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  1. I'm sure this 4100 lumens flashlight is old news to some of you...
  2. Big Light Prototype
  3. Dinotte 200L tech questions
  4. Dinotte 600L run times- your experience?
  5. Best light advice please! I'm confused!
  6. How is this light for some night riding on a strict budget?
  7. Dune buggy complete
  8. LED Beam colors? why different
  9. Dune buggy, Part1. You want to see this :)
  10. Source for cheap, modifiable handlebar mounts?
  11. Dude, don't ride in Hamilton City without your lights!
  12. MiNewt X2 Dual Owners - Chime In
  13. 8 Watt Hub generator LED system
  14. Polymer Optics
  15. Cutter 4up Board and Optic
  16. cree R2 from where?
  17. L&M ARC, Nightlightning iBlaast! beamshots
  18. Cree XRE MR16?
  19. All your lumen belong to us
  20. Lupine Wilma / Betty Fogging Issues
  21. Wireless/Battery Packless Light for Road
  22. HID or LED???
  23. DIY Wilma Style :].
  24. 24 Hour Race Light
  25. Aluminium for Achealot type light.And start of build
  26. TridenX, Trinewt, 600L or ???
  27. does anybody have any experience with carclo 20mm optics?
  28. How much light do I need?
  29. Doh, have I buggered my battery?
  30. fenix p3d lights
  31. MR16 Lamp Comparisons [lots of pics]
  32. Night riding "season"
  33. Some lights are small, some not
  34. newbie question: soldering leads to Cree XR-E emitter
  35. ARC battery cable length?
  36. How is everyone cutting their metal housings?
  37. Mt Bike Action Magazine light buyers guide?.
  38. JB weld to mount LED's??
  39. Has anyone tried the Romisen RC-T5?
  40. Bike Magazine - Light Test
  41. Series or parallel??
  42. 10w vs 12w bulb question
  43. Matching optics?
  44. Powdercoating?
  45. Battery Run Time Calculator
  46. another DIY led light.... homemade trinewt
  47. Timers for charging lights
  48. Best camera settings for beamshots
  49. Shaving optics - how well does it work?
  50. TriNewt problem....
  51. Two cree Q5 from 8.4v?
  52. Trinewt pricing
  53. Possible breakthrough in lithium ion battery capicity.
  54. Can a Maglite be converted to high intesity LED's?
  55. Trinewt or Dinotte 600
  56. Travelling with youer bike lights since new FAA rules?
  57. Spam: L&M ARC Sale $309-$395
  58. Battery charger question
  59. Superstar Components 1K Lumen LED
  60. Heads up - Luxeon K2 and Rebel recall
  61. Retro fit Niterider Trail Rat to LED?
  62. Battery source in the UK?
  63. Your thoughts...I'm indecisive
  64. My DIY bike light
  65. Which XR-E to order?
  66. which ledil optics for bar light?
  67. Europeans, how much is a Lupine compared to a Niterider?
  68. Hope Vision 4 LED Li-Ion
  69. Ballast change on HID?
  70. BuckPuck 3023-D-E wiring ?
  71. Dinotte battery life
  72. Shark questions
  73. red status/safety LED on headlight
  74. Best LED for $100.00.......
  75. NiMH question-
  76. source for ssc p4 / cree stars in AMBER and RED?
  77. making "home" batterys for a Cateye DoubleShot??
  78. Trinewt on Heckler
  79. Eliptical Optics
  80. Dinotte upgradeability
  81. Simple Cree P4 commuter light
  82. DIY light in Assembly Kit??
  83. The Amoeba and the Copperhead
  84. led and halogen lights at the same time
  85. Best Connectors
  86. Triple Q5 Crees open Heat-sink
  87. beside BFLEX , what other dirver can i used ??
  88. 1st light?
