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  1. Marin Mount Vision, upgrade or replace?
  3. Marin Tara Quad (Wolf Ridge) max tire size?
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  5. should i build up my marin for XC racing
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  12. 94/95 Marin Eldridge Grade
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  14. full suspension XC- marin, jamis, etc?
  15. Are Marin Bikes big in the US?
  16. Marin Tara rear suspension setting
  17. Giant Boulder, GT Avalanche 3.0, Diamondback Apex or a Marin Bobcat Trail
  18. Marin Quad-link and Whyte 46 guys... have you seen this?
  19. Marin Titanium Ultimate
  20. Marin, Trek, Specialized, or Diamondback?
  21. 2006 Marin Bikes Review
  22. For the John Whyte / Marin fans....
  23. Any know about Marin FRS disc mounts?
  24. HELP! Squeeking, clunking noise from Fox Float RL on my Marin
  25. Marin Decals
  26. 1998 Marin FRS Rear Disc Mounts - Ideas?
  27. '04 Marin Pine Mountain Weight reduction tips???
  28. Shock for single-pivot Marin?
  29. 04 Marin Rock Springs FS for $1200 shipped
  30. Birth of a Marin Singlespeed
  31. marin tara quad head angle
  32. marin tara quad considered stiff?
  33. Marin Indian Fire Trail 1993/4 ????
  34. need information of marin
  35. marin attack trail
  36. Kona Cinder Cone vs Marin Wildcat
  37. Should I do maintentance on the BB and hubs after submarine?
  38. Marin TARA, which Fox Float ?
  39. yeti 575 vs reign vs marin quad tara
  40. coil shock on Marin QUAD TARA?
  41. Norco Bush Pilot or Marin Bobcat???
  42. Team Marin - Any idea what year this frame is?
  43. Jamis or Marin?? Yo
  44. Suspension settings for Marin Team DH?
  45. Blur LT vs 5.5 EVP vs Yeti 575 vs Marin TARA Quad-Link vs Giant Reign vs Prophet??
  46. 80mm Fox on 04 Marin
  47. Marin "Rock Springs" - comments ?
  48. 2004 Marin Wolf Ridge
  49. Specialized Epic or Marin Mount Vision?
  50. Wanted: Marinovative Cheap Tricks
  51. Marine squad destroyed
  52. Anyone here a Marine?
  53. Marin Muirwood with drop bars?
  54. Marin pics...
  55. Marin Wolf Ridge built up!
  56. Fork/Shock for Marin b-17
  57. Fork/Shock for Marin B-17. What to buy?
  58. Trail conditions in Marin County California???
  59. Marin Full Suss CREEEEEEEEAKING issues
  60. Marin Are Threatening Me With Legal Action For Posting A Bad Review!!!
  61. 2004 Marin Nail Trail Seatpost size???
  62. Older Marin bikes they have your adapters
  63. Frame - Marin B-17
  64. Let's hear your opinions on Marin TARA FS design.
  65. Marin Team DH
  66. Giant STP 1 v.s. Specialized Hardrock Pro Disc v.s. Marin B-17
  67. Marine: Just came out of the Fallujah and I honestly do not know where to start
  68. Wickedest Marin in UK
  69. Anyone running a Marin Hardtail without a Tensioner?
  70. Bravery on display: Marine Capt. Brian Chontosh - Navy Cross
  71. Marines in Urban Combat
  72. Marin Eldridge 04
  73. Make that Marin Manson. Maybe Manitou Manson? Maxxis Manson!!!
  74. Paint Stripping Project- Marin Quake frame
  75. Jamis Dakar XC Expert vs. Marin Rift Zone
  76. Marin Mount Vision
  77. Marin Mt Vision or Santa Cruz Superlight?
  78. Marin!
  79. 2005 Marin Bikes?
  80. Marin Rocky Ridge
  81. Can anyone vouche for Marin reputation/quality?
  82. Marin FS with Manitou rear suspension
  83. Kerry has lunch with some Marines
  84. marin frame weight
  85. Marin, Kona, or Rocky Mt Hardtail?
  86. Marin rigid forks?
  87. Need help TREK 6700 Marin nail trail or Rocky mountain vertex 30
  88. 03 Marin Wolf Ridge
  89. Marin - any history/soul?
  90. What year team Marin do I have?
  91. This Marine Says ....
  92. 03' Giant NRS2 or 04' Marin East Peak?
  93. Discovered crack in Marin frame
  94. Broke Marin Frame, they refuse to replace, help?!?
  95. Please help decide (Marin or Yeti)
  96. marin wildcat?
  97. Marin
  98. How much could I get for my 1995 Marin Palisades trail
  99. Jamis Exile vs. Marin Bear Valley
  100. I have a ? on marinovative brakes
  101. Gearing for Marin County (NorCal)
  102. How can I recognize a Marin frame?
  103. How much should I ask for my Team Marin?
  104. More Comfortable Saddle for my Marin Mtn Bike
  105. Marin vs. Cannondale FS?
  106. What about Marin bikes?
  107. Trek or Marin for a Rookie Clyde?
  108. 2004 Enduro Comp vs. 2001 Marin Alpine Trail w/ Z1 fork?
  109. Sunday Marin headlands ride with BV a success.
  110. Help: Jamis Dakota XC vs Marin Eldridge Grade
  111. Help: Jamis Dakota XC vs Marin Eldridge Grade
  112. Marin Help Please!!
  113. Marin rocky ridge vsSpecialzed p2
  114. Any comments on the '04 Marin Palisades Trail??
  115. Picked up my Marin Rocky Ridge today (the small)
  116. Marin Agressive XC
  117. Where to buy a Marin
  118. Marinovative Brakes on Ebay...
  119. What size forks for a Marin Rocky Ridge HT?
  120. Does- Marin Quad FRS = Santa Cruz VPP
  121. manitou shermans/ Marin quad susp.-$800
  122. Marin Bear Valley frame - heavyweight?
  123. Marin mount vision versus SC blurr
  124. Anyone ridden a Marin QUAD full-suspension?