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  1. Any new tires comparison tests ?
  2. repaired punctures and Eclipse?
  3. Dura-Ace rear deraileur with triple crank?
  4. FRM FL-M12 Disc Wheelset - any good ?
  5. 2000 CrossMax Broken - fix or replace?
  6. Ti or Alum Outer Ring?
  7. Help me make my Superlight, at least kind of light
  8. Need saddle suggestions
  9. Avid weights...are these per piece or per pair?
  10. Changing bushings on SIDs?
  11. Maxxis with eclipse?
  12. Never though I would ask this one, V-Brakes? Strong and light?
  13. Extralite The Post UL 27.2 x 400mm weight
  14. WeightWeenie Forum (another one)
  15. Just got some Stan's ZTR355 rims in...
  16. Cheapest and lightest Weight weenie bike... Whos got it?
  17. how to paint alu parts??
  18. out with the old, in with the new (deus content)
  19. Storck Powerarm Pro cranks....
  20. Eclipse question
  21. Sette Carbon handlebars
  22. Paging Duckman and/or other 100mm Noleen riders...
  23. Pics from World Cup in Madrid
  24. '03 Formula B4 SL's - Light, But......
  25. 2004 FRM ISIS BB, Turbine LP and other pics/weights...
  26. Sugino Ring Question
  27. FRM Air-Way FullCarbon 83mm Fork
  28. Weight of Hayes disks?
  29. Replacement SRAM XO parts... (Where can I get etc?)
  31. Will 200-300g make a difference?
  32. Anyone looking for some Weight Weenie Parts...
  33. !Ebay! suspect auction
  34. FSA TEAM Carbon Pro Crank Arm weight..
  35. strange chainring
  36. Light weight rings and others?
  37. Weight of Kenda BG 2.1 and Nvgl 2.1 - Bueller?
  38. seeking custom Ti bolt fabricator....(Rocky)
  39. New lightweight seatpost, FRM ST M20carbon or other suggestions?
  40. USE Alien carbon question
  41. Lightest ISIS Bottom Bracket?
  42. Budget parts for the HT (pics)
  43. Camelbacks or butt packs?
  44. Age old bolt question
  45. Hey Nino
  46. Noleen Mega Air help needed!
  47. Not a sub 11kg by only about 300gr.Ideas?
  48. my new ghisallo - frame=911g
  49. Carbon Fibre Screws!
  50. Which disk brakes do I want (for racing)?
  51. 05 shimano lx group pics....
  52. IRD Carbon Bottle Cage ?
  53. Is Shinamo still making 9s Dura Ace cassettes?
  54. some nice Heylight parts weights
  55. Nokian NBX 2.1 vs. the Lite versions?
  56. How Much Time Could I Save with A Light Hardtail
  57. yo guys...
  58. lightest mtb
  59. Is anyone using Speedplay Zero pedals on their road bikes?
  60. Cheated
  61. pls help need 170mm square taper compact cranks
  62. So MEIRHAEGHE won then.
  63. Kenda Blue Groove 2.0s
  64. Anyone ridden a Bianchi Carbon XL? (OT Road)
  65. Titanium bearings?!?
  66. how much does a velocity/dt hugi wheelset weigh?
  67. Lightweight Rims
  68. Xpedo Mountian Force Pedal weights...
  69. Noleen Mega Air topping out w/ a wham!
  70. AC Lo Pr XT crankset
  71. Suggestions for light XC tires that aren't too skinny?
  72. Light Rotors for Rolhoff Hub?
  73. FRM bottom bracket install question
  74. allum vs cf
  75. Nokian NBX 2.1 measurements: Does anyone know...?
  76. Ti springs for rear shock and proper sizing?
  77. Race Face Evolve crankarm weight
  78. Easton Monkey Lite carbon bar
  79. Klein Adroit question
  80. Syntace F99 - MTBR Classifeds Ad
  81. Any one need a road bar?
  82. How to tell the difference between Ti and Al bolts?
  83. Gram Scale
  84. Help choosing parts...
  85. Scott 2005
  86. What's the latest on the American Classic wheels?
  87. new American Classic ISIS bb's are available
  88. OT: bike parts wallpaper
  89. Anyone ever use the ZIPP 515 mountain bike rims?
  90. '03 Specialized S-Works M5 HT?
