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  1. Similar to a CUBE ATTENTION for commuting in Amsterdam?
  2. Why does nobody seem to want cycling shoes you can wear and walk in all day?
  3. What is your commuter set up?
  4. Need a puncture resistant tire
  5. Clothing - Pack, leave at work, or don't change?
  6. How many started out "converting" but eventually purchased a commuter bike?
  7. Tire inflation, CO2 or hand pump for commuting?
  8. SPAM PASS: Spot Brand 29er Commuter Medium
  9. Biking while black in Tampa
  10. Bicyclist John Mello Memorial Bridge
  11. 3' Law Enforced Using Cyclist Video
  12. Trooper: "We really don't care about those bike lanes"
  13. full fenders for 26 x 2.2 tires?
  14. Help planning commute
  15. Rule #9 aka Singing In The Rain
  16. Greetings From AZ
  17. Calling ALL Commuters - Worldwide!
  18. "We discourage people putting up their own traffic signs"
  19. Night Cycling in Guadalajara
  20. Brilliant discount for every hour you ride
  21. New Commuter, bike confusion
  22. Best trunk bag with attached panniers
  23. Good Advice...
  24. Not riding a bicycle is hazardous to your health
  25. :deadhorse: Picking a bike for me.
  26. Black or Tan fenders with white frame?
  27. Kona Big Rove
  28. Paul Word Hub and 6 speed freewheel?
  29. Topeak MtX rack on beach cruiser
  30. Commuter Bike -Velo Orange Polyvalent Frame Build
  31. Litterbug Lessons
  32. LifePaiint, have you seen it?
  33. You're the Reason Why Car Drivers Do Not Like Bicycles
  34. Trouble finding fitting helmet
  35. Five ways that (car) commuting ages you
  36. What MTBers Think About While In The Office?
  37. Reliable, long term night driving solution?
  38. London Mayor Suggests Cyclists Try Orchestral Conducting @ Lights
  39. Transportation Official: Road Design not a factor in Cyclist Deaths
  40. Companies getting on board with bikecommuting
  41. 29er tube?
  42. Cygolite Metro 400 USB battery life?
  43. Beware of Spring Flooding
  44. Gun Pulled on Bikecommuting Prof after Hit & Run
  45. 7-UP and the Un-Commuter
  46. Made it Through 1st Winter/ 9 month update
  47. Commuter flash mob
  48. Gravity G29 rear cargo rack
  49. Revelate Tangle bag on an El Mar
  50. 1000 under cyclocross?
  51. Making 29er MTB more road-friendly
  52. bike assembly steps?
  53. Looking for a commuting bike
  54. Fenders for city riding\commuting - I'm perplexed
  55. Seeking advice on mirrors for commuting
  56. Motorcycle helmet for bicycle
  57. Your opinions on these bikes, please!
  58. Road bike gearing question
  59. Fighting Bike Theft
  60. Insurance Study Critique
  61. Creeps and Weirdos
  62. Best Bike Lock?
  63. A good story to lift your spirts (for those of us in the cold regions of the world)
  64. Research on Bicycle Commuting
  65. RIDEYE camera's handlebar mount cracked after brief use
  66. Front Planetary Gearbox vs Derailer
  67. New All-Rounder/Commuter
  68. The Confessional: I was that guy.
  69. Troubleshooting Noises, Vid & Flow Chart
  70. Reliable, budget commuter bike
  71. looking for a decent handlebar bag for my Trek DS 8.2
  72. Crank Chaos
  73. Trek 720
  74. Helping protect parts from salt
  75. Commuter/MTB bike
  76. Fender Mounting made easier
  77. Specialized Flux Expert lights
  78. FL Bikecommuter Fights Ticket for Taking the Lane
  79. Co-workers don't get it...
  80. UltraFire Cree--good light for the commute
  81. Often you want to do it, but...
  82. what fender for lefty? which one for CX?
  83. New fenders making me rage and keeping me off the bike
  84. Peer to Peer Bike Rentals
  85. Fenders compatible with disc brakes?
  86. Study: Even if you exercise, sitting too much is bad for you
  87. Flat Tires
  88. Jaguar Land Rover Developing a system to reduce car/bike incidents
  89. Selling parts to get new parts: What's a fair price?
  90. Bigger Bikecommuter Blog: Biking Has No Size
  91. Cyclist Found Not at Fault, 4million awarded
  92. Family Feud
  93. Cyclist Fatalities Spiked In 2014, Is NYC Doing Enough?
  94. Best rear rack without braze ons?
  95. disc brakes on a commuter bike?
  96. "Big Apples" still the recommended?
  97. smrtGRiPS: "World's First Connected Bike Grips"
  98. Bike-Share Business 101
  99. Tracking Your Stolen Bike
  100. Study: What Puts Cyclists at Greatest Risk? It’s Not What You Wear
  101. Resolutions for Mindful Cycling
  102. Crazy Phoenix Winter
  103. Use of "body cameras" for cyclists - in response to recent hit-and-run accidents
  104. Stupid fender question
  105. Good way to protect bike?
  106. Post your miles for the year
  107. Tubeless Commuter Tire/Rim/Methods
  108. the n+1 issue. How long do you keep frames?
  109. Worse commute ever
  110. Today's ride to work
  111. Inherently Uber Dangerous
  112. Swapped frames today. Dean titanium.
  113. Freewheel fail with cold
  114. Mileage tracker/GPS for commuter
  115. 'Rules Of The (Winter) Road' - Biking In The Cold
  116. Ridged 29 with drop bars?
  117. Iron Cross Pro Wheelset
  118. Bumped Off the Train
  119. Safety concerns: Dad's Only
  120. Post photos of your cyclocross bike converted to a daily commuter
  121. Thinking of Home-Brew Chains
  122. Anybody have the Timbuk2 Especial Medio or Especial Tres backpack?
  123. Videogame for Street Planning
  124. Rolling to work
  125. Rear blinky for helmet?
  126. I got new base layer, really good one.
  127. Empathy for Hit and Run Drivers in LA
  128. Air Pollution on Your Commute
  129. Lights in winter
  130. What should I get for a cheap commuter?
  131. anyone toss the keys?
