  20. Used XTR 985 Race or New SLX
  21. Swapping the Ones for XT, do I need new post adaptors?
  22. Hope M4 Pad Clearance
  23. Brake Pad/Rotor Contact Area
  24. In search of new brake pads
  25. Shimano XTR metal brake pads less stopping power
  26. Trp hy/rd
  27. Only 2 balls in BB7 ? Missing one
  28. Shimano Brake Caliper Adapter Installation
  29. Hayes now offers lifetime leak-proof warranty on all disc brakes
  30. Hope brake spares
  31. Adjusting my Elixer 3 brakes. (yes another one with issues)
  32. Brake Force
  33. Worth the doh to get hydraulic brakes?
  34. Would Shimano Zee’s work well with a 160mm rotor?
  35. Shimano brake lever blades.
  36. Which adapters for 180mm BB7's.
  37. Cantilever Brake Installation Issue
  38. XO Trail Brakes, Any Good?
  39. hayes prime comp brakes
  40. Sram XO GS rear 140mm rotor
  41. How the f#$% do i get this plasic spacer out?
  42. XT brake bleed with Sram bleed kit?
  43. Bought new rotors and bag/box was opened?
  44. How to straight Shimano brake hose?
  45. Help: XT caliper-rotor alignment
  46. marz adaptor help
  47. First Ride and broke my Elixir 1 lever
  48. Avid Elixir R SL brakeset ... Thoughts?
  49. BikesDirect Warranty: Motobecane Fantom Avid Elixir 3 Brake Pad Rubbing Rotor Issue
  50. Replacing hose on Shimano hydraulic brakes?
  51. Avid comparison to shimano
  52. did Avid move from 185mm to 180mm Rotor sizes?
  53. Light rotors - Best pads to use ?
  54. Weird front braking piston. Help.
  55. A subjective mini-review of the new X0 trail brakes, from a former XT user
  56. Best sanding paper grit - disc brake pads cleaning
  57. mechanical brake pad change, frustration
  58. Rookie mistake - no pressure to rear calipers at all.
  59. Shimano XT 775 vs. 785-best choice for cold weather?
  60. Shimano caliper-lever compatibility?
  61. Elixir 1 vs. SLX/Deore Questions
  62. Lovin' the XT brakes
  63. My ghetto rigged XTR IS (M965) to post mount..
  64. Elixer 9 Trail pads?
  65. Need help to set up rear IS XTR brake caliper (160mm rotor) to a post mount
  66. TRP CX-9's How to adjust?
  67. Shimano - Sram Mismatch adapter
  68. aternative for swisstop bb5 pads now they aren't made anymore
  69. Convert CL rotors to 6-bolt?
  70. Disc rotors and brake - Cleaning
  71. BB7 vs. BB7-S
  72. Newbie. 180mm to 203mm Rotor upgrade?
  73. New Hope Tech 3 Brakes
  74. SLX Brake Rubs on rotor after descent
  75. Dear Shimano Fanbois: XT or XTR brakes? Which ones?
  76. Good quality Centerlock rotors?
  77. Need caliper adapter for 180mm rotor
  78. compring deore m615 & xt M785
  79. BB7 question. 160 or 180mm?
  80. Any manufacturers of center lock hubs other than Shimano and DT swiss?
  81. SLX Turkey Warble, HELP!
  82. Need help identifying/replacing brake pads - Tektro Aquila
  83. Can I combine SLX shifter and XT brake lever? Hang SLX shifter off XT Brake Lever?
  84. Brake Adapter for old Shimano Disc
  85. Hope Pro3 SP AM4 - Which Disc to replace?
  86. Why is only 2/3 of my pad surface worn?
  87. Reach adjustment
  88. Brake Pads Rubbing Rotor Only at High Speeds
  89. Mechanical Resin Pads in a Hydraulic System?
  90. rotor size - how much difference in real world?
  91. Newbie - Crossmax Disc - 6-bolt
  92. Does Avid Code pads fit onto Avid Code R brakes?
  93. Where can I get this..!? Post mount to IS adapter...?
  94. Upgrade stock mech brakes to hydr and keep stock rotors?
  95. Replace Ice-Tech with the same or try Ashima Ai2?
  96. Anyone ever had this experience with XT's?
  97. My bike hates me
  98. elixir 5 goes soft after crash, why?