  91. Brake question: Hope Mini rotors w/ Formula Brakes?
  92. My new Ti Racer-X 100....(frame pics)
  93. Noobish - Brake/Shifter upgrade
  94. light-bikes.com on velonews
  95. Roadie help needed, converting Moab HT to a roadie
  96. UST rims or rimstrips???
  97. 4.4lb full suss ti frame!
  98. Extralite ExtraBolts and UltraLevers Pics
  99. My Fuel 90 needs to lose a couple of pounds
  100. TA Axix light pro bottom brackets
  101. shaving Sugino chainrings again...
  102. Race Face Deus crankset weight....
  103. A steel hardtail with discs and true UST wheels @ 21.5lbs or less...?
  104. Pics of 2005 cranksets...
  105. Carbon post slipping?
  106. What cables?
  107. campy FD
  108. Seeking 90mm, negative rise, ultralight stem
  109. Skewers
  110. 95gram 160mm stainless disc rotor
  111. ultimate weight weenie front derailleur
  112. David G! Your Bike Is On E-bay!!!!
  113. Light-bikes bike for sale on ebay
  114. hey kman, what didn't you like about your fuel?
  115. Feedback wanted on the Extralite F2
  116. Nokian NBX lite: Mounting direction?
  117. Need some bolt sizes (want to upgrade to titanium)
  118. 110x0 light-weight/durable stems?
  119. Twin Ti Egg Beater - Snapped
  120. paging all 04 xtr disc users..................
  121. Scott Genius RC-10 on Ebay...
  122. lighter rotors?
  123. Most Effective and Cheapest Weight Saver?
  124. Best way to weigh a tire?
  125. XTRCranks with XT rings Heavy ?
  126. Cube or Duratec Info?
  127. Shorter spindles for eggbeaters?
  128. Weyless XP CHEAP! but heavy...
  129. Why do the bike gods mock me?
  130. Tubeless tire mounting solution.
  131. cranks for a singlespeed
  132. Just got Stans with Twister Supersonics
  133. Holes in my Racing Ralphs??
  134. Well, I gained 283g....
  135. MAXM MX-5 - Your opinion
  136. So I had these fenders laying around, and....
  137. Help with BB weight??
  138. Trying to find 2001 SID Race internals
  139. American Classic Micro front roadhub for MTB ?
  140. Light UST Recommendations
  141. So I just installed my Eclipse rim strip and it got me thinking...
  142. U.S.E. Ring-Go-Star
  143. A close up of the Gipiemme saddle...
  144. 8756 g
  145. Opinions on Nokian NBX 2.1UST vs Schwalbe RR UST
  146. What light tubes should I get for XC riding w/ a Hutch Mosquito Air light?
  147. New ride is up and running!
  148. road pedals on mountain bike....
  149. Anyone know where to get the vueltas?
  150. WTB Duralight tubes
  151. MG-1 Pedals
  152. Sugino Supershifter out of production
  153. Opinions needed for high volume tires.
  154. Just arrived UL post
  155. Noleen Mega Air on Ebay
  156. MTBR Classified Ads..
  157. So do the Sugino Supershifter III rings work or not with Race Face turbines?
  158. Nokian NBX lite 2.0 vs Schwalbe Jimy Lite 2.1's
  159. Where can I find alloy ISIS Crank Bolts?
  160. About those tires Meirhaeghe used at Sea Otter
  161. Carbon bars flex OK?
  162. Lightweight XC Stem (110 x 0-5deg)
  163. Just got home fra Xenofit Marathon in Italy...
  164. Anyone have info/opinion on 2.8 lb BP Stealth Hardtail?
  165. serious: reduce body weight via enema
  166. WTB Weirwolf 2.1 race tires. are they heavy by 120+g.?
  167. Suspension fork?
  168. GF Big Sur frame weight? also need suggestions on how to get the weight down
  169. How to weigh a bike
  170. Any weights on the new Schwinn StingRay yet?
  171. Anyone used Action-Tec or Cycle Dynamics Ti Cassettes?
  172. thats why specialized is not the same anymore...
