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  1. Advice for first bike packing trip on a fatbike
  2. Transalplus part 2: Bikepacking the Italian Alps
  3. Too small for a Surly ECR? What else?
  4. Ideal tire for a Troll and a 245-lb rider
  5. New Bikepacking Routes Resource
  6. Any good magazines?
  7. Those who have completed the great divide route....any beginners sections?
  8. Trails routes, and Mountian biking Near New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA)
  9. C&O Canal Path & G.A.P. Trail???
  10. What is your fantasy Great Divide bikepacking rig ?
  11. Front derailleur mod to permit MTB FD with STI road shift levers
  12. Aspen to Crested Butte, CO?
  13. Best Bikepacking Videos
  14. Bethel ME to Stratton Loop
  15. SPOT vs InReach?
  16. Anyone use dirt drops?
  17. Big Basin to the Coast , a S24O adventure !
  18. Bikepacking Yaak's Fire Lookout Towers
  19. West coast/inland 3-4 day trip, recommendations appreciated
  20. Arkel GT-18 panniers.
  21. Is anyone else excited about the new Microshift 10sp Mtn thumbies/barends?
  22. Maybe a stupid question about frame/seat/handlebar bags...
  23. Winter bikepacking destinations
  24. Ibera Usa-- What do you think?
  25. RR: Sublime Kaibab (X-Post from AZ)
  26. Bikepacking Blog Rant (Job/Career is more difficult than trips)
  27. Anyone have a Co-Motion Pangea?
  28. Arizona Trail Race Video
  29. Sleeping Bag?
  30. How'd I miss this?!?! Smoke 'n' Fire 420
  31. Salsipuedes Canyon by Fatbike
  32. Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA) Ultraendurance Race Report
  33. Carry a SPARE CHAIN for touring in Third World?
  34. where to pack your sleeping bag?
  35. Brooks saddle in hot humid tropical touring areas?
  36. Touring Meals
  37. Bear Grylls Hydra 10 Hydration Pack
  38. Northern Rail Trail, Day 3
  39. Northern Rail Trail, Day 2
  40. Northern Rail Trail, Day 1
  41. My first overnighter!
  42. First Impressions: Dakine Bike Bag.
  43. Riding The Camino De Compostela
  44. Cross Training.
  45. SpiceRoads - any one use them before?
  46. Bikepacking in Alberta
  47. New Seatbag Design...
  48. Arkel Dry Lite Panniers
  49. Someone whith kona sutra¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
  50. first 3 day trip
  51. first 3 day trip
  52. Bikepacking Assateague Island National Seashore
  53. + sized bikes
  54. Your favorite hubs for touring?
  55. Surly Troll fork on rigid Nishiki Cascade?
  56. Bikepacking expedition: Great Allegheny Passage
  57. Krampus on the Tour Divide...
  58. Five Ten Freerider Elements
  59. Perhaps the best Bikepacking rig???
  60. Custom Rear Rack Who makes them?
  61. What do I need to get started?
  62. good shimano shifters for rough touring?
  63. Rider missing on the Colorado Trail
  64. Schwalbe Marathon Almotion
  65. Chilcotin Mountains Bike Tour
  66. Poles!
  67. Backpack and no frame packs
  68. Exercising options.
  69. How to pack for off road Bike Packing
  70. Smiley Creek Loop
  71. Adventure Cycling membership giveaway
  72. Surly ECR worth it?
  73. Cheap, Compact, and Light ways to make a hammock warm(er)...suggestions welcomed
  74. Bike packing/gravel grinding/the road less gravelled
  75. Looking to take my maiden voyage: BikePacking (New England Area)
  76. Le Gold Belt Tour_Independance day weekend
  77. goal weight for bikepacking rig?
  78. What to take on a mountain bike ride?
  79. Thanks, Crow Cyle
  80. 2 or 3 day ride with camping?