  99. Brake lever squeezed with wheel not installed = Reset pistons? oops
  100. Need help with post mount adapter
  101. Brake Rotors Touching Pads at Random Intervals
  102. Formula rx advice needed...
  103. Shimano M445 Piston Stuck out
  104. D'oh! Hayes rear fade when practicing wheelies
  105. Shimano XT - Line Trim Question
  106. Pros cons differences: SLX M675, M640 Zee and XT M785?
  107. New XTR brakes howling during bed-in
  108. Question about installing new brake cables
  109. Disc brakes that work upside down
  110. Shimano M820s with Non-Ice Tech Rotors?
  111. Hope Brake Setup
  112. Rear Brake HOWLS Until Warmed Up
  113. Rear Brake HOWLS Until Warmed Up
  114. Shimano Syringe
  115. Formula The Ones Master Cylinder problem
  116. A Must Know if Buying New Bike Equip. w/ SRAM Brakes
  117. Rear post to post mount adapter exist?
  118. best pads for xtr m975 brakes?
  119. How true is this, that you can use Shimano brake pads on HOPE M4 calipers..
  120. Mixing 2 different rotors with xt brakes ok?
  121. Which Ashima 160mm rotors to get - Ai2 or AiRotor?
  122. First time brake upgrade questions
  123. newbie old school question avid bb7 and white brothers 29er bw 1.0
  124. Do I need new pads or just a fresh bleed?
  125. Insane vibration ONLY when locking rear wheel.
  126. Mixing pads and rotors: bad idea?
  127. Need help identifying Tektro levers.
  128. ? about bleeding vs burping
  129. Avid Elixir 5 vs 5c - What's the difference?
  130. Which brake pads come on SLX-675's?
  131. First sign of minor XT brake squealing
  132. Avid elixr squealing, any point of trying organic?
  133. Changes between older Code 5 and newer Code R?
  134. My fidings on the Turkey Warble Noise.
  135. Avid Elixir Parts everywhere!
  136. RavX SL Disc Rotor on Amazon
  137. What adapter to go from 160mm to 180mm?
  138. What rotors to use with bb7?
  139. Need help with XTR M985 setup....can not make brakes unspongy/enough clamping force
  140. Formula RO brakes on a XC bike..
  141. Issues with Formula R.O. brake pads wear
  142. Shimano Brake & cold weather ?'S
  143. Shimano Zee/saint and XT brakes same price. Should you always get the Zee/Saints?
  144. Hayes bleed fitting
  145. PAID SPAM: Avid Clean Sweep 203/160mm Rotors CHEAP
  146. Those who have/had Avid Elixir 3 please chime in... No clearance between pad & rotor
  147. Tektro mineral oil in shimano brakes
  148. TRP Mini V squeal?
  149. canti experts here? alpinestars stem ???
