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  1. My first frame
  2. brazing dropouts
  3. Contacting Nova
  4. Replacing Rear Triangle
  5. Retrofit frame for belt drive, TIG / Silver filler?
  6. Powdercoating essentials help needed
  7. Custom reamers and taps from Ukraine
  8. PMW 44mm head tube: overkill for most applications?
  9. Modifying a Rear Triangle
  10. Fillet brazing with oxy-propane
  11. HOXPLATST5 seat post end size
  12. Bringheli Mitering FIxture
  13. Shop space share available in Brooklyn, NY
  14. Can I make my 27.2 titanium post fit my 27.0 frame ?
  15. polished aluminum clearcoat?
  16. interesting lugs...
  17. Paid Jig Spam
  18. 06 mountain cycle dropouts?
  19. Looking for slotted disc tab for a singlespeed frame
  20. Graeme Obree
  21. TrailMaker #2 - The Kroozer
  22. BB92 reamer sizing
  23. 17 years ago last week... Bontrager content
  24. Fillet brazing tangent tubes
  25. Aluminum headset cups in carbon headtubes
  26. Head Tube Question
  27. What's your favourite (and least favourite) part of building a frame?
  28. Fork tube angles
  29. Aluminum HT - Cracked at post - Advice
  30. yeti frame corrosion, any ideas or tips to remove it?
  31. What do you think of this design? Mini Cargo Commuter Bike
  32. Rivnuts questions
  33. Do you use frame saver or something similar?
  34. Men's Geometry vs. Women's Specific Design
  35. Modifying 7005 aluminum bike frame seat stay part from full suspension bike.
  36. 31.5" Cruiser to BMX
  37. ssf 6 silver solder
  38. Henry James Access 65 Jig for 29ers
  39. Ti Truss fork
  40. Handmade frame: asymmetry normal?
  41. TIG Torch Gas Lens Mod
  42. Shimano E-Thru rear axle
  43. Building for Lefty
  44. Geometry questions - how they affect ride quality
  45. upgrading my opinion on the JD2 Bender
  46. Requesting Design Commentary
  47. What options do I have
  48. Fooly's Major Glory
  49. 110-120mm adjusted rigid fork w/ 20mm thru
  50. NOVA tubing-is it any good?
  51. Tapered head tube development
  52. FYI: for the Colorado builders...
  53. Surly Knard tire dimensions?
  54. Welding Aluminium
  55. Trying some stuff
  56. Craigslist Anvil Jig
  57. Disk brake mount on a Pre-War frame.
  58. Frame/fork geometry
  59. Contact info for Bringheli?
  60. Another Frame builder's freebie
  61. Low to medium volume US fabricator sought.
  62. TIG torch technique?
  63. Why do frame builders always wear weird suits at shows?
  64. Undersized dropout on steel frame
  65. DIY Pedals
  66. Post Mounting on Forks
  67. I'm sick and it's Monday... so... Cargo Bike!
  68. Ease of removing seat collar?
  69. Kids bike with flair
  70. Rust? Brand new frame already ruined?
  71. Tig tack, weld length and sequence questions
  72. non drive side brace btwn seatstay and chainstay
  73. Adjustable maxle/142 dropouts with tension/pusher bolts
  74. Does HT length effect fork performance? (rigid and sussy)
  75. Internal cable routing as it relates to cable housing bend?
  76. Small milling machines (is the one you are using any good?)
  77. Lathe VS Mill
  78. DH front triangle tubing size
  79. Frame building in the USA (pdf)
  80. Cracked frame patch job?
  81. Are there any Titanium Frame builders who also offer modification services.
  82. Adding bottle cage mount
  83. Cutting & Facing Headtube (using mill)
  84. Weaving a custom carbon fiber frame?
  85. Butted Tube Questions
  86. Direct mount front mechs - how much clearance can you gain?
  87. Bearing Issue
  88. Fully Fixed Comuter
  89. Off-Topic: Side Projects/Hobby Stuff, Show Us What Ya Got?
  90. 3D printing titanium dropouts and tubes
  91. Whoops... Wrong dropout angle
  92. Bench Lathe for tube mitering?
  93. Frame #4, You callin' me fat?
  94. Stays with Bends in Different Plains... (Planes?)
  95. DIY dropout alignment tool?
  96. DT cable routing with continuous housing - recommendations
  97. Shimano frame specs
  98. Seat Stay Brace
  99. Can this be fixed?
  100. Info about the classic "Path Racer" style.
  101. United Bicycle Institute?
  102. S&T Thursday - New mitering fixture
  103. Wanted: chainstay (and seatstay) recommendation
  104. DIY Epoxy Inspection Plate
  105. Di-Acro Tooling
  106. Phenolic Science Lab top for alignment table?
  107. Low cost Oxy-Acetylene torch recommendations.
  108. Rolling tubing
  109. Acel Steel Tubing Update?
  110. EBB design choices
  111. question custom project: widest hubs?
  112. New Ride - Bamboo!
  113. Interbike
  114. Motorcycle rack
  115. Schrader Valve Tap
  116. minimum inside width of cyclocross fork crown
  117. Frame Fixture For Sale: Where to Post??
  118. My senior project: Framebuilding
  119. School me on aluminum welding
  120. 16" tandem
  121. TT diameter larger than ST diameter
  122. Park bike stand repair.
  123. How to matte out glossy carbon?
  124. Almost Friday show and tell
  125. A Ruota Libre!
  126. mitering stays for hooded/Breezer dropouts?