  132. How do you all store the summer commuter?
  133. Trouble with snow
  134. Blame Stats in San Diego County
  135. Looking for new commuter bike
  136. Run a red in NYC? You might be tackled.
  137. Fenders for CX bike? Other rain gear?
  138. Winter SPD Shoes - emphasis on cold soles
  139. Glasses under goggles
  140. how long does your chains/cassettes last?
  141. Any Chicago commuters?
  142. Commuting with IGH 3 speed, any reason not to?
  143. Stop and Frisk Risk
  144. Bike completed; maiden voyage.
  145. winter grips
  146. I want a new bike
  147. Smart Hat?????
  148. Rocket Bike vs. Ferrari
  149. windbreaker too hot
  150. Drop the Phone, Cyclist
  151. Zip Tie Snow Tires?
  152. Solar Bike Path
  153. Cycling advocacy board game
  154. Any Los Angeles commuters around?
  155. Great deal on a well spec'd commuter (Kickstarter project commuter)
  156. Cold temps and tire pressure
  157. Would These 5 Changes Actually Help Cyclists?
  158. 1934: 1,536 Dead Cyclists in Britain
  159. Front rack on fork without eyelets
  160. Very strange find on the commute this morning
  161. Best large volume commuting tire
  162. Pedestrians vs bikes and a sense of self entitlement?
  163. 30 Ninjas stopped in 1st hour
  164. AU bikecommuter wins 1.7 million from friend, fellow bikecommuter
  165. Question on an ebay purchase
  166. 4 month car free update
  167. Bikecommuter Relevant Recall - Baby Wipes!
  168. Judge to jury: nevermind that no helmet comment I made...
  169. Gravity Liberty CXD
  170. Intentional Hit, and Run Driver only fined $250
  171. Anyone on a Breezer Beltway?
  172. The results of this study probably won't surprise anyone here
  173. 27.5 Commuter Tires?
  174. Commuters checks?
  175. Bikeyface Bike There Comic Book
  176. Wanna Ride Over the Verrazano?
  177. You never know how good you have it till its gone
  178. Hydraulic Shifting
  179. We're Walkin' Here!
  180. Now that its getting dark earlier, how are you making sure you're seen?
  181. National Bike Challenge after action
  182. The Dark Side calls...I answer.
  183. New bike day, part 2!
  184. Bikeshare Experiment in Upstate NY
  185. Ride Of Silence video
  186. v-brakes for commuter/gravel bike
  187. New Commuter glad he bought from LBS
  188. Invisibility is not a Superpower
  189. NYC Crackdown has not made cyclists safer
  190. The end of greenways...
  191. We need to be more like the Dutch
  192. Stuff Drivers May Miss
  193. Anyone else going crazy with all the flashing lights?
  194. Has Anyone Here Tried Revolights?
  195. Need new tires… help a guy out
  196. Front light setup
  197. Hello all Gear selection
  198. Not getting enough saddle time?
  199. Dear Motorist
  200. Roundabout RoadRager
  201. Salmon Sidewalk/Crosswalk Rider Charged in Collision
  202. Video: Crazy Close Call for Cyclist in Russia
  203. State Senator : "Find a F'g Bike Lane"
  204. What Goes Around...
  205. Home brew studed and tubless
  206. Long Cold Winter Commute Support Thread 2014/15
  207. Interest Check: Hand Signal-Activated Illuminated Turn Signals
  208. Does this look right?
  209. Cyclist hits and kills pedestrian in Central Park
  210. Local hit & run
  211. Wasting time in traffic
  212. Which Rear rack for Niner RLT 9?????
  213. 700c studded tires, how many studs are too many?
  214. The best BMX commuter build you can imagine
  215. Jeans, bedazzled, bedraggled etc.
  216. Charges filed in fatal hit and run
  217. New work location
  218. U-Lock Abuse
  219. SQlab 612 Mountain
  220. 20 year bikecommuter says road rage is worsening
  221. Bunch of BS here
  222. Studded Tire reccomendation 27.5" and 700C
  223. The Anti-Text
  224. Clip less commuting
  225. Feds Move to Reduce Bike & Ped Deaths
  226. Short destruction of vehicular cycling nonsense
  227. So I just don't get the attitude. You urban folk, chime in.
  228. No Bueno
  229. Foul Mouthed Tirade Costs Jag Driver $1000 +
  230. Fatal Doorer's Day in Court
  231. Any experience with Ortlieb, Thule, or Axiom panniers?
  232. Did anyone get a Fly6 yet?
  233. Silicone bar tape
  234. Calling Randonneur Rodar...
  235. What did you do to your commuter this summer?
  236. MTB to commuter help
  237. SQ Lab Saddles
  238. Energy Return Wheel
  239. Looking to step up my fast commuting game; panniers, basket, what?
  240. Security Removes Bike, Lock, from Pole
  241. Don't park in the bike lane, bro!
  242. Making better time
  243. Has anyone ever had to press charges?
  244. RIP commute..... (for now)
  245. Handlebar options
  246. New bike day? No way
  247. Riding position, why/ how does it matter in climbing hills?
  248. Some input on a 2005 Trek 7300 Fx
  249. Shower pass reviews
  250. Anyone commuting to work on an BMX bike?