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  28. How bad is it *really* to store your batteries fully charged?
  29. Possible customized solarstorm case.
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  35. New Yinding
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  38. ( EBay) Solarstorm 3x CREE XM-L 6000 lumens Vs Xeccon link duo 600 lumens
  39. Capacitive Switch Problems with New Exposure Toro Mk6
  40. Review/test: KD 3 x Cree XM-L2 T6 White Stepless+5-Mode 2000 Lumens Bike Light
  41. Cheapo commuter option...opinions?
  42. Battery problem???
  43. glasses for night riding
  44. Where's the Chinese light thread?
  45. KD 2 Light with Remote (version KD sells)
  46. Planning for next Fall...
  47. Serfas TSL-1800
  48. Old Night Rider. Any use?
  49. Mount a NiteRider Lumina series light to a GoPro mount.
  50. interest in group buy on nitefighter BT40S complete set - 4x xp-g2 neutral white
  51. LED's for house lamps; Anyone using these?
  52. What do you guys think about a GREEN led tail light?
  53. Need help picking a light.
  54. Solastorm xt40 ....... "explosion"..........
  55. I want a 12V DC car charger for my 8.4V Li-Ion batteries
  56. JET.BEAM BR10GT 900lm XM-L T6, JL240 18650 incl.
  57. Problem mounting my light
  58. GROUP BUY - Fen!x BC3O Bike Flashlight
  59. Group buy question.
  60. No lights
  61. Is cygolite 800/holeshot OK? Recommendation plz...
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  63. May hell shine on your trail!
  64. Any info on this light
  65. Opportunity to build a 100% Custom, inexpensive, well made light
  66. Basic questions. Mainly, where to mount your light?
  67. Want better mounting for Sigma Evo
  68. GoPro light adapter with fins for additional heatsinking
  69. SS x3 or MJ-880 clone
  70. DiNotte battery care
  71. New 2015 Exposure Light is DELUXE & props to IBEX SPORTS
  72. XT40 Power Cable Soldering
  73. Time to try night riding.
  74. What's the best method to mount a WF-502B flashlight so it points behind me??
  75. Lezyne KTV rear mount
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  78. rear light mounting
  79. Looking for a budget light set.
  80. Mod Angels to Tail Lights?
  81. Sent email to Dinotte, got this response
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  85. Nitefighter BT21
  86. FeiLong FL XML 4000
  87. Gloworm x2 not working
  88. Solarstorm low power problem
  89. Gloworm XS vs L&M Seca2000: Which would you buy?
  90. REVIEW: CB SEEN City Slicker Twin LED 500 Lumen, Rear Bike Light
  91. Check it out! CUSTOM Exposure Diablo Headlamp mount and piggyback battery mount
  92. Shout out for Amoeba Lights
  93. Lantern and fans for camping
  94. night rider light attatchement bands, am I the only one, who breaks them?
  95. Bar Mount Over the Stem 35/31.8/25.4 GoPro Mount
  96. Runtimes - 2x Quality 18650 vs 4x Cheapos
  97. Other Cold Weather Users Breaking Wires Too?
  98. FYI: Gearbest abuses your emails
  99. Need some help about Amazon lights...
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  101. cycle torch shark 500
  102. C&B SEEN City Slicker Twin XM-L L2 1250 Lumen, Wireless Front Bike Light
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  105. Cheaper Variant of Fenix BC30?
  106. Magic Shine Handlebar mount
  107. USB Powered Bike Lights
  108. Fenix PD35 (2014 edition)
  109. Has anyone used this head mounted light?
  110. L30 II - a new generation of old buddy
  111. UltraFire Cree--a good deal flashlight (x-post commuting)
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  113. Fenix BA4C Case found
  114. Older Niterider, worth the time/$ to get new battery?
  115. 35mm Bar Clamp
  116. New cheap-o Chinese LED bike lights 2015
  117. Gloworm X2 or Magicshine 880-L2 for night trail commute
  118. Nitenumen BC-A2 XM-L2 + R5
  119. Dinotte or Gloworm for trail commuter?
  120. Suggest a light head upgrade for me!
  121. Mod a Jexree Owl Clone?
  122. Another reason to use quality batteries
  123. Looking for a good reliable charger for battery packs
  124. Discussion: Neutral LED's; Advantages and Disadvantages
  125. Opinion on bar light aiming.
  126. SSC P7 / Magicshine w/ new PCB version?
  127. Feeler thread about 8.4V 2A Li-Ion charger for 2SxP battery packs
  128. New Battery Solution for Bike Lights - Fuel Cell Generator
  129. top 5 do's and don'ts When buying Chinese bike lights
  130. no response from MagicShine about faulty light
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  134. Measured intensity drop after 30 minutes ?
  135. Nuetral LED SolarStorm X3 and XT40
  136. Other than bike lighting .
  137. Review: New "Solarstorm" 2S2P 8.4V "water resistant" 4 x 18650 battery case for bicyc
  138. kd 2 problem. Help
  139. Best Nuetral LED for Mountain Biking
  140. 2015 Budget Light Shootout
  141. Lumintrek/Lumintrail out of business?
  142. 1200 lumens Helmet light kit UK mini review of the C&B SEEN CABS-1200 HMT
  143. Betty R with Diffuser (Bar Mount)
  144. BAJA DESIGNS suspends MTB lights
  145. Battery adapter is almost DC5.5/2.1mm, but not quite!?
  146. PAID SPAM: Cateye Volt 1200 (HL-EL1000RC)
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  149. Two Cygolite Expilions?