  127. head tube from straight gauge
  128. Cross post- angle HS and BB drop question
  129. Clear Lenses for TIG torch
  130. My first Titanium bike
  131. Aluminum frame protection
  132. Freebie: .040" 2% thoriated tungstens
  133. Paid Spam. Framebuilding Supplies
  134. 953 tubing source??
  135. Drilling a hole in frame for dropper post cable...bad idea?
  136. Cardboard Bike
  137. I finally have something to contribute
  138. Brake bridge distance for standard road caliper & HJ horizontal dropouts?
  139. Brushed aluminum finish
  140. Is Design Engineering still around?
  141. A carbon / Kevlar DJ/Street/trial frame
  142. 2 Q's - Speed Wobble and bike that "Leans"
  143. Frame builder in Southern WI
  144. 15mm TA on rigid steel fork?
  145. Chris King frame jig and lathe miter set-up
  146. considering a truss style fork design.
  147. Turning Your Own Head Tubes
  148. F/S - Main tube mitering set up
  149. Bottle cage bosses
  150. Seatpost quick release orientation
  151. Fillet Noob Question: Head Tube Warp
  152. Fork type for lowest A/C
  153. Go Carbon or Go Home(BikeRumor repost)
  154. 44mm reamer.
  155. Chainstay yokes - what thickness?
  156. Broken seattube...looking for 30mm tube
  157. tiny gusset crack repair
  158. Target frame geometry
  159. Anyone from the Seattle Area
  160. Show Us Your Plate Fork Crowns!
  161. Integrated Seatpost
  162. 2nd Top Tube Questions
  163. #3
  164. FS: Frame Building Jig
  165. chain stays with dimples for wide tires
  166. Amount of press fit intereference for headtube I.D and headset O.D.?
  167. Design Fault or Manufacturing Fault?
  168. Paragon flat Sliders with Windows - why no more?
  169. frame angles - sus vs. rigid
  170. any examples of forks built using TT FB-4?
  171. Xbones - fat tires roadie
  172. First Ti
  173. South bend 3c collet set trade for 3 jaw chuck
  174. Waltworks moving sale!
  175. Carbon fiber compound for seatpost,is it always ok ?
  176. Need your help - was I duped
  177. Where to post?
  178. Welding disc tabs to a Noleen Crosslink fork
  179. Wooden Handlebars
  180. #2
  181. thinking about monster cross/full rigid drop bar 29'er
  182. Belt drive rear dropout/splitter options?
  183. Why no custom aluminum?
  184. Info needed: Welding Columbus Max OR
  185. So two guys walk into a fat bike fork project and
  186. Building and using a dual/triple crown rigid fork? Need input on safety
  187. Drop out modification - need advice
  188. 2Souls Cycles X-12 dropouts
  189. Anvil 12x150 Dummy Axle
  190. 29er geometry and tube choices
  191. is my db mission frame done for or can it be welded.
  192. Whats the dopest paintjob you have seen/done?
  193. Custom Racks
  194. It Begins; Trailmaker #1 - Fatbike
  195. Any Pros/ Cons when asking for E-Type mount FD on a potential titanium frame?
  196. Welding disc tabs onto non-disc frame?
  197. At Last - Yet Another Bending Thread
  198. PF30 Install Options
  199. Cyclus seat tube reamer review
  200. Cable guide position for top pull (dual pull) XT from mech
  201. History of frame couplers?
  202. Thoughts on side mounted seat post binder?
  203. If I Change My Frame Will All My Current Stuff Be Compatible.
  204. heat treated, air hardened steel
  205. Low Cost Frame Building Methods
  206. Lathe: first time buyer's guide?
  207. Frame Modification - Head Tube shortening
  208. Many questions about geometry, is there a resource considered authorative?
  209. Super slow motion of steel being sliced
  210. True Temper SuperTherm Sources
  211. Can my cracked frame be fixed?
  212. Need input for modification
  213. Spring side thread reducer for cap made for 35mm stanchion into 36mm stanchion?
  214. Welding a Cracked Reynolds 853 Frame? X Post
  215. Di-Acro Model 2 Bender
  216. CS-to-Tire Clearance?
  217. Dirt Road bike
  218. WMW - 2nd frame - 1st TIG welded
  219. Non-builder question- ovalized shock bolt hole?
  220. Resizing lugged BB chainstay ports
  221. Long, low-angle miters?
  222. ? About Shimming a Seatpost?
  223. I'm told this is scrap - please confirm
  224. Seat tube advice
  225. Whats the cheapest way of bending tubes?
  226. Recent stuff
  227. New Custom Tandem -All fillet brazed
  228. Is this possible?
  229. Titanium seatpost
  230. Shop Outfitters Bending Die Review
  231. Ceramic coated frames, really! With pics!
  232. Difference between Paragon rear Wright-style dropouts
  233. How to repair seat tube and top tube crack?
  234. 100mm BB shell?
  235. Acid Etching Custom Head Badges
  236. Bent Headtube?
  237. Bottle cage fix or out of luck?
  238. Alt Bars and Frame Design
  239. Amperage needed for Ti and cromo?
  240. Removing Bottle Mounts?
  241. Will powder coating my cranks anneal them?
  242. How does a frame jig work/look?
  243. Help with a stuck allen bolt.
  244. Water bottle mounts
  245. Help with Geometry changes from increasing A-C on a 36er
  246. My Tour Divide Race bike
  247. Shop / workbench layout
  248. Can I use a MIG welder to make a "tall bike"?
  249. Removing Lugged Chainstay
  250. Ceramic coating a polished aluminum frame possible?