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  1. My Racer X has landed...
  2. Price of Ti and Al at Redmist and SRP and bolts heads?
  3. My Blur just cracked
  4. Spec your dream Alpe d'Huez TimeTrial bike (apart from lightweight)
  5. a tough project
  6. Ti and Al bolt torque conversions?
  7. PZracing components
  8. Torn Sidewall on NBX Light, any other suggestions?
  9. Guess on rolling resistance for 26x1.0 at 115 psi
  10. What is the third number in bolt measurement?
  11. Anyone have the weight of the phil wood BB?
  12. 1080g carbon HT frame....
  13. help with rim choice for lightweight (budget) build
  14. Wonders of Ebay & Classifieds- my race bike final spec
  15. Road Bar Tape
  16. My Epic My Way
  17. My Ride: Getting There!
  18. For those using the X10 chain...
  19. Syntace F99 for $53! - MTBR AD - SPAM
  20. Tires won't seal...
  21. American Classic ISIS BB?
  22. paging DeeEight
  23. XT vs XTR ($$ and oz)
  24. Latest on Tune or similar lightweight cable housing
  25. Snapped Carbon Steerer Link (Please Lord don't let this happen to me...
  26. new german Rollingresistance data.....
  27. New Stuff from Sun-Ringle
  28. Recommendations for weight & Strength
  29. 31.8 Thomson stem, new design, 178 grams
  30. So I get these cheap "nashbar" V-brakes in a trade...
  31. FRM CU2-M-TR Integral crankset?
  32. Light ISIS BB
  33. A part possible more useless than a kickstand
  34. Avid FR-5 levers: 1 gram lighter than claimed
  35. Kudos to SRAM -Road cassettes...
  36. white industries boxxers weight ?
  37. Still looking for a decently lightweight middle ring
  38. Stan's and IRC Mythos
  39. Brake Boss for Fox Forx
  40. Ax-Lightness Brakes are for sale?
  41. Where can I get Cannondale Hollowgram SI cranks?
  42. help me savesome weight
  43. Anyone know the weight of these hubs?
  44. Anyone know about Stronglight Oxale Two Crankset?
  45. Lightweight (inexpensive) frame?
  46. Titus Riddler- Light for a Clyde Bike
  47. Bontrager carbon post
  48. Carbon Frame and Super Clydesdale?
  49. Euros: found this deal on Storck PowerArms
  50. Is anyone using the PC-89 road chain for mtb...
  51. Good Crankset weight?
  52. My "budgetlight" hardtail build, finally done (pics)
  53. USE Ti seatpost size and min insertion
  54. New tubeless wheetset...Q's
  55. What's on your list for good value light weight parts
  56. seat post light? I've lot of choice but what?
  57. which cranks xtr or deus x type?
  58. Bolts again - (Sorry) how do you know wich one's?
  59. Scott Genius RC10 questions
  60. Lightweight computer
  61. Nokian NBX Lite 2.2" available
  62. Ti Racer-X 100....finally finished!
  63. Is this the new lightest V-brake?!?
  64. my build. your suggestions?
  65. Anyone know the weight of Hershey front suspension hub?
  66. xtr, xt and race face dues crank weights
  67. Wheelset q's
  68. Can it be lighter than most hydraulic disc?
  69. Best rims
  70. Nox frames?
  71. Advance disks, anyone??
  72. gawd I love reading weight weenie posts
  73. Ti, Ti, Baby
  74. For that cheap build, 160gm saddle $11.95...
  75. Budget carbon post
  76. E-bones installed
  77. 970g Scott Carbon Hardtail!!
  78. Ti skewers an issue on fs bike?
  79. Lock-out shifter from SID on Front D system?
  80. I was looking at the new 05 Cannondale Prophet and saw this FSA crankset...
  81. Any suggestions for a cheap, lightweight Square Taper BB?
  82. light weight pedals/selling on mtbr?
  83. Good price on Maxm MX1 XC flat bar
  84. light and reasonably cheap platform pedals?
  85. light aluminum bars
  86. New FRM brakes anybody?
  87. what brand (cheap) gram scale
  88. help on register on Ebay account?
  89. Eggbeater question
  90. 130 grams seatpost.
  91. what defines a "do everything" bike?
  92. what's the weight? Aireon team race Saddle
  93. Ti vs. CX-ray spokes: opinions wanted
  94. I tried something new this morning.
  95. Time ATAC xs titan carbon pedals
  96. Upgrading 8 spd to 9spd. Will save weight. But some questions remain.
  97. XTR 960 Cassette
  98. need help and opinions
  99. Help lighten my new ride
  100. What happened to Conti's Twister SS?
  101. XTR 2004 Disk brake/Shifter combo weight?
  102. NBX Lite...sealing problem
  103. slayer 30 where to start?
  104. Is my Racer 100X frame porky?
  105. WTB Pure V Stealth saddle
  106. Looking for front disc XTR caliper
  107. Road Content: Tylers TT Machine (Amazing)
  108. Ti and alu bolts,where use what...
  109. info on dabomb slr xc frame?
  110. 1x9 questions
  111. how much does a sqare taper un-91 BB (XTR) weigh?
  112. light disc wheelset?
  113. Continental Supersonics w/Stan's Sealant
  114. Spoke tension, how much is enough?
  115. S-Works Epic 2004 XTR, SID, FSA (no wheels)
  116. Bolt tuning for disc brakes...
  117. and yet another new bike (and probably not the last) Trek STP single speed
  118. making carbonique?
