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  1. opinions on a commuter bike.
  2. Squirly Kona Dew Plus
  3. wanting to build an "ultimate" commuter
  4. Dogs... How Do You Deal With Them?
  5. Intersection Ettiquette
  6. Sidewalks are Better......
  7. Mile Logger
  8. 'Hybrid' (Commuter) Clubs in MD
  9. Bike type for commuting
  10. How did you find your route?
  11. Good Seat for Commuting
  12. Alfine on Old MTB
  13. The Greatest Mayor!
  14. The Winter Commute
  15. Planning on Pushing It This Week
  16. Alternative Shifter Idea on Dropbars
  17. 27 minutes 27 seconds as the crow flies
  18. Commuting is ruining my mountain bike fitness
  19. Interesting... 2W USB-rechargable taillight for $40
  20. Clipless pedals for city (or mod shimano A530?)
  21. I want to rebuild my new (oldish) commuter
  22. To all SS Commuters
  23. biking to work not as cost effective as I hoped - tires/maintenance
  24. Super Flash Turbo or Radbot 1000
  25. Tube vs. Patch
  26. Tube vs. Patch
  27. Love my Mt. Bike, want something lower profile for riding around
  28. Input on these tires??
  29. Beginner questions
  30. Flats/Tires
  31. I don't lock my bike
  32. Cat. 6 Road Racing
  33. Commuter bling
  34. Commuting to school, what do I need?
  35. Anyone ride with a helmet cam or use one occassionly?
  36. Civia Cycles Bryant: Anyone Have Experence?
  37. Bikes Similar to GF Montare and Cannondale Bad Boy?
  38. My Commuter and why
  39. Trying to decide on a commuter, help! Take 5 seconds and vote!
  40. got me a new rig
  41. Found the perfect commuter beater!!
  42. Traffic calming signal
  43. new bike
  44. selling roadbike,,, buy a cx bike or 29er?
  45. New job and new to commuting...
  46. converting single speed to 1x9
  47. Always ride in the bike lane
  48. 700c x 25 road tires on 29'er wheels
  49. Solstice again...
  50. fenders for a rigid suspension corrected fork
  51. Continental Road Tyres
  52. which 29er as commuter?
  53. One Way Street Question
  54. Lunch Rides
  55. Is Swobo out of business?
  56. How to handle short greens
  57. Commuting Tyres question, size?
  58. How would you have handled this situation?
  59. bad commute today
  60. How far is your commute that you want smaller tires?
  61. Online Lunar Eclipse Today
  62. Changing to slicks for my commute
  63. Are traditional road tires really better than high volume fast rollers?
  64. My bike Stats
  65. Motorcycle Horn on a Bicycle
  66. Got out the old bike
  67. Go 1 x 9 or single speed on my commuter?
  68. Gas prices vs Start biking
  69. What tire
  70. How long is too long?
  71. Funny Vid in Response to "Not Riding in Bike Lane" Ticket
  72. Backpack vs messenger bag vs pannier
  73. Switched Bikes
  74. Inspection after crash
  75. Newbie Groin Pull
  76. Finally able to commute by bike!
  77. orgin8 drop barends
  78. New bike lock idea
  79. Platform or SPD Pedals?
  80. Mountain bike noblies v slicks v road bike
  81. full suspension road bike
  82. First time commuter, lock locations, rant, blah...
  83. Recommendations for pannier messenger combo
  84. How do you handle the day after a long ride.
  85. Sizes for replacement Hex Pin Security Bolts? (accesory/component theft prevention)
  86. WTB Graffiti
  87. Recommend me a good tire
  88. Another mans trash is another mans treasure!
  89. Backpack on my rack?
  90. question regarding Schwinn High Plains
  91. Commute-Rain-Glasses
  92. $$$ Messenger bags: Are they worth it? Tell your Story.
  93. Emergency ID
  94. First ride in two years...
  95. Bike Safety Video
  96. What are your thougts on a Driving Tax
  97. question
  98. Bar tape decision
  99. Best solution to right pant leg trouser problem?
  100. Weinmann Semi-Automatics on 80's Cannondale Road Bike
  101. Ride
  102. bike to work week...
  103. Any product that adds flat platform to SPD pedal?
  104. Rear rack for GT 29er used as commuter bike
  105. Parts or a new Bike to commute
  106. Need help with tire selection
  107. My $50 commuter conversion
  108. New to commuting, need advice
  109. First set of pannier bags...need recommendations.......
  110. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise...
  111. My new commuter
  112. What shifters/brakes for wet weather commuter?
  113. Fork-Mounted Lights
  114. i mean lets be honest mountain bikes are probably better and faster commuters
  115. Help my find my ideal commuter bike...
  116. EPIC Bike Commute Video!
  117. 19 year old thinking about commuting
  118. Civia Loring
  119. Ankle Pain!!!!!
  120. Cheapest High Volume 26" Slick
  121. How to confront a neighbor...
  122. My First Commute!
  123. no shower clean up??
