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  1. Neurologist biker killed, culprit gets 90 days in jail and pays $18,000 to the family
  2. Hello from Kentucky
  3. Need new frameset ideas
  4. Light, "cyclocross like bike" for going carfree, joyrides, training
  5. Tubes, tubeless, or slime?
  6. Best cable housing for being left out in sun?
  7. Best riding shorts/shirt for NOT changing when you get to work?
  8. Looking for a college beater
  9. Bike Tourist News:
  10. Giant Bicycles Founder FInally Riding Them in His 70's
  11. Mountain Lion Gives New Meaning to Roadkill
  12. Real Road/Cross bike or "custom" Mountain Bike?
  13. How do you feel about putting overbuilt (DH, freeride, BMX) parts on your commuter?
  14. Never Wet for commuting shoes/frame?
  15. Long Haul Trucker STI compatibility
  16. Video Detection May Replace Electromagnetic Traffic Sensors at Signals
  17. NASCAR Driver Crashes Bike, Will Miss Race
  18. SFPD Chief Apologizes...
  19. The Dooring Dilemma
  20. Philly article on bikes vs. cars
  21. The "I did something stupid and lived to tell about it" thread
  22. New Seat...cost me my tail light.
  23. Drivetrain Q's. X-Post from Drivetrain
  24. Interesting tail light
  25. north east winter time comutes
  26. First Winter Forecast
  27. Need fat bike for cold wet winter?
  28. matte white and carbon, a match made in heaven
  29. Fenders for my new commuter
  30. SKS Longboard ... really disappointed
  31. Rare central Texas creature spotted
  32. Stan's Crest + CompassCycle?
  33. Chicago Cyclist Purposefully Dragged by Messenger Bag
  34. Stinky shorts
  35. Texting and Driving
  36. Rear rack options for frames without mounting points.
  37. Why don't they make steel seatpost racks for full suspension bikes
  38. Single 9 or 9x1 drivetrain?
  39. Frame Discs Flats
  40. Do you commute when you are slightly sick?
  41. Dumping the Pompetamine. Replacing it.
  42. Real chamois?
  43. Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roll and Rock 'n Roll ex bikes? Anyone have one?
  44. Which bike would you choose out of these?
  45. Components with MAXIMUM DURABLITY
  46. Security Video: U-Locked Bike Stolen in 44 seconds
  47. Encourage biking to work at We the People
  48. Commuters Live, Freeze & Die* on Global Fatbike Day?
  49. Bikeface! When a Bike Bell Rings...
  50. Trek 7.4 Disc
  51. Beyonce, Bike Commuter
  52. Fourth Cycist Pushed Off Bike by a Silver Car
  53. What do you think of my lighting setup for the commute?
  54. Austin Police Enforcing Safe-Passing Law
  55. late 80s/early 90s steel road bikes
  56. 11spd for commuter?
  57. Building Concerned about "Professional Image" Tickets Bike Rack Users
  58. Drooling and Dreaming
  59. What Should I Do When I See People Using Phones?
  60. Bike Chaos and Enforcement
  61. Wind Map
  62. Looking at bikes to commute with
  63. I Ride on LSD
  64. 26" tire for pavement and gravel that's dirt cheap...
  65. Tell Drivers What You Really Think of Them with the ibackpack
  66. Tougher Laws No Silver Bullet for Cycle Safety
  67. Cargo Cyclist or Zombie Apocalypse?
  68. Bikecommuting Lawyer Sees His Own Bike Stolen
  69. Confused Cyclist Enters, then Escapes, Tunnel
  70. Most comfortable saddle for commuting?
  71. How to Build a Bike Habit
  72. SS woes: gears or HTFU?
  73. Mountain Bike to Commuter Tire Help Please!
  74. Driverless Cars! The cause of, and solution to all of life's problems
  75. Distracted Driving: In America, Our Cellphones are Like Alcohol
  76. With Horns and Lasers, Fighting to be Noticed
  77. Bikecommuter (??) Gets Off 1 train, Rides into Path of Another
  78. Nevermind: Cops Say Cyclist Killed Did Not Run Red after All
  79. Cyclist Pleads Guilty to First-Ever U.S. Felony Vehicular Manslaughter
  80. "Lady, you just don't shut up, do you?"
