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  1. geometry question
  2. Will Moto be offering any high end single speed bikes in the future?
  3. Hopefully this is the right forum...
  4. Torn between Fantom Pro or Cliff 29R Team...
  5. New Site Up - Always looking for input
  6. Standover?
  7. fantom ti team or pro frames-whats the difference?
  8. Pull the trigger once more
  9. Motobecane Fantom 29PRO SL build and first ride report.
  10. New Biker Looking at Motobecane
  11. Any Thoughts/rumors of a Fat Bike?
  12. New Phantom questions
  13. Anyone elses Motobecane upgrading out of control?
  14. Wider bars!
  15. Waiting for Moto
  16. motobecane build date
  17. 2010 Fly Pro
  18. Buy a Fantom DS frame or whole bike?
  19. DS comp on bike rack
  20. Headset for Fantom DS
  21. Fantom Comp DS
  22. Anyone taken their outcast 29er SS on heavy XC type stuff?
  23. Suspension travel setting 4" or 5" affects geometry? Fantom Team
  24. Wheel rebuild and broken brake lever
  25. Fly team 29" front derailleur type
  26. Front Derailleur Size?
  27. Fly 9357
  28. Other Authorized Dealers of Motobecane
  29. wheelebase?
  30. Fantom Comp
  31. Clydsdale on a 22" Fly Team Ti VS. Ti 29er 21"
  32. Fly Ti 29'er build complete
  33. weight of Fantom 29er pro sl?
  34. 5" travel on Fantom
  35. BD Newsletter sale on FLY 29er Titanium
  36. Outcast chain size
  37. Any plans for a High End SS 29er?
  38. Motobecane 700 HT mountain bike
  39. can i turn my beloved outcast to a road bike?
  40. Fly Team Ti 29er just arrived!
  41. Motobceane Fantom29er ProSL first ride..
  42. Any big boys riding a Fantom Team?
  43. 29er Pro SL arrived...
  44. Fantom pro sl 29er vs. Ti 29er
  45. Outcast Rear Slider Problems
  46. Giant trance x3 vs. Fantom elite DS
  47. Is the shock on the Fantom Trail DS a joke?
  48. Pulled the trigger...
  49. Stripped Torx Mount on Front Brake Rotor
  50. Hydraulic brakes?
  51. Ti Fantom 29
  52. Outcast Questions
  53. Anyone know if a bottom bracket from a
  54. Fly Team 29 Ti Single Speed??????
  55. shraeder valves??
  56. Fantom DS pro - good for All-mountain or freeride?
  57. Fly Team Ti 29er Handlebar diameter?
  58. Fantom 29 pro
  59. SE Stout
  60. Fantom 29er or Cliff 29er durability?
  61. Fly Pro 21.9lbs - $1200
  62. Bikes Direct! Fantom bottom bracket size?
  63. Pitfalls of 130mm or 140mm fork on x00DS frame?
  64. Phantom Elite Weight?
  65. Fantom Pro 29 15" Maximum Tire width rear?
  66. Help Deciding B/t Team Or Pro....
  67. Help from Fly 29 Titanium owners?
  68. Uh Oh...........
  69. Fantom 29Pro SL Fit Question
  70. Fantom Team parts/repair
  71. Brake mounts on SID fork (Fantom Pro Ti)
  72. Fantom Comp
  73. Outcast 29er or Nashbar SS 9er
  74. Motobecane Fly Team
  75. more new bike advice
  76. Motobecane Pro DS. i2i and stroke?
  77. 600ht frame weight?
  78. First good ride on my new Fantom Pro DS!
  79. Motobecane Full Suspension 29er ???
  80. Does anyone have weights for Fantom Trail, 700HT
  81. Just ordered a new Fantom Team!
  82. fitting new rear shock on fantom ds frame (hardware issue)
  83. Any word when the full line of Moto Fantom 2010 be available?
  84. What type of pedals do you recommend for 29er SS?
  85. First Adventure on Fantom 29er Pro
  86. Another noob asking about a used bike.. yeah.
  87. 69er Fly Team?
