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  1. Super excited about my new 2015 Light&Motion Urban 800......
  2. Fenix ALB-10 flashlight mount
  3. What kind of lights do you have?
  4. Looking for inexpensive tail light or front and rear lights to give away to riders
  5. Which of these is least likely to be a paperweight?
  6. Cheap light options
  7. Group buy feeler thread: Dual beam bicycle headlight - UniqueFire HD-016
  8. frame mount light?
  9. Recommend a single emitter bike light with biggest SMO reflector!
  10. Solar Storm XT40 + Xtar VP2 + Torchy 3400mah + Battery Box - with pictures...
  11. New lights (budget around 100$)
  12. Review: UniqueFire HD-016 dual beam Bicycle headlight
  13. Any bar clamps worth a darn ?
  14. Blast from the past! What ever happened to Night-Sun?
  15. Lighting Guide???
  16. The night season is upon us - we need a LED light group buy!
  17. New light...anyone use 1 before?
  18. High Pitched Sound from Light & Motion Taz 1500?
  19. Magicshine with remote control, and alternatives
  20. self-contained helmet light with gopro style mount?
  21. Battery is dead. What do I own, what do I need to reorder?
  22. Help... Need lights..Not sure what to get?
  23. Dynamo kit for front + rear + USB + small battery
  24. Xeccon Spiker 1210. Questions
  25. Gemini duo vs Gloworm X2 Spread/beam width??
  26. Lupine Wilma 7 question: Switchable optics?
  27. Fandyfire F88 / DX version
  28. Wider spread with Cree light
  29. Deal Alert - Cheap MS 808E Clone 4 mode (H-M-L-Hidden Strobe) on Ebay
  30. First Night Ride video...
  31. Question about Lezyne battery charge time
  32. Reuse an old bottle as a battery pack. For lights or Di2.
  33. Cat-man-do
  34. Duo/Xera and some cheap-o lights - 18 hour race report
  35. Looking for MJ880, dead, alive but cheap, or borrow
  36. Cool tail lights
  37. Battery Adapter using AA batteries
  38. Awesome NiteRider experience
  39. Hope HID free if you think you can fix it
  40. Cheap Chinese or not ??
  41. PSA-do not charge ice cold lithium packs it kills them
  42. beginner DIY light questions
  43. Have not bought lights in 6 years bring me up to speed
  44. Gemini 6 cell battery with a gloworm xs.
  45. Which style is prefered ??
  46. Fenix Flashlight Q
  47. Niterider PRO 2200 vs Serfas TSL-2500 vs Moon X-Power 2500?
  48. Fenix bc 30
  49. Maths vs Real Lumens..?
  50. Best Self-Contained for around $100
  51. bike light reviews
  52. Repair buzzed cherry bomb light?
  53. DiNotte XML-3 : Good light for helmet??
  54. Best option for new battery pack
  55. Fenix BC30 Bike Light, Dual distance beam -Twin XM-L2 T6 review
  56. Fenix BC30 Bike Light, Dual distance beam -Twin XM-L2 T6 review
  57. MagicShine MJ-890 review.
  58. Reapir CREE XML 6 Light
  59. X2 battery stats
  60. Trail Lights
  61. securitylng light
  62. Why does my Taz 1200 seem so under powered?
  63. New From Trail LED
  64. Serfas True 250 doesn't work
  65. Bye bye 808s...hello Duo/Xera!
  66. Time to upgrade: Niterider Pro vs Light & Motion Seca
  67. So what’s the best light set for me?
  68. Gloworm X2 vs CygoLite TridenX?
  69. WindFire 3 x CREE XM-L T6 1200lm 5-Mode
  70. Lightest 1000+ lumen helmet mounted light?
  71. Rechargeable light with replaceable battery?
  72. Geoman Battery Pack Repair possible?
  73. Wider Beam?
  74. ITUO Wiz800: 5 sets giveaway; cordless, 800 lms, usb rechargeable
  75. Cateye Volt 1200
  76. User Review: Xeccon Spiker 1211; Racer's delight(?)
  77. Poor Gloworm customer service rant.
  78. $3.00 homebuilt tail light
  79. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: TrustFire TR-D014
  80. Supermoon of Sauron (x-posted in AZ and Fatbikes)
  81. Question - Gloworm X2 helmet mount
  82. Dynamo lights
  83. Urban 700 as an all around first light
  84. 6 x XM-L bicycle light giveaway announcement
  85. can it be salvaged?