  81. We 3 MTBR Commuters - NH Meet- Up 7/20/13
  82. Check and replace your chains!
  83. No ID cyclist...
  84. It is not me and traffic........
  85. Death of Bikecommuter Spurs Protest Ride in London
  86. New Bikecommuter Hit 3 Days After Adding Helmet
  87. Another IGH question
  88. Novara clothing
  89. Carradice SQR Tour - Where to get? Anything similar to substitute?
  90. Signs on Your Travels
  91. A decent blinky that wont break off when you roll over a pot-hole.
  92. Drop bar comuter
  93. "There's Nowhere to Park" - my bike!
  94. "There are too many bicycle people on the road"
  95. What do yall prefer
  96. Urban DIY Paths
  97. Looking for a Urban Bike
  98. He Was JRA & Shoved From Bike
  99. The Art of Carrying Things by Bike
  100. It's good having my tools back finally
  101. Counting my flats
  102. Surviving the Summer Heat
  103. Blast from the past!
  104. Bike for Commuting - Need Help
  105. New Wheels - Commuting and Extended Rides
  106. Trepidation on Two Wheels in Seattle
  107. Building up my commuter/daily
  108. When it rains, it pours
  109. Glimpses of NYC on Bikes
  110. 597 to 0
  111. Right and Wronged: Cyclist Proves He did Not Run Red
  112. If you have a meth lab in your backpack, don't ride on the sidewalk
  113. "Embarrasment Finds me on Virtually Every Ride"
  114. My day spent cycling in Cincinnati.
  115. Hit by car, bike banged up - how would you proceed?
  116. More on Lightning
  117. Any leatherworkers or friends of someone who is?
  118. Boston Globe Editorial: You Want Love?
  119. Looking for opinions of Ergon PC2 Pedals.
  120. Altoids to the rescue!
  121. Residential and Commercial Bike Amenities
  122. Karate Monkey Commuter
  123. CL Post: A Warning to Bicyclists in Columbus
  124. Higher RPM cadence test results.
  125. Salmon Cyclist Blames Cop for Collision
  126. Veteran Bikecommuter Hit & Run
  127. Commuting tires
  128. Tip of the Day - don't ride on a racetrack while the cars are racing
  129. 3.1 mile commute
  130. Commuter Clothes?
  131. Bike Parking in the Early 1900's
  132. Tire Trapper Stormwater Grates
  133. Does anyone commute AND take another mode of transportation?
  134. Comedian on Road Rage
  135. Have You Been Passed By One of These Yet?
  136. What's wrong with this picture?
  137. Employer Incentives
  138. DC Bikecommuter Beaten on Bikepath in the Afternoon
  139. Cylist Missing After Returning to Lake for Bike after Crash
  140. Cheap slicks for my MTB?
  141. Specialized Turbo.. woooo
  142. Egad! Hit and Run by Mobility Scooter
  143. Interesting light technology
  144. Boy! Does this parking suck!
  145. Cyclist Sensors Added to Truck Fleet
  146. Hi-Vis Makes No Difference?
  147. A New Bikecommuter in Dress Shoes
  148. Can my bike power my toaster?
  149. New Bike Day!
  150. $1000 ticket for dooring; $200 for bikes running reds
  151. Calling ss commuters! Gearing help needed!
  152. I get stubborn wrinkles on my jacket
  153. Pasadena will give you $220 to buy a folder
  154. "Don't Show Fear! Cars are Like Dogs! They Can Smell Fear!"