  150. terrible squeal on my disc brakes
  151. please can someone help with a measurement
  152. Shimano SLX M666 Mystery. Please help.
  153. Straightening Rotors - Do I push or pull?
  154. Hayes prime pros - fluid leaking from cover edges and weep hole on face plate.
  155. Changing Formula RX 1 Pads WTF?
  156. Avid sent my LBS inferior replacement warranty brakes. Thoughts?
  157. SLX + IceTech a good upgrade for Avid Exlixir 5S?
  158. XTR-966 Brake Lever Issue - Slowly bottoms out when brake applied
  159. Broke the Brake Pad Pin, Is It Necessary?
  160. Avid Elixir Front Brake
  161. How do I Loosen M395 shimano hydraulic brakes.
  162. disc brake bolt pattern
  163. Shimano M785 flipped levers?
  164. Hope V4 on 160mm
  165. Getting new brakes. Have a few questions.
  166. Alligator rotors just as good as Avid rotors?
  167. Yet another Formula R1/X problem
  168. Best Bleeding Kit for Avid? / Avid Elixir 3 Brake Lever Feeling Musy
  169. hydros don't work after bike upside down
  170. Avid Elixir 3 replacement levers?
  171. Avid BB5s
  172. shimano XTR m987 brakes
  173. Is it possible to downsize the rotors?
  174. Ever Wondered How a Hydraulic Brake Calliper works - pictures
  175. Is this a sign of leaking hydraulic fluid?
  176. Went tubeless, brakes are VERY grabby now (yes, the rotors are clean).
  177. Shimano XT brake pad wear issue
  178. Avid rear brake mount work with Shimano brake?
  179. Formula c1 on new Stumpy
  180. PAID SPAM: A Few Brake Bits and Other Parts to Get Your Build Finished
  181. AVID X0/HS1 pads
  182. Shimano Alfine
  183. Rubbing/Clicking sound coming from front brake?
  184. Noob Disc question
  185. Oil on my disk brakes. How do I clean it?
  186. Shimano zee rotors
  187. Pulsing disk brake
  188. Shimano rotors and Avid Elixir calipers
  189. Finally gave up on my MT8's
  190. Shimano xt popping sound on lever
  191. What type of pads come on the 2013 Trek Superfly 100 AL Pro?
  192. Rebuilding Shimano BL M585 Deore LX master cylinder
  193. BB7s vs helix hydros
  194. Curious as to the worst possible outcome for this brake symptom...
  195. cable to frame "quick release"
  196. Shimano center lock brakes and Easton EA 70 XC 6 bolt wheels?
  197. XT M785 Brake lever leaking from under chrome cover
  198. Shimano XT - Pad Rattle - Normal?
  199. XTR RACE brakes, no free float adust, pads don't self- adjust
  200. Bleeding Marta SLs (2007-2008-ish)
  201. Levers the same? SLX, XT, XTR
  202. M775 vs. M785 systems
  203. Inconsistent Lever Feel XT disc brake
  204. Which brake pads for my bike? Help please.
  205. Replacement rotors for my BB7s
  206. Help with Hope brake diagnosis
  207. Giant Trance 29er 2 and XTR M975 calliper issues!
  208. 180MM Rotor Options
  209. Shimano XT Vs Avid Elixir X9 trail
  210. need some help cutting stroker trail brake line.
  211. Upgrading from V-Brakes to Mechanical Disc Brakes... Few Questions
  212. Mowa Brakes
  213. "tightening" Avid Speed Dial 7 levers with rim brakes
  214. Avid, if you're listening, I've got an idea...
  215. Shimano rt99 rotor compatibilty
  216. Xpost in Communiting - STI compatibility
  217. Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes
  218. Disc Brakes: Rotor hitting caliper - how to adjust?
  219. how do I re-align a cantilever/V-brake boss?
  220. First bike with hydraulic brakes, getting a bit of leaking, normal?
  221. new xt m785b brake lever clicks
  222. New Brakes from Hope revealed at Eurobike!
  223. M785 Pad Clicking
  224. Magura Hydraulic brakes! HELP!!!!!!!!!
  225. Large vibration with rear braking
  226. What's this XTR tool?
  227. Lost reach adjust screw, SLX M666 lever
  228. avid elixer Shimano replacement?
  229. Advice needed re: upgrade to Shimano XT m-785
  230. cheap upgrade for avid elixr 7 for more stopping power for a clyde
  231. bleeding question shimano zee
  232. ChaserTech Disc Adapter (Help!)
  233. CAUTION: Shimano brakes from ebay Worldbikeparts.ustore --- hoses are short, and moto
  234. Brake help - Avid Elixir R - Pistons not retracting all the way
  235. What's wrong with my XT hydros?
  236. Shimano Hydraulic Brakes: How important is Servo Wave?
  237. Front pads catching but only when i turn my handlebars
  238. Lost free stroke after brake pad change
  239. Avid Elixir.. bleeding pain
  240. Will a 180 rear rotor help me much with my with Elixir 5s?
  241. In need of some brake pads for my 2012 epic s works XX brakes
  242. How do I undo a undo badly bedded rotors?
  243. Brakes squealing VERY LOUD
  244. New brakes or swap out ????!!!!???!!!
  245. Front xt keep rubbing
  246. Rotor performance - is there a difference?
  247. When to replace disc?
  248. Stripped hole on fork where hose clip attaches. Best fix?
  249. The lever squeeze caliper aligning method
  250. Shimano Calipers with Cotter Pins