  81. Older, higher-end Jamis or new, entry-level 29er Spanish brand Conor
  82. Cloudburst 3 vs.....
  83. Hammocks
  84. Tents 1 person ?
  85. Who's Doing the CSTR?
  86. Good beginner bag setup?
  87. What Shock, Fork & Tire Pressures Air Travel
  88. Revelate Viscacha, what can I fit inside?
  89. Handlebar Bag and Cables
  90. Downtube shifters and frame bags
  91. Upper Peninsula MI Beta
  92. plastic container for vulcanizing fluid
  93. Touring on a cross-style bike - gravel/dirt roads
  94. Longest (time) ride....
  95. Carrying skis?
  96. Frame Bag for Everyday Riding???
  97. Options for carrying a platypus bottle without a frame pack?
  98. Black Canyon Trail BP
  99. suggested gearing for bikepacking, expedition
  100. Bikepacking: Coastal N. California/Oregon/Washington suggested routes?
  101. Motor-Free Memorial Day Weekend Tour
  102. CampinGaz bayonet style stove... obsolete?
  103. Kidpacking question: outgrowing the TAB, where do we go from here?
  104. GDMBR info
  105. Celebrating spring.
  106. 4 Hammock Hangers give Singletrack MtnBike Packing a try...
  107. Burley flatbed trailer for touring?? Any thoughts??
  108. 29er amongst group of Roadbikes+ Hybrid for short tours ?
  109. Moots Snoots (with ti trailer) expedition bike for sale.
  110. 26/39/50 too much range on FD-3503?
  111. Banjo Bro's frame bag?
  112. good folding/ small shovel?
  113. Fat-Bike To The Arctic - Gear Review
  114. What stem for my touring bike build???
  115. Western MA bikepack trip report
  116. RR: Annual Quilomene "Spring Opener" (WA State)
  117. Bike insurance while travelling
  118. Looking for Info for the River to River Trail, Southern Illinois
  119. What size rotors for my disc touring bike???
  120. East Coast Trail Recommendations?
  121. Fork Mounted bottle cages
  122. Trinity Portable Wind Turbine
  123. We been found out
  124. Hunting For Monsters
  125. Coalfields to Orchards – Munda Biddi Trail Ticked Off
  126. Ride Report: Cooper's Gap S24O
  127. Munda Biddi Trail (Western Australia) - Albany to Donnybrook
  128. Trip report: Overnight in the Utah salt flats for Easter
  129. New Bag Manufacturer
  130. Lets talk sacks.
  131. RR: Salty-Gila Tour '14 (X-Post from AZ)
  132. Trailer or no Trailer...that's the Question...
  133. Fatbike to the Arctic - journal & photos
  134. Inflatable Boat / Packraft
  135. Now available: Touring/cargo racks for thru-axle suspension bikes
  136. Water on Coconino 250?
  137. Question about pedals - clipless or flats
  138. DIY cooking
  139. strapping water to a carbon fork?