  88. ngised yats rewop denut-liart - Mirrored Print on the 600HT
  89. Finished ordering parts for Fantom Pro DS...
  90. Questions about Motobecane Fantom Pro Ti
  91. FLY Team Ti '10
  92. spoks?
  93. Quick Release Skewers for Outcast
  94. Selling my 700DS
  95. Which new bike advise
  96. FYI: 2010 Outcast available at BD
  97. which holes equal 3/4/5 in of travel on Fantom DS frames?
  98. Motobecane Outcast Tire Clearance
  99. 600HT Frame Size - 33 inch inseam
  100. Risk of buying a Fantom Comp DS
  101. Black or Silver Thomson to go w/ my Fly Ti?
  102. I just found a screaming deal on a Fantom DS on Ebay!
  103. Little HELP!
  104. 2010 models?
  105. Fantom Comp HT weight
  106. Stock status
  107. updating an older Motobecane hardtail
  108. Vuelta Team SL parts
  109. Fantom Team fit question...
  110. Fly Ti in stock
  111. How are the wheels on the Fantom Team?...Vuelta XRP Team Editions?
  112. Outcast 29er Head Tube Length
  113. Motobecane Dealership
  114. 230 lbs too heavy for a fly pro??
  115. Customer Service
  116. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is....
  117. Fantom rear suspension play?
  118. Fantom 29 Pro SL First Impressions
  119. Unbranded Steel 29er w/ RST M-29 fork
  120. Full Suspension Ti (29 or team).......Mike?
  121. Fanton trail - 1st impression and assembly.....
  122. FAO BikesDirect
  123. Sizing a 29er: Do we need MORE INFO or not?
  124. Fly Team 29er Ti Post Your Reviews!
  125. Fly Ti 29er Seatpost Clamp Torque Spec
  126. 700HT or Fanton trail?
  127. Fantom Pro 29er - First ride today!
  128. Hey, Bikesdirect Mike
  129. Which Bike to Upgrade too?
  130. FANTOM TRAIL DS Frame
  131. which size cliff 29er
  132. Bored with a Broken Elbow: Outcast 29er
  133. will Nevegal 2.35's fit as a rear tire on a Fantom?
  134. "Best" handlebars are what?
  135. Any word on next Outcast 29?
  136. Rear Shock 700DS
  137. Motobecane high end bikes in race events
  138. How to adjust rear travel on Motobecane 2009 Fantom Trail DS?
  139. 26er Vs. 29er Weight?
  140. need help on a new bike
  141. Rear Shock-Fantom Trail DS
  142. Recommendations?
  143. Can you out a suspension fork on an Outcast?
  144. Fly Pro or Fly 9357 or Fantom 29er Clydeproof?
  145. Fantom Pro DS in matteblack?
  146. Just received my Fantom Pro Titanium
  147. Fantom Trail DS
  148. 2009 Motobecane Fantom Team rear cassette?
  149. Fantom DS: Best fork?
  150. Is Ti 29er coming out any time soon?
  151. 2.5 fits on a fantom ds!
  152. Vuelta Freehub question
  153. Spacers for Outcast bashguard...
  154. Will this fit my 700DS?
  155. Fantom Comp HT, 2005 and now
  156. Fly Titanium 29er came today!!
  157. Fantom FS frame sizing
  158. Brakes and Derailleur Help
  159. My 700DS with the new tires (pics)
  160. Motobecane Fantom Trail - help deciding
  161. two different outcast frames
  162. moto fly xc HT with sid 100mm shock
  163. finding parts help
  164. Is it Hard to assemble these bikes from bikesdirect?
  165. Rigid fork on Fantom 29er
  166. No Bikes at BD!!!
  167. 600DS: Convert Truvativ Fived to single speed crank?
