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  1. do they make any pre cut kits for frames?
  2. Just in time for winter...snow bike content
  3. cracked at the weld
  4. Where can I get a ISCG 05 mounting plate and the proper measuments to weld it up..??
  5. RattleCAD on a Mac?
  6. Anybody wanna make some bullmoose one-pieced bar/stems? steel or titanium
  7. Self drilling seat tube
  8. mystery tubes
  9. can this be fixed? Snapped 4130 chainstay
  10. Building a new rear end
  11. Is this the prettiest weld you have even seeing or what..!?!?
  12. paragon rocker dropouts for a gen 1 fargo?????
  13. Frame revision -- Nove sliding rear dropout onto a steel Softride frame
  14. Newbie Builder. Are my plans too ambitious?
  15. Down Tube, Head Tube miter on a mill
  16. downtube/fork clearance
  17. suspension patents
  18. Paid Spam - Anvil Journeyman type 3.1 Jig - $4100
  19. Powdercoating scuff resistance- dull after 2nd ride normal ?
  20. Need advice on strengthening Santa Cruz Blur frame
  21. Is 20 amps low enough range for bikes?
  22. Need help brazing dropouts
  23. Seat stays, bending and rear triangle flex.
  24. Input needed for a AM build
  25. File to fit disc brake mount for bronze fillet brazing?
  26. oversized head tube after brazing
  27. 120V Milling Machines
  28. FS FATTY frame design in acad 2014
  29. S&S couplers - can they be reused?
  30. How do YOU set a Crown Race for Welding?
  31. Sandblast etching Ti, question..
  32. Tubing Size For Linkage Fork?
  33. Cleaning tubes before joining
  34. Canti Boss Jig For Sale
  35. Opinions from builders on Tout Terrain and Thorn?
  36. Recommended PSI from regulators to torch
  37. Is this possible? Frame modifications
  38. Fat bike chainstays
  39. Anodizer in the US
  40. Paint, airbrush, making stencils
  41. Flat-bar touring frame geometry discussion
  42. Seat tube for 30.9 post?
  43. Wanted - Columbus Tubing Tech Drawings
  44. TIG Welding with 120V
  45. Who's tigging frames and NOT using 880-T (or other stainless)
  46. Yet another dual suspension project
  47. automatic torch ignitor(battery powered)
  48. Jamie Swan vid
  49. suspension forks on a non sus bike
  50. fork blade specifically designed for disc applications
  51. Flanged sliders and heels
  52. Seat tube, top tube, head tube deal
  53. Frames/month production
  54. Tap drill size calculator
  55. Geometry discussion
  56. Tube sets
  57. Shock design ?
  58. Some help full suspension guys -
  59. Stamping serial numbers
  60. Opinions on dent in top tube of Salsa El Mariachi - Pics inside
  61. someone has made ​​aluminum fork to road or MTB bicycle?
  62. Steve Garro Fillet Brazing Demo Video
  63. Tall Skinny Front vs Smaller Fat Rear
  64. New frame headtube question/problem looks like headtube was welded on crooked
  65. El Rebeco - short ass 29er hardtail
  66. Calfee fit cycle in Bay Area
  67. Project XTR Strada
  68. Tell me if I'm Crazy
  69. Disc tabs obsolete yet?
  70. Fork blade bending
  71. has anyone tried surface grinding 8020?
  72. Wheelbuilders: Is this wheel laced correctly? (x-post)
  73. A-A fuel hose connector sales?
  74. 80 mph bike vid (some frame building content)
  75. Should I Spec Heat Treating For My New Cr-Mo 29er Frame
  76. Charlie's War
  77. Frame Building Tools For Sale
  78. Anodizing my frame
  79. Some pictures of long bikes, and shop equipment for those who might be bored.
  80. S-Bend Steel Down Tube: Good Idea Or No?
  81. Gentec vs. Victor J 28
  82. Will the Victor TEN propane tips work with acet?
  83. 100mm EBB Possible?
  84. Tandem / Fatbike Convergence
  85. Thoughts on single-stage vs two-stage regulators for brazing?
  86. Boulder area tube bender?
  87. 180mm VPP carbon design
  88. Suss bearings, how to decide which ones?
  89. Are you CADing up your designs? If so, what on?
  90. Building a frame
  91. Fox and other fork spec sheets?
  92. Changing "hooded" dropouts
  93. Custom Frame for Gravel Racing
  94. #8 Because Knard
  95. car rack builder
  96. No more Security OEM program?
  97. 142x12 on a Custom Steel Frame
  98. Project: Failure is always an option (Frame No.1)
  99. Re-painting Frame
  100. Re-painting a frame where the decals are under the clear coat?
  101. Question Regarding Rust
  102. My 6.5lb steel trail frame
  103. Bolt on cable guide choice
  104. Where to learn about tubing choice?
  105. EBB reamer? Anyone got one to loan?
  106. short cs mtb and an urban fixie
  107. I change my mind about galvanizing.
  108. Number 5 is a 650B
  109. frame number 001
  110. Tubing Selection
  111. Rear Disk Caliper Location on a Disk CX bike?
  112. Begging for tube scraps
  113. Low Pressure Propane regulator?
  114. Old bike refurb??
  115. Frame # 1.5 - small huckable 29er
  116. How do I know what bike parts are interchangeable?
  117. Deda 29er seatstay dimensions
  118. !What is this?!?! !!HELP!!
