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  1. Broken Promises
  2. 24 hours in the old pueblo food ideas? whatcha cooking?
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  4. camelbak sternum straps---how to keep them attached to straps
  5. Can anyone recommend a protein bar?
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  8. 1st Endurance EVS
  9. 12hr Endurance Relay Race
  10. what the general consensus about Coconut water?
  11. My 2 cents: Osprey Raptor 14 vs. Camelbak MULE NV
  12. Hydration Level Monitoring
  13. Hydration Level Monitoring
  14. Taste free reservoir
  15. Protein vs Creatine or Both?
  16. Before The Ride
  17. How much protein is really needed?
  18. alpha thalammesia minor + mtb
  19. Energy levels falling earlier in rides than usual?
  20. Osmo nutrition, changing everything!
  21. Quick before ride meals/snacks...
  22. an I get some suggestions on changes to help me achieve my goal physical condition?
  23. Looking for soft nipple cage mounted bottles
  24. Straight water or electrolyte rich hydration required during rides?
  25. great article about -- eating more makes you lose weight
  26. supplements, vitatmins, etc
  27. USWE F4 / F3 back protection ? Or EVOC
  28. Trail food?
  29. need to carry water?
  30. Help Me Pick Out Bars for Bike Trip - New to Cycling Bars
  31. Help with pre and post ride nutrition during weight loss plan!
  32. Sports Legs
  33. Calorie Expenditure...
  34. Stomach sick.
  35. Shimano Unzen 4 Enduro (U4E) Review
  36. What does your ideal hydration backpack look like?
  37. Osprey Raptor 14 - Defective Item? Missing Feature - Request for Image - PICS INSIDE
  38. Reservoir turning yellow??
  39. Camelbak - replacement clasps/fasteners?
  40. Doing my first 24hr relay in June. Advjice on Nutrition?
  41. Hip Hydration Pack for Rider with Lower Back Problems?
  42. energy gels/chews + endurance rides = cramping
  43. Old School Hydration Packs
  44. Swapping Reservoirs - Question
  45. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle.
  46. Old Mans Hydration Supplement
  47. remove post
  48. longer camelback tube?
  49. Camelbak Mule?
  50. Weight Maintenance vs Loss before race?
  51. what's the best supplements to make me go harder and longer & have no adverse effects
  52. Creatine
  53. Stomach pain on long rides
  54. 6 Hour Race - What Do I Need?
  55. Heed, whats your flavor
  56. Another option for those that don't want to wear a pack
  57. Vegetarian / Vegan / Raw recipes & chat
  58. Heavier rider nutrition?
  59. article on nutrition:
  60. How much do you guys eat on 3-4 hour rides?
  61. Industrial Design Thesis -- Rethinking Hydration on the Mountain
  62. What and when to eat during a ride
  63. Formula for hydration / water intake rate
  64. Best food for bonking?
  65. Fuel for a 3hr Ride
  66. Organic Sports Drink
  67. Is Tuna really that bad for you...?
  68. intermittent fasting
  69. Good bottle cages
  70. Calories Burned During Mtn Biking
  71. Supplement recommendations
  72. Replacement for SlimFast?
  73. Camelbak modifications
  74. Leg muscle fatigue
  75. Bicycling magazine article about cramping
  76. Dead/wooden legs
  77. Bags/dark lines under eyes after long rides?
  78. Calling Clean Bottle users
  79. Endurance Racing and Electrolytes / Minerals
  80. camelbak question.
  81. Not seeing any benefits - over riding?
  82. garbage belly hoping to change his ways.
  83. Question for Hydrapack owners
  84. "energy" drink and general hydration & etc
  85. Gave blood a week ago then decided to race cyclocross seriously - recovery tips?
  86. Hydration Pack Bladder Capacity
  87. Nuun Electrolyte and Sport Legs?
  88. Breakfast B4 riding
  89. BPA and thalates free bottle
  90. How do you carry your food/drinks?
  91. Anyone using a Camelback with lumbar reservoir?
  92. Cyclebox subscription
  93. Camelbak elixir electrolyte tabs
  94. Hydration pack - small, minimalist with 100 oz
  95. Bcaa
  96. Best Mens Cookbook for a Guy who doesn't know how to COOK!
  97. Maintaining a high metabolism?
  98. Osprey Customer Service ROCKS!
  99. Changing body shape, but not gaining weight...
  100. Camelbak hose on an osprey bladder?
  101. stomach turns at the 5 hr mark...
  102. What Does Your Daily Diet Consist Of?
  103. Camelbak Volt 13LR - Any longterm users out there?
  104. Leg cramps
  105. Losing Weight - Diet and Exercise Questions
  106. Powdered gatorade for long rides?
  107. Cliff Bars, Power Bars or something else?
  108. EatSmart Precision Body Fat Scale -- Anyone else ?
  109. shitty experience
  110. Trying to lose weight...what's your sample healthy diet?
  111. wine and biking
  112. A question on carbs
  113. Anyone ride with coffee
  114. Electrolyte Replacement - Pro feedback?
  115. hydration myths: found this article interesting.
