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  1. Tire wear on chainstay, Coat with JB Weld? photos
  2. Braze ons on rear rack
  3. Tips to bend tapered tubes
  4. Can't screw any nut on 1" threaded fork
  5. Shortening a gusseted seat tube
  6. Disc Brake Bracket on Ritchey Break Away
  7. Small crack inside the seat tube. Should I worry?
  8. Bike made of springs.
  9. Aluminum weld repair
  10. YouTube Videos of Frame Building School
  11. Removing cable stops from an aluminum frame?
  12. Any good mail order anodizing?
  13. Frame with 210×55mm rear
  14. Break down frames
  15. (For Sale?) Frame Jig for a Rocky Mountain Element Front Triangle (LRG)
  16. Gussetting sliding dropout
  17. Wooden Gravel Frame thread got moved?
  18. Metallurgy learnin's and other questions
  19. Favorite Painter/Powdercoaters
  20. Low, slack, and... short? Or: I actually built myself a bike!
  21. Frame design: sagged vs unsagged
  22. Anyone with custom work stands?
  23. Homemade full suspension 29er
  24. Dropped Chainstay thoughts
  25. How to bend 1.375 x 0.035 tube?
  26. Braze on Frame Repair
  27. Extra long butted tubes?
  28. Non stick paint. Is there any that can be used on a bike?
  29. Aluminum seat tube reaming depth
  30. Full Columbus ZONA12750001110E dimensions?
  31. 26" hardtail geometry
  32. the bicycle academy jig who has used it and what did they think?
  33. Alu Tandem Build
  34. Flipped BB on framebuild
  35. First Ventana Kit Build
  36. Need RAL paint code
  37. Strong Chainstays for a Fat
  38. Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Front Triangle
  39. Adding disc to a older frame question
  40. Re-using rear half of old frame.
  41. Steel vs Alu steerers
  42. Tube miter template
  43. Tapered alloy steerer tube
  44. Frame jig components
  45. Picture of my TIG setup so far
  46. Connecting a 20 series torch to a female Dinse connector.
  47. Shortened Rear End?
  48. Tear This Idea Apart - 83mm BB with 148 Hub to Fit 275x3.8
  49. Interviews with Frame Builders and suppliers BTH Podcast
  50. head angle question
  51. used frame jigs
  52. 3M DP420 (Epoxy for a bottom bracket)
  53. New Frame Damaged during shipping
  54. Repairing drilled holes in a 4130 fork
  55. Pantone color to match Fox Float orange
  56. Full suspension belt-driven bike project
  57. Ride bike, drink water...
  58. Disc Break mounts for DJ bike - Sliding drops - lookin' for help
  59. Carbon Tube Alum Lug Questions
  60. What make and model of welder for TIG steel?
  61. lugged bb options
  62. Seat Tube Out of Round
  63. I need some votes!
  64. Making a wood and Aluminum XC MB
  65. Featuring professional framebuilders around the world
  66. 1 inch disc fork safety concern
  67. technical drawing for DRD and 12mm dropout details
  68. reusing lugs...
  69. Shock shaft extender
  70. A four year saga to build a frame
  71. Titanium welder wanted
  72. Name that builder
  73. Spammy spam: Bent seat tubes for dropper posts
  74. Help me identify this seat tube
  75. Frame couplers at the seat/chainstays --unsafe or less effective?
  76. Please help me understand geometry equivalence
  77. seat tube collar help
  78. If you had a cnc machine what would you build?
  79. New source for frame building supplies
  80. Bend seat tube order. Act ASAP
  81. Alternative Frame finishing techniques?
  82. stress distribution in seattube - best location to add internally-routed dropper
  83. frame builders / fabricators in Idaho
  84. First frame design critique - 160mm 27.5 hard tail
  85. Chainstay/Seat stay braces
  86. Slack, Long, Low...vomit, arrrgh!!
  87. Italian framebuilding supplier with carbon stuff?
  88. Which seat tube for women's style bike?
  89. Suspension Linkage/Theory - Travel and Efficiency
  90. Bonding cable guide braze-ons?
  91. Vari-wall order
  92. Drilling Niner WFO frame for dropper post?
  93. Temperature processing for 7005 series aluminum?
  94. Adding material to an insufficiently brazed joint!
  95. iscg tabs
  96. Funny Front Ends
  97. Frame building stuff in CO
  98. best 142 axle?