  119. JMZ : new Sun rear hub??
  120. Info on Giant XtC Composite frame.
  121. Noleen=RST Aerosa BAS?
  122. top continue light/strong UST wheelset debate
  123. For Sale: Formula B4 Pro(w/ 2004 kit)disc brakes & 1610 gram WTB/Velocity Disc Wheels
  124. marz
  125. Boredom strikes to pics I post...
  126. A sad, sad day... (SPAM)
  127. MTBR Ad: Boone Titanium Chainrings...
  128. Extralite E-Bones and ISIS BB weights..
  129. Klein Attitude Race update- new parts and getting closer
  130. Foam grip or rubber?
  131. Ultra Light ciclo computer magnet
  132. Light disc set ups for racing on hardtail build and options?
  133. Anyone know the weight of the RF Deus X-Type...
  134. I need help, 16 year old newbie.
  135. combo saving
  136. Middleburn RS-8 opinions
  137. Light Crank...Need a New One...Please Advise
  138. alu bosses
  139. New olympic Sid fork
  140. Lightweight Race Enhancing Tip
  141. Do light 104/64 square taper crank arms exist?
  142. bebop pedals question
  143. tips for removing a latex sealed tire
  144. Pazzaz Stem
  145. how much do the rolf satellites weigh
  146. Help me get sub-21 lbs.!!
  147. OffTopic-Congrats England
  148. HEY, DirtDad! How do you like that Minute 3?
  149. modify front derailiers
  150. lubricating cables
  151. Seeking advice on Shaving Supershifter Chainrings
  152. 38g front hub, 360 wheel (road)
  153. What's up, American Classic?!
  154. New Wheels - What about the AC MTB350's?
  155. Anyone know what the Deus arms weigh?
  156. Well my Budgetlight project bike is done...
  157. Extralite brake levers, nino?
  158. Help with FRM ISIS BB- anyone have experience?
  159. What Cassette do I want? and where to get it?
  160. hey Trevor, news on Giant roadframes..
  161. hey nino- opinion on Scott Scandium HT?
  162. My 24 Hr solo race bike...
  163. What's wrong with Steinbach-bike?!?
  164. eggbeater triple ti weight limit
  165. eggbeater triple ti wight limit
  166. New Ultimate contact anyone?
  167. Rims
  168. What's the lightest crank/bb combo?
  169. Where to get some Sugino Supershifter III's or other light chainrings.
  170. looking for dt hugis hubset and bb.
  171. Newest Build....
  172. Another broken Morati
  173. alloy stem bolts and brake boss bolts??
  174. rebadged Hugi 240s
  175. Performance 30g Carbon Cage???
  176. What's your favorite weight-saving trick?
  177. What will stop pinhole leaks in Explorer Supersonics
  178. Parts recommendations for 2001 Klien Attitude Race frame- little help?
  179. suggestions for VALUE lightweight wheels
  180. Seatpost length
  181. Here's how a parts distributer builds a Truth...
  182. Lightweight strong UST rims
  183. Carbon flat bar that can take bar ends?
  184. Advice: New Bike Build List
  185. Anyone know the weight of....
  186. A ~flex-free wheelset
  187. Experience with Azonic CF-1 Bars?
  188. Turn my freeride bike into a trail bike
  189. Help me pick a frame
  190. Sweet deal for a carbon seatpost---30.9
  191. the demise of the derailler?
  192. More Ebay Fraud?
  193. My new wheel p0rn [o] xpost
  194. Wheel porn...and other misc porn..um..stuff
  195. Custom manitou lock-out
  196. F100 Rlt ??
  197. Tubeless Tires
  198. Soul-Kozak Hubs new pics
  199. Lose some weight off your road bike
  200. Why are there no Titanium eyelet rims?
  201. Light but durable BB suggestions?
  202. Extralite e-bones ISIS...
  203. FRM Cu2 ISIS hybrid ceramic bearings???
  204. Ultegra
  205. Taking the 5th...
  206. OT: Well it's time to give some news... I'm going to be a DAD!!
  207. tune cranks, spider
  208. which pressure for mud tires? higher? lower?
  209. American Classic BB Instal question
  210. 133g saddle/post combo!
  211. 93g Seatpost
  212. 117g ISIS BB....
  213. Headset?
  214. Please reccomend
  215. Pro's and Con's to various SID Models???
  216. Hey guys what's the Weight Weenies mud tire of choice...
  217. paging nokian nbx lite users.............
  218. paging all FSA carbon pro crankset users.....
  219. Minute 2 talas RL Weight
  220. Tire watts data....soft, grippy, fast (vs) hard non-grippy fast
  221. Armstrongs bike: tape over the seat tube bottle bosses. It's lighter than bolts...
  222. Tuning a Tune Speedneedle ?
  223. Saving weight vs. training that little bit harder?
  224. NO to Nokian+Xmax+Stans
  225. Stan's Rims -how to build them and what with?
  226. Send me your "used" Nokian NBX Lites
  227. Xpedo Ti/Ti pedals?
  228. Lightweight front derailleur
  229. manitou remote lockout?
  230. Rock machine Explosion
  231. new Tune Saddle: 39g!!
  232. need true bike weights
  233. Stans blowing off the rim.
  234. Sram 12x26 on MTB?
  235. Codman, any update
  236. Roadie Content: Sub 400g Front wheel... 38gr hub
  237. The Age-weenie ratio > rider/bike ratio
  238. Tire choice help needed!
  239. Syntace F99 Sale - MTBR Classified Ad
  240. Is copydex the same/similar to liquid latex?
  241. POLL: What's your bike weight to rider weight ratio?
  242. Bamboo Bike (no joke)
  243. Drool! Can you say SIDney
  244. Possible Epic Build...What Do You Think
  245. New bike spec: Waddya think?
  246. the best bb?gigapipe teamti/maxti/RF sig ti
  247. Bucks to Gram ratio
  248. Foam Grips...Comfortable?
  249. XTR WH-M965 opinions?
  250. How well do NBX Lites wear?