  89. Complement to L&M HID
  90. Carclo source in US?
  91. Rock the Bike Down Low Glow, anyone use?
  92. Another 3 cree cutter kit
  93. So the strongest / cheapest mounts you can get are...
  94. Ay-Up Regular kit vs Dinotte 200L Dual
  95. My Batteryspace Order FINALLY Arrived
  96. Battery Pack Building Q-
  97. How cold is it where you night ride?
  98. Nite Rider: great company and good Samaritan!
  99. DIY Penta Rebel barlight
  100. Cutter assembly directions?
  101. 7 CREE DIY light
  102. Will this idea work?
  103. DIY bar mount?
  104. Fatman and Potentiometers
  105. Question on drive current for LEDs
  106. What battery does the USE exposure Joystick Maxx use?
  107. Cheap Quad Cree
  108. stinks
  109. Frame Battery Pack & A Combo Question
  110. Show me pics of your Trinewt mounted...
  111. Cree Q5 - R2 comparison pics
  112. DIY triple seoul
  113. Cygolite Tridenx and Dualcross Pro lumens?
  114. Lights not selling; what is the issue?
  115. Want to be really dorky? Check these out (LED tech).
  116. Ayup light beam widths
  117. Simple charger question...
  118. up in the air and still in the dark
  119. Niterider connector issues?
  120. CNC triple cree housing
  121. Opinions On This Light....Nite Rider Evolution
  122. Freeride light
  123. Anyone need a trinewt mtbr ad
  124. TriNewt and MiNewtX2 or Stella combo
  125. Minimum light output advice...
  126. MR11 6v vs 12v, which is better?
  127. Queation for the Fatman experts!
  128. trailrat 2.0 bulbs
  129. Sigma/NR- no match
  130. looking to light up the night
  131. please help troubleshoot bflex trouble
  132. DIY NiteRider batteries--anybody cracked these open?
  133. Cree Led Xr-e P4
  134. My light + videos
  135. Lights shootout comments
  136. Switching delema
  137. Is this battery Ok for cutter kit
  138. Any DIY light guides around?
  139. Halogen and HID
  140. What about the nightpro elite
  141. Lithium Ion charger
  142. Dinotte 200l Lights
  143. Anyone else have problems with a Moab HID system?
  144. Trail Rat 2.0.. battery change?
  145. Cold killing batteries?
  146. What is the best way to use a light meter...
  147. uh-oh, help needed with achesalot/bFlex triple Seoul...
  148. Flying with lithium batteries? New limits on how many.
  149. 1,000 watts of halogen
  150. MR16 optics
  151. cutters new 4 degree lens beam shots
  152. yet another DIY cree
  153. Nobb question ... yes i searched already
  154. Good place for gadgets
  155. Cree R2 heat question
  156. What is the Trinewt using for their triple LED?
  157. New DIY dual 3xSSC P4s :)
  158. Any Experience with this thing.
  159. problems using lion batt on nr hid?
  160. Driver to LED distances.
  161. how about a beam shots sticky
  162. Battery for original JET light 12w/20w system (built new one?)
  163. DIY Dinotte Style
  164. Want L.E.D. Spot Light
  165. New triple Seoul project completed
  166. Tail light color
  167. Nightsun XC questions (especially the battery..)
  168. Copperhead Triple Seoul
  169. [HELP] Where I can buy Red filter for my Cree Q5 Flashlight? or DIY idea?
  170. what battery are you running with your tripple cree
  171. Brightness difference 1000mA and 750mA Cree LEDs?
  172. now what do I do?
  173. This is now the Bike Lights only forum.
  174. New Light
  175. L&M Stella (x-post)
  176. Lights forum will be created
  177. Best "budget" lighting system?
  178. run time?
  179. [HELP] How to change a old Bulb headlight to Led head light?
  180. BatterySpace pack and charger review
  181. regarding led lumen output,,
  182. reflectors for tri-cree bike light
  183. owners manual -JetLite Blast? Help!
  184. Triple P4 problem
  185. A Few LED Assembly Ideas
  186. Under $40 Commuter light recco?
  187. LED newbee questions
  188. my triple cree
  189. Does your light have flash mode? Have you used it?
  190. upgrade the NR HID to a Trinewt LED?
  191. 18volt to 14volt step down?
  192. LED wiring understanding
  193. Phantom to Stella; Am I Backing Up?
  194. Using the molex connector with iBlaast
  195. Lights Shootout intro video
  196. Overvolting by a lot. Will it last?
  197. A lot of beamshots of many lights....
  198. niterider replacement parts
  199. Do you have a problem aiming your bar light left to right?
  200. Nifty Dinotte and Niterider configurations
  201. Sticky threads are now up there. -^
  202. Just purchased one of these....
  203. Machined Triple-Cree Housing
  204. How long until the Cree R2's are widely available?
  205. Black and Decker's"VXP 7v Lithium-Ion battery system"
  206. Tailight: Lux III w/ Cheap Flashlight Driver
  207. Lupine Wilma 6 vs. NR TriNewt Wireless
  208. Lupine Betty is here
  209. How to: build a portable charging station?
  210. light shoot out test
  211. Which one to get?
  212. Is a lumen a lumen?
  213. K2 tripple homebrew
  214. Fenix bike mount feedback?
  215. how long for cutter
  216. Fenix L2D Premium Q5 vs Topeak HP 1W
  217. Did I order the right LED's?
  218. LED Light Comparison
  219. Happy holidays from your moderator crisillo!
  220. christmas present help needed!
  221. My NR Enduro HID is better than friends L&M ARC HID
  222. real cost of iblaast?
  223. Dual Achesalot optic selection?
  224. Night Rider Minewt x.2 Dual or Build a Pond Scum Light Kit
  225. ultimate battery hack
  226. triple cree mr11 wiring problems??
  227. What's a better battery?
  228. Another DIY LED light
  229. Better Value: iBlast or Dinetto 600l??
  230. Anyone here a paying user?
  231. New Light
  232. Light & Motion Lion battery mod
  233. Help from you guys with creating a serial connection
  234. LED bulbs to replace halogen NR lights?
  235. Battery help for iBlaast
  236. beam shots
  237. LED mounting question
  238. Yet another triple led...
  239. Help a newbie out with the LED's
  240. NiteRider lights regulated?
  241. Cheap price on Betty from
  242. Wistalight bulb replacement?
  243. Question about mr16 bulbs.
  244. Two threads that need to be stickied-
  245. Help! Wiring the bflex
  246. Beginer lights help needed
  247. how many lumens for trail riding?
  248. Which beam pattern do you prefer?
  249. Battery for older Niterider dual beam?
  250. Older lights, what are they?