  150. C&B SEEN CABS-1200 1200 Lumen Bike Light & Headlamp Kit review
  151. Gloworm XS or Trail LED XXX?
  152. Visual difference between XM-L and XM-L2
  153. CREE XML XM-L T6 LED Bike Bicycle Light????
  154. Need suggestions for warm tint combo - $500 budget
  155. Where can I get a red lens for the Magicshine MJ-808 style lights?
  156. UltraFire XMl-U2 light GoPro mounts
  157. Gloworm XS 2200 vs Niterider 2200
  158. Niterider 3600 (enduro) vs 2200
  159. Hunk Lee Batteries??
  160. Light storage options
  161. Original/Real Yinding YD 2xU2 found
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  163. Group buy interest thread: Fenix BC30
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  166. Trail LED Free shipping through December 25th
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  168. Magicshine MJ880 to GoPro adapter
  169. charging the batteries questions
  170. New Bar Light - Under $265
  171. Bright Eyes 1200 lumen light
  172. First night ride and test of new lights
  173. Hope District Plus rear light
  174. What ultimate (ie. 3rd) backup light do you use?
  175. SolarStorm X3 XM-L2 vs SolarStorm XT40 XM-L2 Trail Review
  176. Magicshine Eagle F3
  177. Trail LED Cyber Monday Free Shipping
  178. Review: KD 2 x Cree XML-U2 4+10-Mode 2200 Lumens Bicycle Light (picture heavy)
  179. battery pack on helmet
  180. Exposure Revo and hub for rigid mtb on rough bumpy trails?
  181. Exposure Lights are 30% off for Black Friday weekend thru Monday...
  182. Very Stoked on this !!
  183. Great Cree XML Flashlight Deal $3.99
  184. Gloworm XS interchangeable optics/lenses questions
  185. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals ?
  186. First Night Ride in a few years
  187. Went back to my cheapies tonight for fun and wow...they really do work well!
  188. tail light that takes (double A) AA batteries
  189. Which tail light with 60hr burn time?
  190. Buying Chinese? To get by Christmas order NOW!
  191. Pulled over by a cop...
  192. Riding with Gen3 Night Vision?
  193. LED vs HID
  194. 800 real lumens flashlight for $8, good for bar and helmet
  195. real actual runtimes on the xs
  196. Gloworm X1 run times
  197. $12 for SolarStorm x2!!! Should I buy it?
  198. "Hardcore" Mnt bike light advice needed
  199. battery goes into safety mode?!: Help appreciated
  200. Exposure lights have arrived.
  201. Good Helmet light to pair with my bar light?
  202. solarstorm charger
  203. Actual lumen output for SSX2?
  204. Magicshine MJ-816E vs SolarStorm/FandyFire X2 vs ?
  205. SPAM Pass: NiteRider Pro 3000 DIY
  206. My Take on the New 2015 Trail LED DS
  207. Good brands of RC lipos for lights??
  208. Review of Trail LED XXX on the Race Across Texas
  209. Trail LED Free shipping
  210. well well well I have 4500 lumens...
  211. How long to charge battery pack?
  212. Cheap Cree Lights, usually in pairs on Ebay
  213. Helmet light weight?
  214. Battery seemed to die quickly on last ride and now charges quickly..done?
  215. Amazon SecurityIng 3 Modes "2400LM" 3X Cree XM-L2 U2
  216. Need a bar light for 25.4 bars
  217. O-Ring Style Mount to Clamp/GoPro Style Mount (35mm bars)
  218. Design Shine
  219. Deal Extreme Light light = Awesome. Battery crapped out in 11mos. Now what?
  220. Vote for the best single track triple lens
  221. Xeccon Sogn extension cable
  222. bike lights without external battery
  223. Designshine!!!
  224. Got the new PDW Lars Rover 650
  225. Will dinotte XML-4 work with gloworm 4c battery?
  226. Gemini/Gloworm quality and questions.
  227. Bar light only?
  228. Tail light modes and reflective gear
  229. Worth upgrading my lights?
  230. New Niterider Lumina, any updates?
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  235. The Defender Anti-theft Bike Light
  236. 2015 Lights Shootout.
  237. Gemini Xera
  238. Solarstorm x3 XM-L2 U2
  239. The best(?) commuter light ...
  240. CREE 303 lumens per watt LED
  241. Duke it out - Ready set go - XXX vs X2 vs XS
  242. L&M Seca 1500 Single "Blink"
  243. Lumicycle Explorer
  244. Can't wait for my first night ride !!
  245. Testing of Various Diffusion Techniques
  246. Chinese Bike Light Roulette - What to do with a loser?
  247. Please Recommend a Light Setup
  248. xera flashlight, one year in or so.
  249. What kind of lights do you use...poll!
  250. Cheap Chinese / eBay specials and mods?