  86. Latest DesignShine tailight
  87. 'Best' trail commute light: L&M, MS, NR, Fnx
  88. Serfas True 2500
  89. United Palight XC40 dual XML, dual switch, 4x18650 8 volt...I am gonna try this
  90. News about the bike light in 2014
  91. MS 808/Yinding/SS X2/SS X3 comparo/info/photos
  92. Battery pack for Bikeray USA Speed II?
  93. New Product: Halo Belt
  94. Are there any decent (cheap) lights with remote switch?
  95. My new combo Flexlite Lights.
  96. 1st night ride...Awesome
  97. Solar Storm X3 just in
  98. Inexpensive Mtigersports MT-CT09 clip light
  99. Your choice, your recommendations
  100. 3 CREE led light
  101. My tiny sun Folkslight, self contained monster.
  102. AA red back light?
  103. Lumicycle Explorer Anyone?
  104. I need to get my lights upgraded, can you help..
  105. Lupine News 2014/2015
  106. New Fenix BC30 - twin xml-2 bike light
  107. Awesomest Free Helmet Light
  108. something to match a cygolite hotshot on the front
  109. LF-60 6 x Cree XM-L L2 5500 Lumens 3 Modes Waterproof Headlight Bicycle Light
  110. Elliptical optics?
  111. Bought a $10.00 MS style charger off of Ebay today...
  112. Eyewear with script for Night riding??
  113. self contained Helmet Light
  114. Quick Kaidomain shipping method question
  115. New light system for me - good choice? (not yet purchased)
  116. Budget light?
  117. Light wars - best yet!
  118. Poc Trabec + Exposure helmet mount
  119. Ok...please explain the battery thing and how to test them
  120. question about magicshine's battery replacement claim.
  121. Broke my o-ring mount
  122. Yinding + Solarstorm X2 combo ride report
  123. Best Road/Trail Light w/ Cutoff
  124. MagicShine tail light with GoPro adapter
  125. New 2x XML-2 on lightmalls
  126. Headlight canceling out speedometer
  127. Dinotte XML-4 2100 lumens
  128. Look for front and rear recommendations.
  129. Handlebar or helmet mount?
  130. Ordered some Lupine Lights
  131. Fenix lights on sale at REI, May 16-26. 25% off.
  132. When Night ride goes bad.
  133. New Led- MT-G2,,, Anyone Familliar With This??
  134. Need flashlight or bike light for the helmet w/replaceable 18650 battery.
  135. Zebra light ?¿?¿?
  136. XS or Wilma?
  137. everything i have is 3-5 years old. is it worth it to upgrade yet?
  138. Finally, a true "be seen" helmet light!
  139. Inverter wattage necessary to charge lights in car
  140. Travelling with lights on commercial flights?
  141. back to riding after 15 years. the more i read to more confused i get
  142. Kinfire Owl CREE vs. NiteRider HID
  143. Which self-contained single 18650 with proper mount bike light?
  144. Newbie light advice
  145. Bontrager Ion 700
  146. About Lights, any suggestions?
  147. What light for 1 1/4 inch bars?
  148. Current consensus on cheap-o Chinese 3x clones (MS-872 type)
  149. Cygolite Expilion and getting around proprietary batteries
  150. Yinding sources
  151. Dual beam, Twin XM-L New Cycle light from SPARK: SB100
  152. Decent 808 XM-L2 clone?
  153. Smooth reflectors for single led lights (MJ-808)
  154. Has anyone else experienced problems with the Cygolite HotShot 2 Watt unit?
  155. Batteries in Self-contained, non-replaceable lights (ie Lumina 650, Taz 800-1200 etc)
  156. New cheapo Chinese LED bike lights 2014 - please post info/link/review link here :)
  157. TrustFire TR-D014 7xCree XM-L2 T6 4-Mode 3000LM Bicycle Light (LC)
  158. Long term storage of Magicshine battery?
  159. My 3 lights - pretty awesome
  160. TrustFire TR-D013 7*Cree XM-L2 T6
  161. Bar light battery options?
  162. Pretty good Cheap flood U2 Xml style unit
  163. Battery Pack holders? What are my options?
  164. What's the best tri-clone light on the market right now?
  165. Do you keep your bar light permanently mounted?
  166. Just bought a Gloworm XS! What am I in for?
  167. Why handlebar mounts for trail riding?
  168. Has Anyone Tried Revolights?
  169. Are they worth the $$$?
  170. What Do You Do With Old Lights?
  171. looking for a decent lights for night mountain bike riding?
