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  54. Merry Xmas forum light nerds.
  55. how can open a Exposure DIABLO MK7
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  58. Yinding clone
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  75. ? re cree light battery, magic shine etc
  76. Sigma Buster 2000?
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  78. Gloworm xs
  79. Where can I buy this Magicshine Handlebar Mount?
  80. Xeccon Spiker 1207 Button Cover
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  82. website changes
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  84. xflare by candlepower
  85. Night ride photos and videos
  86. Ok guys were right....neutral white is kinda good....
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  88. ORFOS flare pro coming out on the 14th.
  89. Replacement batteries for SolarStorm X2/X3 and Magicshine 808
  90. CREE XM - L2 3600Lm LED vs Cree XML - T6 LED Mountain Bicycle Lamp Bike Light
  91. Light combo advice.
  92. Noob to lights - specific questions
  93. Wheel lights.
  94. What is the best way to helmet mount a Solarstorm light
  95. BT21 Nitefighter discontinued??
  96. Your light setup pics
  97. Lezyne lights recharged by power bank
  98. Helmet Light with Internal Battery Recomendations
  99. Magicshine MJ808u only flashes, won't go to steady on mode or not blinking mode
  100. Suggestions?
  101. Helmet light to complement my Gemini Titan bar light - any advice?
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  103. Amazon batteries
  104. Recomendations
  105. Planet Bike 500 xlr
  106. Cyberattack Knocks Out Access to East Coast Websites
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  113. Bear mace?
  114. BT40S lens
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  116. Gloworm XS VS Ituo WIZ-XP3
  117. Need help with bar & helmet light setup.
  118. 2x900 Lumen better than one 1250 Lumen?
  119. Do all-in-ones like the L&M Taz stay put for mtb?
  120. Lupine Piko4
  121. Lupine Street Light SL
  122. L&M Seca current (4 leds) vs previous (6 leds) beam pattern difference
  123. Rigid Industries Ignite
  124. Can most of these lights run on 12 volts?
  125. Charger?
  126. Battery Questions
  127. KD-BL70 Cree XHP70
  128. SolarStorm 2x CREE XML T6
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  130. New 2S2P case?
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  133. The Thermal Physics Thread.
  134. Kaidomain Soshine Power Bank, Yay or Nay?
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  136. 35mm mounting options
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  141. Did JetLites go out of business?
  142. Funny story while riding with my bike lights. Scared a teen girl with her pants down
  143. More lighting for the sides of the trail
  144. Lenser H7.2 as helmet light?
  145. Lezyne lights
  146. Trail LED updates 2016
  147. You guys didn't mention all the huge spiders and webs on the trails at night?
  148. Noob light choices
  149. "Knog-offs" removed from Eurobike stand in raid by customs officials
  150. Recommendation needed: 2 Lights chinese and inexpensive.
  151. Lost my Lupine Charger One charger
  152. Lupine Connector
  153. First XHP bikr lights :)
  154. AA AAA removble battery lights?
  155. No GoPro bike light adapters for a while
  156. Tomorrow will be 2m17s shorter...
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  158. Daytime Visible Taillight
  159. FTL FH-801 Pro - 416 LED Persistence of Vision Wheel Display
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  170. Handmade Bicycle dynamo C.O.B. E10 bulb by Japanese.
  171. FastTech Customer Service?
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  183. Batteries Sat for almost 2 Years
  184. Anyone with knowledge of the Azur Thumb II 1000lm
  185. 20% off selected NiteRider stuff
  186. Long-shot request: Anyone near Cortina Italy with a 7.4v battery?
  187. 15mm TA dynamo hubs
  188. Ituo Wiz XP3
  189. Warning DS500 users: do NOT depend on Lupine batteries!
  190. Battery question
  191. The Brighter Cyclist group test 2016-17 request for samples
  192. problem with glow worm x2.. any of the light guys know how to fix/prevent
  193. Area light around the bike?
  194. Action LED Lights shipping closed the week of June 20th
  195. Head or Bike
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  199. Ituo WIZ XP2
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  208. Baja Designs battery replacement
  209. Lupine Remotes: RF v. Bluetooth
  210. Trail Gnomes, the night riders worst enemy
  211. Is my Gloworm charger OVER charging or my battery failling
  212. Night Riding Trend
  213. (wow) Trail Torch TT3000
  214. Review: Xeccon Mars 30 USB rechargable rear light
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  216. Lupine light head with non-Lupine battery?
  217. Oxford Commuter X4 Rear Illumination Commuting Bike Light Review from China with beer
  218. Lezyne*Zecto Drive Auto Commuting Bike Light Review & beer from the streets of China
  219. Lezyne*Deca Drive Front Commuting Bike Light Review & beer from the streets of China:
  220. What is your opinion on the new magic shine, gloworm, and gemini batteries? Others?
  221. why no lights with high beam/low beam?
  222. TrustFire TR-D018 3 x Cree XM-L2
  223. Gloworm strain relief?
  224. Thorfire BL01 Bike Light Review
  225. exposed wires battery pack
  226. Battery for ds-500?
  227. When will the edelux III come out?
  228. Best cheap set?
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  230. Strobe mode activated
  231. Lupine battery with ds-500 tail light?
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  235. Hunk Lee battery won't charge.
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  237. Found use for the Gloworm case
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  239. niteflux redzone durability?
  240. Slightly off topic... charger your iphone/Garmin from your light's battery..
  241. A good light for $60 or less?
  242. New Xeccon Sogn 700 wired bit the dust... no luck with contacting them. Am I SOL?
  243. FS Light Bundle In The Classifieds: Gemini Duo / Yinding / Magicshine Clone / Pannovo
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