  124. the dreaded sidewalk post
  125. May is Bike Month
  126. Do you wear your work clothes on the commute?
  127. Cheap singlespeed commuter
  128. I'm going crazy!
  129. fun commuter
  130. Commuting while sick
  131. Studs Off
  132. Raleigh Alley Way - anyone riding one? size advice?
  133. Raleigh Alley Way - anyone riding one? size advice?
  134. Go Away Winter!!!!
  135. OK...Suspension on the commuter ROCKS!!!!
  136. question on shaving legs. lol
  137. New commuter looking for advice
  138. Bad News/Good News/Better News
  139. Drive Less Challenge
  140. New commuter questions/advice........?
  141. Do everything bike
  142. Cleaning up from your commute
  143. Going rigid, a couple of questions
  144. First Bike Commute In Over 8 Months!
  145. Need backpak
  146. 1998 Giant ATX 860: + rigid carbon fork?
  147. Shifting My Weight
  148. New Project - circa 1967
  149. Hill Climbs. Legs Feel Fine... Heart/Lungs are killing me?
  150. Serfas Clip On Fenders - front fender mounting problems
  151. Is this bike a good deal?
  152. Am I overdoing the commute?
  153. Do we need to stop for school bus?
  154. Big Apples or Thudbuster???
  155. First SS on the way!!
  156. hot weather commuting
  157. Electric bikes in bike lane/MUP
  158. Electric bikes
  159. Bob Trailer with Gar Fisher HiFi Pro 29
  160. Commuting with a Hardtail?
  161. How to overcome dangerous routes?
  162. Serial Number
  163. Why do you commute?
  164. legs won't work
  165. Commuter Mileage Milestones
  166. 700x38 tires for commute
  167. anyone else ride a folder?
  168. Lights during sunrise/sunset?
  169. My F150 is Cheaper to Drive!
  170. "Buzz" killed?
  171. New bike! Headset help?
  172. ryball's gadget corner: part eleventy
  173. Still havent found the perfect grips
  174. Sharing the trails, etiquette rules
  175. Wheelset upgrade - opinions
  176. Normbilt, question on your San Jose
  177. Commuting guide books ...?
  178. Fast Full Suspension Commuter=XC bikes?
  179. Ergon grips and bar end mirror?
  180. Looking for a light weight minimalist rear rack
  181. Budget Crankset advice for commuter
  182. Show Your Panniers
  183. Epic Designs Alaska
  184. Do You Wear a Helmet & Why?
  185. First bike
  186. Help me choose a MTB
  187. Will this bike build work out OK?? Advice Please......
  188. Tire Recommendations? (26" mtb conversion)
  189. Pix Request: Vintage MTB, Drop Stem, 26" High Volume
  190. First Commute
  191. WaterProof Was
  192. wide handlebar
  193. gritty fixed to ss
  194. Foul Weather riding shoes / boots.
  195. Tire for commute/dirt?
  196. Good Commuter Bike?
  197. A Light Reflection on Side Visibility
  198. Recommend a Cheap Rigid Fork for Commuting
  199. Lame newb question for y'all
  200. Frame recommendation
  201. Is it me??
  202. Confessions of a commuting noob
  203. Snow Mobile Trails?
  204. Paid Spam: Jamis Nova CX Commuter
  205. endura luminlite jacket
  206. Riding on railroad tracks
  207. Commuter Tools
  208. Swobo As a First Commuter?
  209. Will it set my bike on fire?
  210. Tire advise
  211. Commute Help for a NEWBIE.
  212. Commuter Jackets?
  213. my new commuter!
  214. How to get more from my 8spd
  215. Are Slicks More Prone to Flats?
  216. Anyone Riding With Aero Bars?
  217. Manchester cyclist's headcam records road rage
  218. Input on Spot Highline?
  219. A commuter's dream?
  220. 30 mile commute, need a better bike!
  221. MS 900 converted to taillight.
  222. Anybody commute on a road bike with race geo?
  223. Iditacommute
  224. Looking Forward to my New Bike
  225. Misunderstood Cyclists
  226. this is just Fu·%d up!
  227. Louis Garneau Pannier/Rack
  228. Cruiser Cam Captures Cyclist Collision
  229. It's nice to work with some good welders
  230. Driver tries to kill cyclists in Critical Mass Porto Alegre, Brazil
  231. Mirror
  232. Bikepooling anyone?
  233. Nimh Batteries with the Radbot 1000
  234. Should I buy this bike?
  235. First week bike commute impressions
  236. Road bike in the snow!
  237. USB Commuter Lights
  238. Looking for a rear rack with these specifications....
  239. Why adding 6350 grams to my bike made me happy
  240. 1x9 commuter gearing
  241. I. Hate. Goat. Heads. !
  242. Post Nor'easter commute video
  243. 700x38 tires that aren't too thick
  244. How to plan a trip
  245. Trunk bag security
  246. So, When Do You Ditch The Studs?
  247. Dutch bikes, Retro-City Bikes, or what name. Also Opinions
  248. Newbie - commute/trail combo?
  249. The Totobobo Super Cool pollution control
  250. Nashbar X Aluminum hub spacing... argh.