  172. Battery Questions
  173. Is jetlites still in business?
  174. What light - mainly commute (not always on well lit roads) but want good for most thi
  175. Heads Up: Anker 40 Watt USB Charger
  176. NEW Fenix Quick-release Bike Mount ALB-10
  177. Inton NB 04 (Battery Help)
  178. Newb needs charging advice
  179. Lezyne Deca Drive emitters
  180. My Deal Extreme purchase - Ultrafire/Gemini Duo clone + 1
  181. Using RC Car 2 cell LiPo with Solarstorm X2/X3 lights?
  182. 2013+ DiNotte XML-3 vs 2014 Gloworm X2?
  183. Exposure lights...
  184. Origin 8 Vivid Pro 200
  185. After market bar mount.
  186. Reputable source for CREE XML T6?
  187. Quick review; K/D Tri-Clone XM-L2 U2 lamp: Stepless UI
  188. Figuring out what I need
  189. Best Mountain Bike Light
  190. Do any lights not use PWM?
  191. Gemeni Duo or Gloworm X2 more dependable?
  192. Recording Video at night, Best light for?
  193. Who makes a light with XM-l2 with Neutral white tint?
  194. Helmet mounted light w battery pack?
  195. Identify my cateye
  196. Need a light
  197. Snowy Night Ride Just About Killed Me
  198. Strykr SL or Gemini ?
  199. Fenix BTR20 Rechargeable Bike Light(800 lumens,remote pressure switch)
  200. Bluetooth of your Phone,plays and controls your Mtigersports Light!
  201. Moon Sport XP780
  202. Where is Mtigersports
  203. Help me understand the Chinese light market?
  204. Headlamps NOT for riding. Discuss!
  205. which of the 2 lights is better
  206. Paid spam : Gloworm X1 and X2 headlamps for sale...
  207. Рhomemade light.
  208. Mini Review + Beam shots: Xeccon VS other Chinese lights
  209. Brightest AA or AAA bar mount light?
  210. SolarStorm - best vendor to purchase from?
  211. illuminated paid spam: dinotte XML-3
  212. Dang, MJ808s are spotty! Alternatives?
  213. Lupine Plug polarity help
  214. Sub $400 Wide Beam Bar Light Recommendations
  215. Best set for $100 for someone looking to get started...
  216. Zackees LED turn signal gloves
  217. Xeccon Striker 1210... available in the US?
  218. MJ-816E...anyone use it?
  219. 2x Chinese clone poll
  220. Magicshine battery, connector, light system, and compatibility list
  221. Best dual-LED clone as of late? Overwhelmed with options.
  222. UltraFire MT-05S 1*Cree XM-L2 T6
  223. Thinking about another Lupine...
  224. Verdict on best place to currently get duo clone?
  225. Commuter Light Alternative--XPost Commuting
  226. Serfas tsl-1000 or Magicshine 872
  227. Modern, 300 lumen+ lights with retro/classic casings? does anyone make this?
  228. Xeccon Link Light---Magnetic charing system
  229. Xeccon Link Light---Magnetic charing system
  230. 2000 REAL lumens, under $200. Single light. Is it possible?
  231. Gemini charger lost. Can you charge the battery with this?
  232. Cygolite 1700 OSP and Cygolite Tridenx 1300 xtra
  233. My short search for a self-contained commuter light
  234. USB charging while light is running?
  235. Need help with tail light selection
  236. First time light buyer
  237. Recommandations on cheap lights
  238. First time on a trail. Would you go at night?
  239. Looking for light suggestions for commuting..
  240. Chinese New Year ( 2014 ) Approaches: Order NOW
  241. GoPro adapters
  242. Decent 2200 Lumens Bike Light With Rechargeable Battery
  243. How much is too much? Is my Magicshine charger overvolting my battery?
  244. Runtime if using a L&M 6-Cell on a Stella 500?
  245. Serfas True 1500+ still a good light?
  246. NiteRider Lumina 700 + Bontrager Ion 700
  247. KD 2x XM-L2 lightheaded - anybody try this?
  248. Taking apart new style magicshine battery enclosures? Is balancing nessesary?
  249. delete
  250. can I reuse cells from my gemini packs in panovo case?