  119. Ceramic coating thoughts for fabricators...
  120. Old frame Old Fork lil upgrade.
  121. Oxygen Concentrator Pressure?
  122. Downtube tubing choices
  123. Cutting fluid is smoking...
  124. 6061 AL failure warning?
  125. Where can you buy carbon lugs??
  126. Dented steel frame
  127. Clear coat options on steel frame?
  128. Advice on TrueTemper tubing thickness
  129. Fillet Brazing Breezer/Wright drop-outs
  130. cromoly vs hi-ten fork mtl question
  131. Horiz sliders question
  132. Understanding frame geometry
  133. Polishing Raw Aluminium
  134. welding dilemma- need help
  135. Powder Coat Thinning on Edges
  136. How much does your one speed bicycle cost in terms of hours of work?
  137. Firefly in New Balance Made in America Video
  138. O/A Tank size reccomendations
  139. Delete
  140. Lugged suspension 29er
  141. Shimano M980 Double clearance issues.
  142. Beralcast for MTB frames
  143. Niner Biocentric II EBB?
  144. Mirror polishing Ti questions...
  145. Differences in continental oval fork blades
  146. Looking to by a Tig Welder
  147. Paragon 1.5" tapered steerer
  148. Henry James Access 65 JIG modifications
  149. newbee
  150. Lathe Video Series
  151. Z-74 Flowmaster. Dedicated flow bike ala PVD.
  152. #8
  153. Not an MTB but pretty awesome
  154. Open source full suspension design
  155. Ripped out Bottle Braze-On
  156. Bottom Bracket Warp
  157. media blast material and size?
  158. Park reamer on a Cyclus HTR tool
  159. stoopid tall is AWESOME!
  160. Video of dropout parts being made
  161. What went down at Sea Otter.
  162. longjohn mk8
  163. Starting a Frame Building Shop
  164. Crack Advise Wanted
  165. Unusual Handlebar Stem
  166. Internal routing, what's the limit?
  167. hole drilling coolant question
  168. Anti-rust treatment for steel
  169. Bad advice from Nova, seeking more bad advice
  170. Using Anvil main tube miter fixture for dropout miter?
  171. New Frame Building Podcast
  172. 1st Frame
  173. Steel seat tube stock for 30.9mm post
  174. Frame Prep and Powder Coat
  175. For Sale: True Fab 6" travel FS 29er- NAHBS show bike
  176. head tube problem
  177. Cutting head tube stock to length - and square
  178. Brake choice for a rigid fork.
  179. Building 2 enduro/cc steel frames
  180. Crown race seat of brass
  181. Any of you frequently use .020 or .040 tungsten?
  182. Snard Done!
  183. Paragon Rocker drops 135/142 insert exchange?
  184. Scholarship offering for Bohemian Frame school
  185. Sleeving a seat tube
  186. Warped Seat Tube at Top Tube Joint
  187. A little one.....
  189. Any reasonable way to ovalize seatstay after frame is built
  190. My first brazed joint
  191. Advice needed on a custom crossover between a Pugsley and a Krampus.
  192. Surly Pugsley Seat Tube Brace Cracks, feeback requested
  193. Chewed up Alum drive side dropout.
  194. ' build it then ride it ' - video by Aran iolo Cook
  195. Stress Riser, but in my steerer
  196. What seat tube for 30.1 seat post
  197. What's My Trail?
  198. Zen Fab out of business?
  199. NS Bikes Surge 2
  200. 142mm hub on 135mm rear spacing
  201. Best custom painters?
  202. BB92 reamer/facer for Cyclus tools
  203. custom painting with striping/decals - anyone have experience?
  204. Where can I purchase These Box Type Chainstay Starters
  205. Stems
  206. drilling frame for stealth post
  207. Is my frame cracked? (Repost from General thread)
  208. Brazing: filler, tip size, resource recomendations
  209. Welding disc mounts on older frame?
  210. Bottom Bracket cluster weld sequence
  211. Headtube reamer for integrated 1.5 headset
  212. Soft polish steel balls for post mount receptacle
  213. Cor-ten Steel
  214. Cyclus 1-1/8" head tube reamer/facer
  215. chainring clearance modeling
  216. Custom builders "stock" bikes
  217. Design consideration for XX1?
  218. Would these frame numbers work for a 27.5 conversion?
  219. TubeNotcher won't print
  220. Adjustable reamer for 44mm headtubes and PF 46 bottom brackets
  221. Paragon 15mm through axle front dropouts
  222. Front Der. Direct Mount for Sale
  223. Well.....frame number 5
  224. Henry James Website
  225. #6
  226. who knows stuff about paint?
  227. Bent seat tube in a Diamondback step through frame.
  228. half-round files: diameters?
  229. Questions about rohloff dropouts on a Moonlander
  230. frame fit specs for SRAM
  231. Primum Multorum
  232. Butted tube selection
  233. For anyone that builds stuff - design,test,build RedBull F1 car in 3:31 minutes
  234. tig torch ?
  235. Brompton style brazing
  236. 2013 PVD Raider
  237. Fork reduction
  238. Fitted Seat Tube - what sizes and options are there being used?
  239. Sources for a flat surface for framebuilding
  240. Seatstay Mitering Fixture
  241. Breezer!!!
  242. Happy birthday Coconino!
  243. Anyone use non-pulse lift tig?
  244. Plate style dropouts vs. hooded style? (semi troll)
  245. Sub 800 gram 26" custom chromoly fork ?
  246. Front Der Direct Mount
  247. The expensive way to miter tubes.
  248. I would like to buy your used frame jig asap.
  249. Setback
  250. Good deal on used TIG welder?