  173. Seating the 2.25 RRalph with no rimstrip and stuff
  174. foam grips?
  175. Paging Kman: Fuel 100 chain length??
  176. popping and skipping chain.......
  177. Bolt Torque Specifications... wet or dry?
  178. Cables?
  179. Does a lighter bike mean it's "faster"......some non-German test results here.......
  180. Any Ti bars out there that don't use a shim?
  181. My new S-Works
  182. Disc rims: XR 4.1 d, VXC, or 717....
  183. Expedo Ti/Ti pedals looking for reviews / feedback
  184. To do, or What not to do
  185. Python Airlight Explosion
  186. FRM crankset
  187. Extralite ThePost UL - MTBR Classified Ad
  188. bolts size on Avid Juicy 7 levers
  189. Stans/Eclipse tyre choice?
  190. hey nino, have you ever talked to frischy about
  191. Is hub weight in a wheel really improtant?
  192. Crank Weight diff: XT Hollowtech v. XT Hollowtech II
  193. How not to save some weight
  194. Crossmax SL brake pulse
  195. Extralite Integrhead headset....
  196. My new Epic Ride. Can't wait to ride it
  197. Python Air Light sidewalls??
  198. RockShox remote lockout
  199. any help out there for a newbie???
  200. Anyone using dura ace cassette know the thickness
  201. SS crankset...light?
  202. Stans Vs Innovations Vs Eclipse
  203. Hadley GT hubs
  204. $400 - best disc wheelset?
  205. Ultralevers from Extralite?!?
  206. Bolts, am I high?
  207. Seatpost shims?
  208. Plenty of bling bling Ti
  209. scott team issue x rocky mountain vertex sc
  210. Where can I get Nokians at a fair and reasonable price?
  211. Jamis Dakar xlt 1.0
  212. Turner Titanium kit
  213. Titus Racer X100
  214. answer protaper carbon bar question
  215. help compile a list of stan's compatible tires
  216. cost effective ways to save weight on 575 build
  217. creaking s-works epic(i figured you guys were the experts!!!!)
  218. walmart tubeless project
  219. The lightest FS bike...again
  220. Questions on Dura ace front derailleurs
  221. I need some tire advice
  222. Roadie parts on XC bikes
  223. Where do you get a titanium rigid mtb fork?
  224. Recommendations to Shave Fuel 98?
  225. Lightweight stem w/ rise???
  226. OT, need some EBAY help
  227. 28 vs 32 spoke front wheel???
  228. Anyone knows the exact weight of XT M752 hubs?
  229. XTR Chain vs Sram PC89-R Hollow
  230. Scott Team Frame on ebay
  231. Some new crank porn is all
  232. nino, do you still have that discs/vbrakes comparisson german test? nm
  233. Just went tubless, one problem though
  234. Race Tire Recommendations?
  235. Any weight wennies know of any good deals on a soft tail frame?
  236. Syntace F99 handlebar fit question
  237. Road Bike Wheel help Please ...
  238. Extrabolt 8 (alu brake bosses) fitment question
  239. Filling tires with Helium?
  240. Best way to cut carbon seatpost?
  241. Looks like Vuelas making mroe mag brakes
  242. anyone know the weight of a Galfer 160mm wave rotor?
  243. Stems- Where is the value?
  244. Nino, somebody built your Custom FSX Carbon SID!
  245. '02 Specialized Rockhopper fork upgrade
  246. Very intresting from Velo News about UST vs Latex sealed tires..
  247. Racer 100x on the way...now the build
  248. Well I've now logged 129 miles on my Arione
  249. The US distributor for Eclipse is now shipping..
  250. Pedals with titanium spindle - opinions please!