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  1. 2017 Kona Unit as winter commuter - yay or nay?
  2. Stolen saddles
  3. Fenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.
  4. I have to quit bike commuting
  5. Hilly pavement only tire sizing
  6. Seattle commuters. Do you need disk brakes?
  7. car bone builds some sh1t
  8. Need opinions of tire sizes for commuting
  9. Looking for a new steel frame for a Allrounder/Commuter bike. (Fargo vs Drove)
  10. Need recommendations for non roll top single pannier
  11. Bike Commute/School Backpack choices?
  12. When is someone going to test LITELOK?
  13. A tale of two commuters...
  14. Converting 26" MTB to 700C wheels with breaks.
  15. Will a 130mm hub on a cross check slip?
  16. Gravel, Touring or Cross for commuting?
  17. Lockable Panniers
  18. Cannondale Bad Boy 1 2014
  19. Wrinkled clothes
  20. 29er slick tires and rigid fork?
  21. Changing Jobs :leaving my glorious commute:
  22. Carbon SS for Commuting?
  23. good metal fenders?
  24. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  25. Taz 1200 or Urban 800 FC
  26. Tire consensus for commuting and touring?
  27. stem options
  28. Dyno hub lights, why did I wait so long.
  29. Bike Stories
  30. Surly 8-pack rack
  31. Clothing for Riding in Hot Weather
  32. Looking forward to my new commute this week
  33. do you wear your regular mtb helmet for commuting?
  34. Bike-Unfriendly and Bike-Welcoming Businesses
  35. Things I'm learning on my 17.5 mile commute
  36. On using the largest visible part of a cyclist to improve safety - my project
  37. Commuter Pants for a Clyde
  38. Any one do GravelBike/Gravel ride thing? Show us your bike. New bike or convert?
  39. video guys grinds through bike lock in 30 seconds
  40. folding bikes
  41. Bicycle bell/horn
  42. my wife's taste in bikes i oppsite of mine. a mixte!! (learned a new word)
  43. Recumbent tires!
  44. SKS fenders. fixing a warp?
  45. Runner/Pedestrians misusing roads and paths
  46. Im an Expat commuting 450 km p/ wk in China & have a vidblog. Come ride with me : )
  47. Making Wood Fenders
  48. Need tire decision for my wife's commuter
  49. wearing out my Gatorskins. any reason not to stay with them?
  50. Anyone running 1x on their commuter?
  51. Rear rack for full suspension?
  52. Best bike lane sign ever
  53. What pedals do you use on your commuter?
  54. First day of spring!
  55. Nate's Make your own winter bike shoes- XC boot mod.
  56. The search for a decent commuting front light
  57. Learn me: rigid 26" commuter
  58. Suggestions on uglying a bike
  59. Selling my 2013 Allez for a 2006 Giant OCR?
  60. SANTA ROSA bike commuters. i need some help
  61. Commuter Suggestion - Around Town with Kiddo
  62. How not to be that "stinky" person at work?
  63. Anyone using folding locks?
  64. Weigh in on Restarting Bike Commuting Before I Broach the Subject with my Wife
  65. Another Cautionary Tale
  66. Anyone ridden a Novara Mazama?
  67. that feel...
  68. Locking a Brooks saddle on a commuter bike?
  69. Help me win a full wardrobe of Gore-Tex? Please and thank you!
  70. mobile phones and condensation?