  155. BMX/Mountain/Road commuter bike!
  156. restless nights and commuting
  157. Vending Machine for Biking Breakdowns
  158. my newest commuter buy . Post yours
  159. Canada Geese Take Down Bikecommuter
  160. Dealing with the dreaded bonk when Diabetic and commuting.
  161. Thoughts on "Urban" hybrids?
  162. Trailer Bike New Paint Job
  163. What to upgrade first?
  164. 2013 Design Logic "Da-Trail" with NuVinci transmission pix
  165. New to Commuting tire question
  166. Ergon GC1?
  167. Out of the Park Homer Barely Misses Cyclist
  168. Salty Frozen Seat Post
  169. Biker in Brooklyn Gets Bullied
  170. Timelapse Vid: Bikecommuter Passes 600 cars in 15 minute ride
  171. 3 Wheeled ELF Solar Tricy-car
  172. Cyclist Dies on Flooded Road
  173. Bikecommuter Beaten during Rush-Hour
  174. Commuting VS> Mtn Bike Riding
  175. Bikecommuter's Speed Catching Up with the Car's
  176. Diversity of US Cyclists
  177. 3' Now the Law in NV
  178. Cone-fighter Cyclist gets the Finger
  179. What do you think about this bike...
  180. Inflation Systems?
  181. In Calgary "Cagers" are now Parking Bikes
  182. coats for rainy days
  183. Locks for your bike / Seats
  184. Help me identify this seatpost!
  185. "Cyclist Ahead" Automated Innovation
  186. Tazed for No Lights or Helmet
  187. gloves for a rainy day
  188. Dateline NJ: Will Bicycle Accident Delay the NJ Sports Betting Schedule?
  189. More Bikes than Cars Sold in Italy
  190. Another Cyclist Hero
  191. UK Driving Schools add Cyclist Safety Segment
  192. Cops Stop Cyclist for Not wearing Lycra
  193. Bikeshare NYC Starting
  194. Somewhat of an annoyance
  195. Inspired creations
  196. Slate's Pedestrian–Cyclist Armistice
  197. Was Anti-Bike Mayor on Crack?
  198. Dooring accounts for 22% of bike accidents in Boston
  199. Marathon Supreme 29x2.0 is tiny....
  200. OK, It's Not Really a Bicycle...
  201. Another Hit And Run Idiot Story
  202. Dateline DC: Bike Cut Off, Cab Pulled Over
  203. Helmet-Share coming to Boston Bike-Share
  204. Long Hot Summer Support Thread
  205. "Don't worry about mixing 1994 air with 2013 air"
  206. Cussing Cylist Reported at Police Station
  207. Unfriendly Bike Cities
  208. 90s Specialized Hardrock
  209. Odometer Speedometer for my Commuter
  210. Bike to Work Day events
  211. Angry motorists beware: Some of those cycliists are cops
  212. Bike Art
  213. Insurance Company Tactics/1 Cyclist's Fight
  214. First Commuter bike
  215. Foldable bike for safe storage at work
  216. Time, Fear of Looking Flustered Top Reasons for Not Bikecommuting
  217. No Ride-Through Service at Walgreens
  218. Amtrak to Require Bikecommuter Fee and Reservation
  219. Carbon fork on my 2012 giant Seek
  220. Amateur Review: Carradice Nelson
  221. Commuting question
  222. The most polite truck driver ever...
  223. 91' Marin Eldridge Grade for Commuting
  224. on hiatius.. this sucks
  225. high volume, faster rolling tire, mostly for commuting?
  226. 10 Best New Complete Streets Policies in the US
  227. Stuff You Can Mount to a Bottle Cage Braze-On
  228. Save Billions - Ride a Bike
  229. $250 Bike Blazer from Lands End
  230. Dateline CA 1897: the bike toll road
  231. Interactive Bike Commuting / AKA which bike should I ride tomorrow.
  232. Fighter Pilot and Bike Commuter
  233. UK Politician Doors Cyclist
  234. Has Anybody Seen/Tried This?
  235. Wind Gust may have Pushed Cylist into Path of Bus
  236. Looking for input on used Gary Fisher Mendota
  237. Only in Your Dreams? A Highway with no Cars
  238. Crackdown in Austin on 3' Law and on Cyclists
  239. Commuter does double duty as a tourer, 368 miles in 3 days
  240. Orbital Ring Roundabout
  241. World's 20 Most Bike Friendly Cities
  242. The sweet sound of freshly cleaned drive train
  243. Kryptonite FAHGETTABOUDIT Cut in 10 seconds...
  244. How do I break the "glass" speed barrier?
  245. Don't worry, you're only invisible 22% of the time...
  246. Students Can Swap Parking Permit for Free Bike
  247. Vulnerable User Law FAIL
  248. The Woonerf: Where Share the Road is Taken Literally
  249. Replacement tires and/or wheelset for city riding
  250. Tires for varied terrain?