  116. How bad are these for you ?? (pic)
  117. Found the best replacement hyration hose
  118. kentogenic diet and energy
  119. During Ride Drink
  120. Am I doing this right?
  121. If you believe nothing else on this thread...
  122. Does anyone get headaches after riding?
  123. LeBron James' Cramping.
  124. Did I just Bonk?
  125. How much caffeine to you consume on a ride? (long, boring post)
  126. Joint health supliment with a twist, allergic to sulfur
  127. How much before you have to do something special
  128. Any Paleo or Paleoish members here?
  129. Vaude Aquarius 2 turning green
  130. Side stitch when riding after food
  131. Lab Work / Ketones
  132. Need a hydropack
  133. Gluten free pasta- can you still carb up?
  134. Looking for workouts to be done away from home
  135. How often to drink
  136. Workouts?
  137. riding on ketogenic diet - who's doing it?
  138. Best way to clean and dry Camelback hydration internal bag?
  139. water bottle with dust cap
  140. Carpal-Tunnel anyone?
  141. Bugs!
  142. What is your pre-ride supplement?
  143. Nathan X-ceed hydration pack review
  144. Carbo load: Pasta or Corn?
  145. Balancing Hormones
  146. Need advice no crash after longer rides
  147. one tight hip
  148. high5 energy source
  149. Knee Pain
  150. Sports Drink for 12 cents per quart
  151. A better alternative to sugary supplements, how I avoided diabetes and went Pro
  152. Skratch electrolyte mix
  153. Deal Alert - Geigerrig 1200 Hydro pack
  154. Cat3 RaceDay Nutrition/Hydration?
  155. My new Smoothie (question)
  156. Diet change for the better cause muscle cramps.
  157. Veggie shake recipes!
  158. After years of expensive energy easier solution...
  159. Best gas station foods
  160. Tailwind Nutrition
  161. Juicer or Vitamix
  162. Gu energy gel
  163. Show me Your Coffee Brewing Method
  164. Supplement nutrition before and during the race
  165. Wingnut Gear Hyper 3.0
  166. Creatine
  167. Is this normal or am I not eating enough?
  168. Going Downhill(not the fun way)
  169. Protein VS Cramping:
  170. Camelbak MULE NV Comfort
  171. The Cholesterol Puzzle
  172. camelback repair?
  173. Whey before competition?
  174. Mist 8.0 Hydration Pack M.U.L.E WannaBe $29.99
  175. need guidance, strange problem.
  176. Camelbak M.U.L.E. NV question...
  177. Jersey Hydration?
  178. Hammer nutritions cookbook.
  179. Winter specific fuelling?
  180. Frozen Camelback fix?
  181. WinForce gel: num, num, num
  182. Does Tart Cherry Juice Really Work??
  183. Fit vs Healthy
  184. Replacement bite valve for Osprey 'HydraForm' (1st gen)
  185. Food Pyramid for Modern Times
  186. Training/fitness advice needed
  187. What's your routine?
  188. Hammer Gel 26 Serving prices $17.95 each before coupon
  189. what is the best tasting, calories loaded liquid gel?
  190. Easiest way to eat shot blocks while riding?
  191. Oral IV
  192. Osprey Escapist 30 Vs Deuter Trans Alpine 30
  193. Need of advice on where to get advice!
  194. carrying a 2nd water bottle on a Yeti SB95
  195. Should I change my method of weight reduction?
  196. Riding with hypothyroidism...
  197. Right nutrition for a beginner
  198. Cola in XC?
  199. Hauling water makes me sweat!
  200. Any reviews on FRS drinks and Chews?
  201. handy way to carry mutliple bottles in the car
  202. Can you really get 70oz in your hydration pack
  203. How much is too much?
  204. Bass Ackwards, please FATTEN ME UP!
  205. Energy bars
  206. Burning Stored Fat and Climbing Ability / Performance : Question
  207. Anyone have a recipe for something similar to Honey Stinger Waffles?
  208. Nishiki 100ml hydro pack leaks A LOT
  209. How often do you clean your hydration bladder?
  210. Osprey Hydraulics 3.0L Reservoir Review
  211. What bottle do you like on muddy rides?
  212. Diabetic rider badly needs nutrition advice
  213. Race Nutrtition Prep: Best Ways...
  214. Cycling-specific stretches
  215. Camelbak Charge?
  216. Caffe bar drinks
  217. Side effects of Osmo Pre Load?
  218. Hammer Perpetuem and Endurolyte?
  219. Chamomile/Mint Tea + Elixir Electrolyte Tab
  220. Interesting observation on cramping
  221. Adding an extra water bottle cage - adapter??
  222. Commuting to work
  223. Bigger bottles or more bottles vs backpack hydration to reduce stress on back?
  224. Post ride nausea/headache/feeling hot
  225. camelback podium chill 25oZ
  226. Always feel bad for the first 3-5 miles
  227. screw powerade
  228. 20+ oz insulated Bottle for coffee
  229. Fat smoker trying to get healthy
  230. HURT LEGS???'s
  231. Hydration pack mix
  232. Freezing Skratch Labs Drink Mix
  233. How to replicate the way-above-average-days?
  234. Good enough for the U.S.???
  235. Has anyone taken testosterone booster like A-HD?
  236. what kind of food do you guys eat before a ride?
  237. Paleo rides
  238. Xenadrine, glucose and endurance
  239. A whole foods plant based diet.
  240. Gels, shots, bars vs Candy?
  241. Hydration pack for 4+ hour rides
  242. Geigerrig 3L in a Camelbak MULE
  243. Anybody else using Brendan Brazier's "Thrive" book?
  244. Clean Sport Nutrition webinar (warning, plant based nutrition)!
  245. bike fuel
  246. does anybody make a stem mount flip-top food container?
  247. How should I fuel this 5 hour ride?
  248. Hypoglycemic
  249. deer antler spray
  250. Is there a good electolyte gel ?