  168. Fork Travel and Moto Frame Question
  169. Moto Sticker removal methods?
  170. Bout to buy a Motobecane Fantom Trail Stuck on what Frame size to get? Need Help
  171. Fantom 29PRO SL
  172. What about the Windsor Cliff 29 Pro?
  173. outcast 29 33t swap, crank talk
  174. Fly Line Durability; Comments Appreciated
  175. Bad Cassettes & Great Cassettes ??????
  176. DS700 shifter encroaching on handgrips
  177. Does BD cut steerers on all models?
  178. Rear shock fell apart
  179. 2008 fantom DS hub bearing size?
  180. Fork a2c for Outcast 29er?
  181. Which one?
  182. Motobecane Fandom 29er vs Pro
  183. Motobecane SS Outcast 29 Any Good ???
  184. Cracked the frame on my 700DS
  185. Considering Motobecane
  186. Hole in bottom bracket Ti frame, normal?
  187. What is the largest tire that will fit the 700DS frame.
  188. Motobecane better than Giant
  189. 2010 FS Fantom Team Ti ?/ email newsletter?
  190. true the wheel
  191. sizing help for a short guy
  192. Fly Team or Fly Pro? 600 Dollar Justifiability? Fly Team TI Then?
  193. Which frame is better, Fantom 29 or Cliff 29?
  194. Austin Texas Fantom PRO 29er owners
  195. BB5 and Dart 3 or Juicy 3 and Tora 318?
  196. Motobecane SS?
  197. I'm trying to decide between the Fantom 29PRO and the Fantom Comp. Help!
  198. Fantom Pro 29er
  199. Need Advice on Bike???
  200. Outcast BB Size???
  201. Fly 9357 1 year anniversary
  202. Help.. Installing BB7 kit on Fly XC
  203. motobecane 400HT
  204. headtube length of the large phantom?
  205. DS 700 assembly advice
  206. Fantom Team DS - Modifications Needed for Avid So Cal Single Track Riding??
  207. FLY Team, Fantom Pro Ti, or wait for FLY Team Ti??
  208. Fantom Trail - 140mm fork?
  209. April 1st price raise
  210. broke rear derailleur hanger
  211. Hey BikeDirect Guy! Question about the Outcast 29er
  212. motobecane frame....for sale
  213. Fantom Comp DS freehub
  214. How is it pronounced?
  215. 2009 Motobecane Outcast 29
  216. bikes direct guy
  217. Things to do with a Fantom Cross Outlaw
  218. Large DS frame too cramped?
  219. 700 DS headset size/specs?
  220. Motobecane Fantom 29 PRO questions.
  221. sizing help also
  222. Fly Ti 29er or Fantom Pro Ti 29er?
  223. 600ht sizing help
  224. Question about new moto
  225. Tell me about Motobecane/Windsor/Bikes Dir
  226. Fantom Team DS owners Monarch & cass. query
  227. New purchase: 700DS or Fantom DS Trail
  228. Moto Fantom comp ds vs rockhopper
  229. 6'2" + people on Fantom DS full suspension
  230. shopping for a new bike, pls help
  231. windsor cliff29 derailleur hanger
  232. my new ride!
  233. Fly Team Titanium 29er ready for order!
  234. Why run anything else than 5" travel on fantom?
  235. Kayak for Outcast trade...
  236. sizing help
  237. windsor ghost 6900?
  238. windsor ghost 6900?
  239. New models / colors?
  240. Just bought 09 Fantom Comp
  241. 300ht,400ht, or dawes haymaker 1000?
  242. Fantom DS Comp Discount???
  243. Kick Stand for 2009 Fantom PRO DS....?
  244. Did I get a decent deal on 2008 Fly Team?
  245. You own a Fantom Team? Chime in
  246. trade my Marin full suspension for Ti hardtail
  247. Fork for Fantom Trail DS??
  248. Fantom Team or Fantom DS Pro Full Ssupension
  249. dissapointing news about Fantom Trail
  250. just ordered a fantom trail