  71. In Canada, watch out where you lock your bike up, the snow plow might get it!
  72. GPS tracker app to let your family know where you are
  73. Changing threaded fork with un-threaded fork
  74. Giant ToughRoad SLR 2
  75. soma wolverine frame
  76. Storm Shots
  77. What's your favorite commute accesory?
  78. Bike wipes or something else?
  79. Have you had your front wheel stolen?
  80. Single speed or 3 speed commuters
  81. Racktime Topit users?
  82. Framekit for commuting and bikepacking in the future!?
  83. Calgary Bikecommuting Documentary
  84. Sharrows worse than doing nothing?
  85. The Iceman Cometh
  86. Have you had your saddle stolen?
  87. Controlling body temperature
  88. What my bike has taught me about white privilege
  89. Rear Rack Trouble
  90. Commuting and trail hardtail. Good idea?
  91. The tyre dilemma...
  92. How to attach head badge
  93. One For the Retrogrouches
  94. What 700c commuter wheelset for $800?
  95. Advice needed re. Ogre size
  96. Rigid MTB for a commuter
  97. So I just sold my car...
  98. Trickle charger - how to power?
  99. Time for a new helmet?
  100. Traitor Slot?
  101. Who makes this commuter?
  102. Cassette Replacement Question
  103. Post a Vanity Plate
  104. New build: Straggler or Disc Trucker?
  105. Cross walk button comes to cyclist?
  106. Cracked Frame today on commute need advice
  107. Car Battery Maintenance
  108. Volvo Life Paint
  109. Which is easier in reality (swapping tires or wheelsets)?
  110. clipless water-resistant shoe?
  111. Budget Commuter light
  112. Front light options. Waterproof and no external battery
  113. Paid Spam: Surly Straggler Commuter/Cyclocross bike for sale
  114. Heads up on some cheap lights
  115. Are You an Organ Donor?
  116. Bikes vs. Cars - have you seen it?
  117. Tire advice, etc...
  118. Glove and shoe dryer
  119. Commute tire recommendation for 29er HT
  120. Now for something completely different
  121. clyde looking to commute- wheelset build
  122. Getting a CX commuter bike. What tires for a mix of terrain?
  123. Suggestions for winter/wet pants?
  124. Survey for Bicycle commuting
  125. Should I be upset about this?
  126. 5k miles for 2015
  127. Commuter Tire Question
  128. Waterproof commuting bag
  129. 5k commute. Primarily for winter. Kona Unit?
  130. Small Storage bag
  131. Good Commuter bike.
  132. martinsillo's Short Report
  133. Banjo Brothers Backpack/Pannier
  134. So this week I have to commute...
  135. I know what tires you should get
  136. heading into rainy season and need advice!
  137. Confrontation whilst Commuting
  138. Can i replace my seat post collar with a quick release?
  139. To glove, or not to glove?
  140. Please Help: Trying to Locate Bike in Forums
  141. Anyone receiving the Bicycle Commuter Benefit??
  142. Rode in another city this weekend...realized that I don't have it very bad at all...
  143. h?
  144. Retired Navy SEAL Capt. Taken by Vehicle While Cycling
  145. Little early on studded tires, but a good deal!
  146. Reflective shoes to a whole new level
  147. 2015/16 Cold/Wet Winter Commute Support Thread
  148. Hydros or cable disc brakes?
  149. CX commuting and tire pressure. Tubes vs. Tubeless
  150. Buy dedicated commuter bike or convert mountain bike next year?
  151. Interesting items for cummuters
  152. looking to buy new commuting/touring bike...