  140. Reasonable daily mileage for single track?
  141. AZT 300/750 Role Call
  142. Bike packing on Evoc bike bag
  143. Converting the Pugsleys (Pugslies?) for Bikepacking
  144. Across Kings Canyon Sequoia to 395?
  145. A loop around the Cairngorm.
  146. 10 day Colorado Trail itinerary
  147. Kemo M172n USB dynamo charger modding
  148. Newby here
  149. Cherry Buster Parfait Tour
  150. Revelate Tangle instead of Camebak?
  151. A Trip to the World's Fair
  152. Recumbent Trike for touring?
  153. New Bike Trailer Project seeking Feedback
  154. Paid SPAM: Fargo Frameset for sale
  155. Bike Case for International Travel
  156. A french who's searching a new bike for travels
  157. Custom bag maker who's not backed up?
  158. What do you need for a ride from SoCal to Montana?
  159. A little Aussie flavour
  160. Tubeless 29 Tires for CT Bikepacking?
  161. The Maze.
  162. Schmidt SON Dynamo Hubs… HELP
  163. Help Casey Greene - of Idaho Hot Springs route fame
  164. Bashguard for triple chainset
  165. Tire recommendations wanted
  166. Costa Rica over Christmas...other Adirondack and Catskill adventures
  167. S&S couplings for airplane/touring??
  168. Starting from scratch— Alaska bike
  169. OMM Skewer rack, or weld stand offs for a rack?
  170. Advice, CA coast bike pack
  171. Alright... Here's my story. (Eventual Kokopelli Trail Write Up)
  172. The Path to the Salton Sea - A newbies bikepacking adventure (heavy pics)
  173. Hydration backpacks: Osprey vs. Camelback, quoted capacities
  174. IditaTour Thirteen.
  175. Chilcotins - Spruce Lake - Day Rides?
  176. AZ Bikepack: Salty-Gila Tour - March 28-30th
  177. Europe Alps Touring
  178. GPS resources for trail tours
  179. water filtration
  180. Trek x-caliber full frame bag suggestions.
  181. Time for new hike-able clipless biking shoes. Please chime in.
  182. The most comfy post
  183. Trip Report - Gila 100 Bikepack (AZ x-post)
  184. Arkel waterproof panniers
  185. Job: Biking around New Zealand
  186. Newb has questions
  187. Race Across Texas
  188. Fatbikepacking the Imperial Dunes Interest?: Glamis to Gordon's Well in Feb. or Mar.
  189. Trouble in Pakistan
  190. WTB WWLT 2.55 or Racing Ralph 2.4?
  191. Bike Packing the BCT; trip report
  192. Folks who love B17s - what plastic saddles do you like?
  193. What bladder for frame bag?
  194. Jumbo bottle cages out there besides the "Anything Cage"?
  195. Pannier bags (for an extra wheel)
  196. First Bikepacking trip to the Kokopelli
  197. A couple snowy overnighters
  198. Expedition Touring 2x10
  199. Bikepacking on a budget - Options besides DIY ?
  200. Anyone using a 135mm spaced front fork & hub?
  201. dynamo hubs
  202. Building new FS bike: suggestions? Rocky Element
  203. Most dangerous expedition?
  204. First bike packing trip! I got questions!
  205. Cycling Asia for a series of reportage
  206. Echo Canyon, Death Valley?
  207. Brooks Cambium
  208. Help Identifying Handlebar Bags
  209. Fatigued Fisticuff - a comparison of old and new Vassago Fisticuffs
  210. Stuck Between Two Bikes...
  211. Anyone bike toured in India?
  212. Rigid fork options?
  213. Help with a unique Fyxation Quiver Bike packing build
  214. All Selle An-Atomica saddle $99
  215. Trans North GA navigation questions
  216. Overnighter - North Queensland
  217. Self-supported bikepacking - 4d 4 nights in the Chilcotin
  218. Moots snoots YBB for sale.
  219. Good Bikepacking bike?
  220. Bikepacking Deals
  221. Bikepacking/touring parts swap
  222. Farfarer or BOB Ibex?
  223. First Bike expedition, 5+ Nights. Bike/Component Help
  224. A Feast in Grey Oblivion -or- A Foggy Solo Thanksgiving Overnight in Utah
  225. Tour De Los Padres
  226. Most important things for first bike?
  227. Switching to drop bars with Shimano XT -- What are my options?
  228. Any Experience with the Surly nice Front Rack?
  229. 2014 Trans Am Bike Race (4,233 miles of self supported road racing)
  230. I have a trip idea, but need a bike.
  231. What bivy/shelter do you use?
  232. suspension fork and airplanes
  233. A good second choice to a Fargo Ti
  234. El Mariachi vs Krampus vs ECR
  235. Understanding portable solar chargers
  236. Vermont Fat (bikepacking, exploring, enjoying)
  237. First packrafting trip - Canyonlands
  238. 3 Day camping trip Black Canyon Trail, AZ
  239. Fargo vs Vaya choice
  240. Time and space in the Lost Sierra....
  241. enigma quilt question
  242. Fly-in Bike out Adventure.
  243. Midwest 3-4 day ride recommendation OH, KY, IN?
  244. Spot or InReach?
  245. Trailer for fatbike/packraft film
  246. front rack opinion
  247. Paid Spam: Carradice Pack, Titec Bars & Onza
  248. Month long Hawaii trip...
  249. cr-mo Frame for backpacking, cross country and travel?
  250. Alfine 8 vs NuVinci N360 for bikepacking