  99. The 2017 Pearl Pass Tour Bike
  100. delete
  101. Add cable stop to cannondale frame
  102. Bamboo, wood, carbon, gold road frame
  103. Tubing bender for handlebars
  104. Takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'
  105. Plain Gauge Tubing
  106. Help with butted seattube lengths and cuts
  107. Cuttimg holes in a steel frame
  108. Disc Dropout that Shifts Wheel Back & Up?
  109. High trail MTB
  110. Help with increasing chainstay tire clearance
  111. Educate me on rear dropout options for thru axles
  112. Let's vote Mark Norstad into the MBHoF!
  113. Green
  114. Powdercoaters in the UK?
  115. New Bike for Meemaw - or: Bend 'til it Breaks?
  116. Welding table swivel clamp vise thingy?
  117. Question about headtube weld gone wrong?
  118. Bruce is selling Gordon Cycles? 0_o
  119. 2 bikes - effects of relative fork/headtube lengths
  120. robot bike co r160 and 3d printing
  121. Anyone out there want to loan me some t47 taps?
  122. Seat angle versus set offset
  123. Multi-Process vs. dedicated TIG
  124. Kavik dropout inserts needed
  125. Bikepacking anything cage mount orientation
  126. Spam: Fork blades for segmented forks
  127. Walt's 29er DH bike gets a shoutout in a dirt rag article.
  128. Dropouts modification
  129. Wanted: Bringheli Alignment Table
  130. Replacing Headtube
  131. WTB - Anvil Tube Bender
  132. Frame flex- your perceptions?
  133. Pool: How long will this ghetto CF repair last?
  134. Giant Trance Advanced 1 Crack or Scratch?
  135. Carbon Frame CHIP Giant Trance Advanced 1
  136. My bad. Wrong place. Reposted else where
  137. Anyone interested in a "How to Paint Your Frame" video/article walk-through?
  138. Considerations for plus-sized frames
  139. Carbon v. Aluminum Seat Tube Strength
  140. Sandblasting media reccommendations?
  141. Is the T47 BB standard catching on with small framebuilders?
  142. True Temper customers, what tubing are you using now?
  143. CAD Models for Suspension forks. Fox or Rock Shox
  144. Steering Geometry Anyone?
  145. Rust in steel frame issue?
  146. Cracked Aluminum frame after headset installation
  147. Moongoose Hilltopper at 100000 touring miles.
  148. ISCG mount crack
  149. Steerer Extention, Replacement, or just screwed???
  150. Steerer Extention, Replacement, or just screwed???
  151. Any Hobbiest Framebuilders in Central Texas
  152. Who FEAs?
  153. can a disc brake mount be put on a v-brake frame?
  154. Hooded dropout rotational orientation?
  155. Invitation: April 22nd, WE BUILD cookout and RACE
  156. BikeCAD vs traditional AutoCAD
  157. Galled Bottom Bracket Shell
  158. MIT Unveils New Material That’s Strongest and Lightest On Earth
  159. 29+ drop bar
  160. 16" wheel bike. CNC lugs, bonded tubes, single sided swing arm
  161. First Frame in the books (almost)
  162. Proud Pop
  163. Looking for someone to repair/replace steel dropouts...
  164. Brazing Question/Issue
  165. Headtube With Integrated Bearing Cups
  166. Quick Question: Adding Cable Guides to Raw Frame
  167. My first frame build, CF hardtail trail frame
  168. Columbus integrated headtube
  169. are fork dimensions available online?
  170. Short travel “Fat kit” build for a 4’’ x 4’’ 27.5er
  171. Appreciate comments!
  172. good idea/bad idea- new rear end
  173. Rec tubing for segmented fork for cargo bike!
  174. Headtube reducers
  175. Need Technical Drawings for "Standards."
  176. Steel Bottom Brackets for cheap
  177. Help! Post Mount
  178. Modifying old custom 29er Ti frame to Fat (snow) Bike?
  179. Big frame with long down tube (840mm) - where to find?
  180. Seat tube crack worth fixing??
  181. My third (and final?) frame
  182. T47 info?
  183. sand blaster advice?
  184. Standard external BB cup dimension?
  185. Welding podcast with bike builder
  186. would you ride it?
  187. Hybrids are back!
  188. anyone do a flat mount fork yet?
  189. Steel head tube for 44mm/56mm headset cups
  190. relationship between CS length and handling
  191. difference between single / geared chains
  192. brass brazing master class
  193. Internal Routing Tube Material
  194. Fillet-Pro and Gasflux Type U paste
  195. Mitering questions
  196. fatbike capable fork blades
  197. Effect of different length fork on geometry
  198. Old Surly 1x1 donor for 24" build.
  199. 44mm head tube: ID bore out of spec / solutions?
  200. Vari-Wall tube profiles released!
  201. 3d Design parts repository
  202. Custom Stem
  203. Internal cable routing grommets for reverb??
  204. Machining a 1.5" stem to fit 1.56" steerers
  205. Lapierre X-flow headset binding issue
  206. Integrated Head Tubes
  207. Resp-O-Rator
  208. Cracked Titanium Frame
  209. Who has experience with T47?
  210. rear thru axle alignment issue
  211. "I'm Done" - why a Surly rant could be relevant here
  212. 3 Roll bender questions, HF, SWAG and DIY
  213. Pinion Gearbox Mounting Plate
  214. What happens when we forget what we thought we knew.
  215. Ritchey style coupling system ... with a dropper post?
  216. Direct Mount Frame Fit Specification or Drawing
  217. Di2 Frame Fitting Question
  218. Post Mount jig on Kickstarter
  219. something different but lots of fab
  220. Geometry ideas and thoughts
  221. Now we know how bikes work, can we settle on a standard hub width.
  222. Vari-Wall
  223. Super Slack 29er Hardtail Build - possibly 3D printed titanium lugs and carbon tubing
  224. What tubing for first frame?
  225. Minimum Chain stay Clearance
  226. Tips/tricks for making miter templates from an existing frame?
  227. Respirators and welding safety
  228. TIG Welder Advice
  229. Carbon frames faq- very interesting
  230. Tandem build = happy wife!
  231. Frame building stuff, Longmont CO
  232. PSA: fat bike seat stays
  233. Budding builder looking for advice
  234. Internal routing: exiting on opposite side?
  235. G*D D**M Bottom Brackets.
  236. Modifying dropouts
  237. building a full suspension frame question
  238. Cleaning titanium weld discoloration
  239. Adding disc brake to non disc frame
  240. Looking for scrap tubes...
  241. Straightening a crooked seat tube
  242. Curious about butting...
  243. PVD Red Five
  244. Post deleted
  245. True Temper pulls the plug
  246. Lugged 29er klunker
  247. First custom build, a couple of questions
  248. Marzocchi custom steel crown for fatbike????
  249. Bicycles Built Based on People’s Attempts to Draw Them From Memory
  250. Dropper Post Cable Routing