  153. Do Continental Travel Contacts run narrow?
  154. commuting - need bag/rack/panniers(?) for light load in wet weather
  155. How long is your commute ride?
  156. Review YQ8007 DIY Programmable Bicycle Wheel Light
  157. Selling hybrid and commuting wth MTB
  158. Commuter with off-road tendencies...
  159. Humor in Traffic
  160. Dropout extension?
  161. Rode my bike to work, first time.
  162. Fenix BC30R
  163. Taking the long way home today
  164. Break even point-small victory
  165. Rival Shifters and X9 derailleur, need help.
  166. Selling alternatives to Craigslist?
  167. Best Commuter/City Bike Seat
  168. Help me find a frame from my gravel commuter wish list - Di2, 28 tires, disc, fenders
  169. Garmin Varia
  170. Jeffrey Smock Update
  171. Another Fatal Hit and Run
  172. Sad Stats and Truck Safety
  173. 1 year Car Free and 10000km
  174. Anyone know about the Trek 7900 Multitrack?
  175. My commuter built for low maintenance
  176. Commmuting/gravel xc project - 90s Scott Race
  177. Odd problem with my road bike commuter
  178. LNM Vis 360
  179. Looking for a good city/urban bike similar to Cannondale Bad Boy. Suggestions?
  180. Looking for speedier commuter bike
  181. Recommendations for a City Commuter/Bike Trail Fitness Bicycle
  182. My Commute
  183. Gravity G29 upgrading to hydraulic brakes
  184. Claris to 105
  185. Rail Road crossing - Challenge.
  186. Gravity 27fivess (BikesDirect) part 2 - "Some bikes are just meant to be themselves"
  187. O.m.g!!
  188. Bell/Horn Thread. What's your favorite?
  189. Big Apple Users, did you specifically choose a particular tube?
  190. Cheap rear bike basket, commuting challenges and bike lock
  191. Chief in Double Fatal Speaks Out
  192. Maxxis Torch 29er, anybody using them?
  193. What did you see on your commute (pic thread)
  194. How much do you put into your bike?
  195. I want to commute by bike, but
  196. pressure and rolling resistance .
  197. "Gravel" bike commuter?
  198. Kitty rescue
  199. so when you commute on your mtb..........
  200. The Idaho Stop
  201. Bontrager flare r
  202. Looking for a 26" commuter tire that I can run tubless...
  203. Do idiot cyclists make you mad?
  204. What cool wildlife did you see on your commute? (Pics if possible)
  205. Post pictures of your quiver/stable/bikes/etc...
  206. What do you want to do?
  207. Sticker for cars that cut you off?
  208. Similar to a CUBE ATTENTION for commuting in Amsterdam?
  209. Why does nobody seem to want cycling shoes you can wear and walk in all day?
  210. What is your commuter set up?
  211. Need a puncture resistant tire
  212. Clothing - Pack, leave at work, or don't change?
  213. How many started out "converting" but eventually purchased a commuter bike?
  214. Tire inflation, CO2 or hand pump for commuting?
  215. SPAM PASS: Spot Brand 29er Commuter Medium
  216. Biking while black in Tampa
  217. Bicyclist John Mello Memorial Bridge
  218. 3' Law Enforced Using Cyclist Video
  219. Trooper: "We really don't care about those bike lanes"
  220. full fenders for 26 x 2.2 tires?
  221. Help planning commute
  222. Rule #9 aka Singing In The Rain
  223. Greetings From AZ
  224. Calling ALL Commuters - Worldwide!
  225. "We discourage people putting up their own traffic signs"
  226. Night Cycling in Guadalajara
  227. Brilliant discount for every hour you ride
  228. New Commuter, bike confusion
  229. Best trunk bag with attached panniers
  230. Good Advice...
  231. Not riding a bicycle is hazardous to your health
  232. :deadhorse: Picking a bike for me.
  233. Black or Tan fenders with white frame?
  234. Kona Big Rove
  235. Paul Word Hub and 6 speed freewheel?
  236. Topeak MtX rack on beach cruiser
  237. Commuter Bike -Velo Orange Polyvalent Frame Build
  238. Litterbug Lessons
  239. LifePaiint, have you seen it?
  240. You're the Reason Why Car Drivers Do Not Like Bicycles
  241. Trouble finding fitting helmet
  242. Five ways that (car) commuting ages you
  243. What MTBers Think About While In The Office?
  244. Reliable, long term night driving solution?
  245. London Mayor Suggests Cyclists Try Orchestral Conducting @ Lights
  246. Transportation Official: Road Design not a factor in Cyclist Deaths
  247. Companies getting on board with bikecommuting
  248. 29er tube?
  249. Cygolite Metro 400 USB battery life?
  250. Beware of Spring Flooding